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Inmates cheer criminal court judge

HURLEY Inmates cheered Broward County Judge John Hurley after he announced he had won reelection.

"How many people in there supported me in the election?," Hurley asked the inmates after the applause.

The inmates then gave him a standing ovation.

Hurley said "I thought, gee, did the Supervisor of Elections put a voting booth right in the jail?"

Then he told a CBS-4 reporter Carey Codd:

"If someone wants to roll in a bank truck with a lot of money -- millions of dollars -- I'll go home and have a long discussion with my wife about it," he said. "But for now I'm gonna be a Broward County judge."

It seems like facing suspects such as the "barking Dunkin Donuts robber" will make any one get a sense of humor.

Here is the video of the "barking" robber:

Here is a video of the judge asking for your vote:


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