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Mad about a high-speed chase

FOXNEWS vis Schnittsshow.com

Janelle Espinoza was very upset after watching the end of a high-speed chase on TV Wednesday morning.

The chase began when a Coral Springs police officer spotted a stolen 1991 white Toyota Camry.

"One car was stolen. That should not have put so many people in danger," said Espinoza, during a phone call conversation.

The Coral Springs officer followed his department's guidelines, and did not pursue the suspect after a red-light violation. A Broward Sheriff's Office deputy began to follow the suspects at Pine Island Road. 

After 15 minutes of erratic driving through Broward and Miami-Dade, a BSO deputy hit the suspect's car near Opa-Locka in Hialeah.

What followed the crash that left one person injured, infuriated Espinoza.

"The officers attacked these kids. They pulled them, and tasered them," said Espinoza. "I could not believe what I was watching ... There was excessive force. I want every one at the Herald to know that there are many viewers who are not happy with the police officers' behavior."

The three suspects who were in the car were arrested. One was injured in the process.

The Miami Herald's Jennifer Lebovich has the story.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Espinoza?


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Janelle Espinoza???????? You should be arrested for thinking it was excessive!

What is excessive to you? Is it excessive to ask parents to get involved with their children so they think before they make stupid choices?

Most parents would be embarrassed to see their children on TV but you defend their actions!!

Who is excessive? Excessively stupid!

I commend all the police officers involved! You did a great job!


They should have been shot.

Jose Perez

well when they break in to her house or rob her, i really hope the police treat them with flowers and candy and maybe a dinner, after all they only did a crime.

No Sympathy Here

What Ms. Espinoza completely FAILS to understand is that these so-called 'kids' were adults, they were committing crimes, and their flagrant disregard for the safety of others put the officers and deputies, other motorists, and pedestrians' lives at grave risk. The cops did EXACTLY what they are expected to do: capture these criminals, and bring them forth to face the consequences of their actions BEFORE they kill someone ... something the parents obviously FAILED to do in these criminals' formative years. Ms Espinoza is far out of touch from reality. I commend these deputies for their actions by taking this evil filth off the streets, and the use of the TASER was VERY appropriate! I commend the officers and deputies for the physical risk they put forth to protect us on a daily and nightly basis, too! THANK YOU!!

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