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Police chase ends with head-on crash

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City cam filmed police beating

Denver news has the story.

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Town makes playing pinball a crime

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Mother says Donald Duck groped her at Disney


"Aw Phooey!" 

Sex crime detectives have a new suspect at Walt Disney World. 

April Malagon is accusing Donald Duck of grabbing her breast and "molesting her" before "making gestures indicating he had done something wrong."

Malagon, who claims to have nightmares with the duck, is suing Disney for "negligence, battery, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and intentional and reckless infliction of emotional distress."

She is seeking more than $200,000 in damages.

The Orlando Sentinel has the story.

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Drug suspect: I'm getting my hair done

Untitled-1 Officer Heather Hindi found a man who claimed to be doing his hair. But his hair was too messy for that to be true.

She checked his pockets. The man did not have a brush or a comb on him. Instead, he had a crack pipe and a knife.

Officer Hindi is a sweet, caring woman, but she doesn't play around.

Her virtue showed in front of a FOX camera as she stopped to investigate a "drug transaction."

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Police: Killer may be hunting for black men

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Flight attendant meltdown


JetBlue attendant on Flight 1052 Steven Slater cursed out a passenger during a public announcement and said "I have had it!"

He then grabbed some beer from the galley and used an emergency slide to hop off. He spent Monday night in jail and is now facing criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing charges.

Here is the story.

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NYPD helps Haitian police

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TMZ: Enrique Iglesias could face nudity charges

Foto_1_KIKE It looks like Enrique Iglesias, 35, is a man of his word.

TMZ got a hold of a video that allegedly shows Iglesias water skiing "up the coast of Miami." 

The blurry video shows a man that appears to be naked while water skiing at night.

Iglesias, who was born in Madrid, made a bet with friends that he would perform the stunt in Miami if Spain won the soccer World Cup.

La Roja beat the Netherlands 1-0 on July 12th.

"All I can say is a bet is a bet," said Iglesias during an ET interview.

The video was allegedly shot at the end of July. Miami-Dade police may follow through with their bet: filing public nudity charges against Iglesias.

Watch the video.  The clumsy cameraman has a very contagious laughter.

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Photo: Heroes in Fort Lauderdale

Team05 ftlswat mhb wmm

Tem05 ftlswat mhb wmm Miami Herald Staff photographer Walter Michot shot this picture of SWAT team members in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday morning.

The uniformed men are walking away from a house after a three-hour standoff ended peacefully.

An armed man locked a woman inside a bathroom about 4:45 a.m. SWAT team members surrounded the home, as police negotiators persuaded the man to turn himself in about 8 a.m. 

Here is the story. 

Cust05 ftlswat mhb wmm

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