Irony defined

311xinlinegallery The stories about pot smokers in Texas just keep piling up.

This one's, like, the definition of irony.

Cornelia Mayo (left) was at the courthouse this week because she was a potential juror in a marijuana-possession trial. During a break in jury selection, Mayo went outside the courthouse and SMOKED A JOINT. She was arrested.

Good thing she knows her way around the courthouse -- she'll be back there next week, as a defendant.

More details at the Houston Chronicle.

Getting stoned out of their skull

Pothead__opt Never thought the day would come that we credit Perez Hilton for breaking a crime scoop, but here we are.

Two Texas men and a juvie are accused of digging up a corpse, decapitating it and using the head as a pot-smoking device.

There are no good quotes from this short story, so we'll leave it to our editor for the final word on this dead-head bong:

"That shouldn't be allowed."

2-year-old learns to smoke pot

Krystle Weber probably should have skipped this lesson: letting friends teach her 2-year-old son how to smoke pot.

A cell phone video caught Weber sitting in a room as her friends showed the boy how to smoke a joint.

"I swear to God, I better not get in trouble for all this," Weber, of Wisconsin, said in the video.

The video captured the incident 7 months ago, and Weber and two of her friends have since pleaded guilty in the case.

A test after the incident did not find marijuana in the boy's system.

Weber's also taking parenting classes -- has her son back.
Watch the newly released video at NBC 6.

Drug deal gone wrong

A Boca teen apparently thought he'd make a quick buck selling pot.

Instead Scott Leshner got robbed -- and then arrested.

Leshner called police to tell them three gun-toting men had ordered him and his friends to the ground, forced them to take off their pants and pistol whipped his friends.

The robbers stole $2,000, a laptop and marijuana.

Then Leshner called police and gave them permission to search his apartment.

That's when police found a stash of marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms and arrested Leshner for drug possession.

The Palm Beach Post has the story.

Man sells seniors crouton crack

2291 First we had people smoking green crack on St. Patty's Day.

Now, Jacksonville cops have busted a man for selling fake crack to -- wait for it -- old people.

The Smoking Gun reports 22-year-old Hillman Arnold was arrested at the Golden Retreat Center, a senior-citizen community. He had been selling them "rocks" of stale bread for $5 a pop, trying to pass it off as crack.

Cops say Arnold had been peddling his yeasty wares at the senior center for two months to pay for his marijuana addiction.

Smoking green crack for St. Pat

0320081crack1 Nothing says "Top o' the morning!" like a hit of crack.

Cops in Ohio seized several baggies of green-colored rock cocaine last week (left), an apparent nod to St. Patrick's Day.

The Smoking Gun has the rest of the emerald scoop.

Doc, is that a painkiller in your pocket?

Malang Yes, AND he's happy to see you.

Jacksonville doctor Benjamin S. Malang (left) allegedly found a way to pump up his acupuncture business: He wrote free painkiller prescriptions for patients who had sex with him.

Police launched an investigation earlier this month after a patient told cops Malang, who is 70 (!!!), had been giving her Hydrocodone and Oxycontin scripts in exchange for sex at his home and office for the past two years. Undercover cops set up similar arrangements with Malang and arrested him, the Florida Times-Union reported.

Malang, who has been licensed to practice in Florida since 1984, once served as senior physician for a North Florida jail. His medical training is listed as "Far Easteren (sic) medical school" on a police report, which The Smoking Gun posted.

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