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Another police Taser death in Miami-Dade

A domestic disturbance turned violent overnight, resulting in a confrontation between police and a suspect.

When it was over, two officers were sent to the hospital, one with a head injury after being pushed down, the other with cuts. The suspect was zapped with a Taser and died in the hospital, according to Miami-Dade police.

The confrontation played out just before midnight Friday at 21240 SW 202nd St.

Maykel Antonio Barrera, 39, died at Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Casue of death has not been determined, police said.

The injured officers have been released from the hospital.

"After pushing one of the officers down causing a head injury, the subject fled on foot," police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta said in a statement. "Other officers gave pursuit, deployed an electronic control device, and the subject was taken into custody."



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Steve Tuttle

MIAMI HERALD HEADLINE FAIL: Your own story states, "Cause of death has not been determined, police said." This needs correcting unless of course, the Miami Herald did an autopsy and is now the local Medical Examiner. Just the facts.

Please correct this inflammatory and incorrect headline.

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