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A Mother's Day story

There are mothers who can go to war for their kids.

In the criminal justice world, an unhealthy attachment can turn a mother's quest for justice into a creepy crusade, or turn a persistent mother's life into a Bourne Identity movie.

022509doreeen Doreen Queen Giuliano, 46, lead a double life in her quest.

When her son John Giuca was convicted of killing Mark Fisher, she lost her mind.

High school football star Fisher, 19, was shot to death outside their home in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Giuca, 20, hosted the party while she was on vacation.

Fisher's mother Nancy, a Colombian migrant and devout Catholic, put the pressure on District Attorney Charles Hynes.

Hynes responded to the pressure and Giuca, a criminal justice student, was arrested in 2004. He said he had been asleep when Fisher was killed. Prosecutors claim Giuca's gang "The Ghetto Mafia" was to blame.

When her son was sentenced to 25 years in 2005, she was convinced he was innocent. After a year of being depressed, she decided to risk it all to prove it and began to spy on jurors.

In 2007, she went undercover as sexy "Dee Quinn."

In a Vanity Fair interview she explained how she found evidence that a juror named Jason Allo engaged in misconduct. She submitted the evidence to the D.A. but the D.A. said the motion should be denied without a hearing. A Brooklyn judge rejected the appeal for the conviction. 

"Every juror who has served or will serve in a case should be alarmed by the conduct of the defendant's mother in this case," NY Daily News reported the judge wrote. "Years after rendering a verdict, any juror could be the subject of a 'sting' operation."

On Sunday Investigation Discovery's Paula Zahn will interview Giuliano, investigators and prosecutors in the case. The show airs at 10 p.m.


In the fictional crime drama "Mother," a South Korean film now showing at Lincoln Road's Regal Cinemas, a man is charged with the murder of a teenage girl. In a twisted turn, his mother manages to set him free. 

A VIDEO: Mother's Day in prison


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