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Prisoner caught after escaping from police station

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Miami-Dade police have caught an escaped prisoner that shut down an area of Kendall on Thursday morning.

The prisoner took off from the back of a police car at a Kendall police station. Police then set up a perimeter around the station, 10000 SW 142nd Ave.

"He is now in custody," said police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta.

RojasThe escapee was identified as Jeremy Rojas, 20, of Southwest Miami-Dade.

According to police, this is what unfolded:

Police picked up a man early Thursday for cocaine possession. Before 4 a.m., the suspect was in the back of a police car, handcuffed behind his back. He then slipped out of the car and took off.

The arresting officer was in the station starting paperwork. The other officer gave chase.

Helicopters and K-9's joined the search.

Rojas was taken back into custody after 8 a.m. a few blocks from the station, Zabaleta said.

One school in the area was shut down.

With the police dragnet around Claude Pepper Elementary, parents were instructed to drop off their children at Oliver Hoover Elementary, 9050 Hammocks Blvd., Miami-Dade School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said.


-- CHARLES RABIN, crabin@MiamiHerald.com



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Martha Backer

Thinking it might be good to have a Police Page on FB, or somewhere so we can check what's happening, that helicopter was flying overhead for three hours,
called and asked, and wasn't sure about going out. I live walking distance to the Hammock's Police Station. (also am the Crime Watch Chair for our blocks)




The chopper woke my entire family very early on and everyone leaving our development was stopped and searched plus Claude Pepper elementary was shut down.. For a guy with possession of what? A gram??


he was an escaped prisoner you idiots


Martha not a bad idea you may wanna start it yourself first. Once you escape police custody as minimal as a charge may be he's still an escaped fugitive and anyone whom has the audacity should be treated as such.

julio perez

He was in custody for a small amount of drugs. He is young and naive and probably did not know that the punishment he would be facing would have been minimal. He will now be charged with the crime of escape, which is a felony and it will be worse for him. Should cocaine and marijuana be legal or illegal -- that is the question. If they were legal, would crime and imprisonment be reduced? Can people who take illegal drugs be treated for medical conditions if they use drugs in extreme ways? Can we treat these drugs like alcohol? You can't go to work drunk. You can't drive drunk. These are interesting questions.


No he has to be convicted first, therefore whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty?


They had his name his address, why not just send a car over to his house and pick him up instead of breaking out the expensive helicopter and making a most wanted fugitive case out of it. Its not like an axe murderer was on the loose. get real. MDPD is full of idiots. So stupid they left the car door open. Some brilliant cop did not follow procedure.


julio perz, you are an effing moron. Drugs, even "mild" ones like marihuana destroy people and their families. Drug addicts seldom recover. Try some crack and check it out for yourself....


an added charge of resisting with out violence will be added. what is a charge of escape? and its not a felony its a misdemeanor

Jorge Garcia

Isn't this the same guy wanted for murder in Newark ?


The intelligence level for Dade County gets lower and lower every day and because of hiring quotas MDPD is getting less and less productive every day. I can not believe they called out a helicopter to round this handcuffed non violent offender up like he was an escaped mass murderer. Why waste the tax payers money, isn't it enough that the useless brass gets big fancy suvs to drive their big useless behinds around? Isn't that enough waste? Isn't it enough that certain officers can not drive very well and smash into things, isn't it enough certain officers are goofing off on the job with their girlfriends, hookers, or whatever? MDPD has to be the most useless unprofessional so called PD in the US.

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