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FSU graduate's death ruled an accident


By Kathleen McGrory, Herald/TimesTallahassee Bureau

Ryan Uhre, the legislative intern from Weston whose body was discovered in an abandoned Tallahassee building last week, likely died from a fall, according the preliminary results of an autopsy released Monday.

His death appears to be an accident, Tallahassee police said.

Investigators believe Uhre, 23, fell into the building through a second-story window. Because there was no second level, he plunged to the ground floor.

“At this time, it is believed Mr. Uhre was alone when this terrible accident occurred, but the final report will not be complete until all data is reviewed, including toxicology reports,” according to a Tallahassee police news release.

A recent graduate of Florida State University, Uhre had stayed in Tallahassee for an internship in the office of state Rep. Richard Stark, D-Weston.

He went missing on Super Bowl Sunday.

His body was discovered several blocks away from Andrew’s Bar and Grill, the watering hole where he was last seen.

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This makes no sense - "Officers said the building did not have a second floor and it appears Uhre fell through a window on the second story"

So the building doesn't have a second floor but it has a second story?


a building can have a second floor without, without actually having a "floor"


The building even has a sign cautioning "Warning No Second Floor". Someone would have a steep drop if they climbed in one of the second story windows.


I went to school there. There's a lot of hills in Tallahassee. Don't know the building he fell, but I've seen buildings (commercial and residential) whose main access is on the second floor.


looks like the article was revised to make it a better description now

I guess the question now is why was he trying to enter through the window of an abandoned building?


Well, the article says he was walking home from a bar, so he was probably a little tipsy. When the news showed the abandoned building it looked like many of the second story windows were left open. A student might think an abandoned building would be a convenient place to sleep one off if they were too drunk to make it home.

R B Quinn

Let's for the toxicology report before speculating.


Blogs are made for speculating, hall monitor.


Lol ..Hall monitor...Lol


Who can understand the cause of death? He was found on the top of a building, but fell to a ground floor from a second floor?

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