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Burned body found at dentist's office on Coral Way

Crime tapeA burned body has been found outside a dental office on Coral Way at Southwest 57th Avenue near Coral Gables. Firefighters responded to a blaze at Gables Sedation and Family Dentistry.

Miami-Dade police shut down a section of Coral Way from 57th to 67th avenues.

 Homicide detectives are investigating, said police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta.

 Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded to a fire in the parking lot, he said, and discovered the body once the fire was out.

Zabaleta said the death is currently  "unclassified," and police are exploring leads "including suicide."



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Bob Left

Really? Closing down 10 blocks was necessary?


What a nightmare! I'm sure the last thing any dentist or pt. plans on finding in the parking lot is a burned corpse.


I love how this was such an inconvenience for the people above here. Show some sympathy for a fellow human that died in a miserable way. It's people like you that make me lose faith in humanity.




Wow... it amazes me what people post here, Dayana, I agree with you!!! So sad people has become so shallow and careless about other human beings. SAD.

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