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Amid mystery, Biscayne Park police chief resigns

By Charles Rabin, crabin@MiamiHerald.com

Log cabinBiscayne Park Police Chief Ray Atesiano -- one of the village's three top cops suspended March 27 for unexplained reasons -- has resigned, the village manager said.

In an email to residents, Village Manager Heidi Shafran said acting corporal Thomas "Tommy" Harrison will take control of the department until an interim chief is named.

"The village administration and police department are committed to the safety of our community," Shafran said in her email.

Shafran suspended Atesiano, Capt. Lawrence Churchman and Cpl. Nicholas Wollschlager two weeks ago, but hasn't explained publicly why or even acknowledged who was suspended.

Requests for information were met with an email link warning anyone releasing information about the ongoing investigation could be charged with a crime.

Shafran said the village has hired a private security consultant to conduct possible misdeeds. The village's five commissioners and the mayor have remained mum.

Biscayne Park is a small hamlet tucked between Miami Shores and North Miami, with 3,000 residents and 11 full-time police officers.

It is perhaps best known for its iconic log cabin Village Hall, signs throughout the city that warn drivers not to speed, and for having a police department with a propensity for writing traffic tickets.

A year-end police report in 2012 showed village officers had issued 5,187 traffic tickets and made 733 arrests -- 351 which were traffic-related.

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Kenneth Newman

The smell from Biscayne Park gets stronger every day!!!!

Bill Clay

Why is the Village using a "private security consultant" to investigate police misconduct? That's the job of the FDLE. Unless the Village intends to sweep something under the rug, a State law enforcement organization should be conducting this investigation.

CAL FIRE NEWS (@CalFireNews)

Apparently a little corruption at the profit center... #BadCops in a #PoliceState

Helena Orozco

Yes, why is the village using a private security consultant... and did you know that they got rid of one of the vans that transferred the kids who were attending the camp. I found out this Spring break. before a larger amount of kids could register. Now our new City Manager restricted it to 15 and a van was taken out. Where did the van go? Was it sold? to Who and for how much. Many things are smelling very fishy in Biscayne Park. And how about the pylons.


Wait for the case to finish then make comments, we don't know what's going on.

DayCo1 DayCo1

OMG, you all are about to find out how crazy and divisive Heidi Shafran is. She tried to fire a lot of staff members of Wilton Manors (her last job) and the people who fought it got their jobs back with back pay. Heidi cost the City of Wilton Manors SO MUCH MONEY! Watch your backs she is a big insider I would bet the van was sold to a "friend" for a small amount. Do some research on your new "city manager" and GOOD LUCK!


Corrupt Chief, and Captain. The investigation will determine. The Chief wants to fire officers for not saying Hello to him. WOW. The Captain works two hours a day.

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