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Hacker gets 10 years

Pena_lg_capEdwin Andres Pena, 27, is also known as Javier Alejandro Sanchez Rinco, David Hauster and Renato Moreno. 

Pena, born in Venezuela, masterminded a scheme that allowed him to drive expensive fast cars and party like a rock star in South Beach.

He identified himself as a telecommunications security expert under a telecommunications company named Miami Tech & Consulting Inc., but what was really bringing in the dough was a fraudulent operation he was running under a company named Fortes Telecom Inc.

Pena was arrested in 2009, after he was spotted pretending to be a legitimate wholesale provider of Voice over Internet Protocol  (VOIP), a telephone call service, while offering prices that caused companies to go bankrupt.

This week, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for masterminding a scheme that allowed him to use other companies legitimate computer networks to route his customers' calls.

The Wall Street Journal has the story.


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Now we have to pay room, board & medical...?!?

Medical Grants

This is how illegal operating hackers should be treated. I welcome the court's decision

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