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One person reportedly shot dead in North Miami

Crime tapeA person was shot dead Monday morning inside a car in North Miami, according to early reports.

The shooting happened at Northwest 127th Street at 13th Avenue. Miami-Dade and North Miami police have blocked off the area. The car has been towed.
Neighbor Dedra Booker told CBS4 that she heard five or more gunshots. "Seconds later, I heard a horn."
Then, she said, she heard a voice say, "He's dead he's dead he's dead."


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Ahhh, North Miami - such a quiet neighbourhood!

The Voice

Hmm..... there isn't much for "this civil society" to do. We insist on attempting to understand and tame evil. The thought of "overpowering and eradicate whoever evil is" horrify us to the point of paralyses, after all we don’t want to be perceive as the same. Is ironic that as individuals we have the “right to shoot, stand our ground, castle doctrine etc.” but as a whole/society we don’t .


I used to live on that block glad I moved it is an extension of Haiti now.

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