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Miami's Top 5 stories for Feb. 4

Top 5In case you missed the news, a quick roundup of Miami's Top 5:

1. Archaeologists who for months have been uncovering mounting evidence of an ancient and extensive Native American village in the middle of downtown Miami have concluded it’s likely one of the most significant prehistoric sites in the United States. The archaeologists, under the direction of veteran South Florida archaeologist Bob Carr, have so far painstakingly dug up eight large circles comprised of uniformly carved holes in the native limestone that they believe to be foundation holes for Tequesta Indian dwellings dating as far back as 2,000 years.
2. One of the largest greyhound kennel operators in the state used the signature of a dead Miami veterinarian to forge vaccination records of dogs racing in South Florida, St. Petersburg and Jacksonville, according to a state complaint.
3. Miami Beach launched a free — thanks to your tax dollars — trolley service to help relieve traffic and improve access to businesses along Alton Road. The street is in the midst of disruptive improvemtns along the corridor — one of the Beach’s most traveled.
4. Dwyane Wade delivered a message in Monday night’s 102-96 Heat win over Detroit: He might be heading for the autumn of his basketball years, but he can still burn summer hot.
5. As football fans flew out of New York after the Super Bowl on Monday — or got stuck at John F. Kennedy International Airport due to winter storms — they got an eyeful of a different kind of weather.The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau filled JetBlue’s Terminal 5 at JFK with palm trees, beach cabanas, a screen showing live images of beaches in Fort Lauderdale, giant sunglasses and other beachy props. The scene, which disappears Tuesday, had been in place at the airport for a week, part of a roughly $500,000 blitz in New York City that started last month.




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Ed Gugliotta

ARCHEOLOGISTS finds. Well, not good news for all the Brickell area developers. Every time there's a new site found, all constructions must stop and the specialists start their research. Now, I guess that would be fine and dandy if it were a Greek, Roman or even Anasazi or Mayan civilization site, but the Tequesta were not exactly the transcendental forefathers of a nation, but a small group of fishers, hunter/gatherers established since 1200 AD that did not leave an uncommon culture of art, constructions or anything else worth paying too much attention, the few remaining where sent to Cuba in 1763...go figure!. The Brickell Circle is quite insignificant in providing additional relevant information. But I am sure some will make a big issue and some money out of this.

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