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Police arrest a man in Miami Springs after he is allegedly observed in an indecent act

By Theo Karantsalis

Police arrested Efrahin Hun, 30, at Miami Springs' Dove Park, Thursday, after a witness alleged he was "masturbating while looking at a group of young girls."

Hun, who faces an unrelated indecent exposure charge in Hialeah, was charged with "obstruction" and "false identification, after police observed him standing behind a parked car looking at the girls, according to the police report.

A witness, who lives across from the park, "pointed out Hun as the subject who was masturbating in front of his house," the report states.

Hun, who is homeless, told police his name was "Michael Gonzalez" and he was "walking home from work."

Hun was released Friday, after his arraignment, and is scheduled for a hearing next week.


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Kenneth Newman

Could this guy get deported, or was he born here?

Peter Kovas

One sick man.

The Voice

If he was to get deported he would be doing the same to other young girls. No need to be so civilized, he like many others just need to stop using good air.


He was allegedly hiding behind a parked car so he wasn't exposing himself to those young girls but merely observing them. He was obviously seen by someone else for reporting his activity and that was the right thing to do. But I would have just shouted to the perve that he shouldn't be doing that. Okay, he was arrested. Public indecency. A Class 1 misdemeanor. Some one should give this sorry individual a stern talking to... but that isn't enough, it seems.

The public (especially the commentators before me) is outraged! Now everyone who can read this big time news story can be outraged too. Lets see what some of the readers think.

He is definitely a major criminal guilty of a capital crime and should be put to death. At least should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Deported.

I would add perhaps public flogging. Life in solitary confinement with his operative hand tied behind him. Dismemberment of the offending member and then deporting him in two parts. Burned at the stake and make it into a public barbeque festival.

Everyone knows that public masturbation is the worst possible thing a human being can do. One comment above called him "sick." I think all sick people should be in jail or deported. People who think he should get treatment or counseling are sick too and should be punished as well. And to do it in front of young girls is really sick. But it wasn't really "in front" of them. But that is quibbling. Now if a woman did that in front of young males... well, lets ask the lads... wait, no. . Oh, the horror of it all.

Just kill him. Good, now I can go back to ignoring how are food supply is being poisoned and the wealthy are living off of tax breaks we never see and our veterans are being treated like fourth class citizens again and keep my mouth shut like the rest of our concerned readers. Until something important like this is comes to our attention.

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