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Slow news day? Dogs in high-speed chase

On Fox news live TV, a helicopter followed a white and a black dog running away from police officers Monday morning.

The reporters nicknamed the running dogs "White Wedding and Black Beauty."

A pretty blond reporter pouted her lips and said: "I am concerned because now they are on side streets, there is no body to run -- you know. Yeeeees, it's scary ... They could be somebody's pets or they could be strays, we don't know.".

Huh? Their nonsensical commentary went on for at least 2 minutes, and when the reporters could not ignore how comical this was, a reporter asked another:

"Do you think they committed a crime and this is a pursuit?"

I guess we will never know where the dogs came from or why they were running. The Fox news helicopter, police officers and animal control lost sight of them after they ran into a residential neighborhood.

The Miami Herald's Continuous News Desk producers are always ready for a high-speed chase, but this one is just making us all "LOL."


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