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Another Keys sex-club customer complains of overcharge


From KeysInfoNet:

Count another complaint against the Adult Entertainment Club in Key West, a sex-themed establishment known for overcharging customers on their credit and debit cards without the customers' knowledge.

The latest incident was reported Saturday, when Russian national Vladimir Alimov, 32, reported to police he was charged more than $1,000 than he agreed to pay.

The club at 1221 Duval St. advertises, among other things, "fantasy and fetish shows, costumed role playing, full nude modeling" and "girl on girl shows."

Since at least January 2011, hundreds of customers have filed complaints against the club with city police. Police haven't brought any cases to the State Attorney's Office because, they say, they can't prove any of the complaints were based on crimes committed by club staff.

In Saturday's incident, Alimov told Officer Igor Kasyanenko that he went to the club and paid $150 to get in. Once inside, he told the officer, he signed an agreement with club employee Niele Favreau, 26, to allow her to charge his card for $800 to “have some fun."

He told the officer the club ran his card six times, five times for $250 ($1,250) and once for $1,000.01.

Favreau showed Kasyanenko the authorization Alimov had signed -- and then the manager said the $1,000.01 was voided.

Among the largest overcharges at the club was for $33,000, which a Virginia man reported in April.


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The Voice

When crossing the railroad tracks "Cash is King". One would need to be a certified idiot to think they are dealing with upstanding business people.

gary moran

Diversity lovers happy not every Conch is Gay.

John Bro



never take a credit / debit card to these sleazy clubs---they'll rip you clean with bogus charges and deny everything!


never take a credit / debit card to these sleazy clubs---they'll rip you clean with bogus charges and deny everything!

Captain Obvious much??? LOL

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