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Miami-Dade officer shoots, wounds I-75 suspect

  Police lightsA Miami-Dade police officer, on his way home from work, pulled over two speeding cars Sunday night. When one of the cars started toward him, he fired his gun and hit the suspect, said Miami-Dade police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta.

The incident happened around 11 p.m. in the northbound lanes of Interstate 75 at Miami Gardens Drive.

"The officer conducted a traffic stop on one of the vehicles," Zabaleta said Monday. "He exited his vehicle and signaled the other vehicle to stop.

"The subject pulled into the emergency lane and slowed down as he approached the officer's vehicle.   The subject drove towards the officer, causing the officer to discharged his firearm striking the subject."

 The suspect, in a BMW, was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center, according to police. The officer, a 26-year veteran assigned to the airport district, was not injured.





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james stengel

Nice shooting-- a police officer has the right to defend himself against a moving vehicle


Another overzealous trigger-happy Miami-Dade police officer.

mrs. jenkins

blow the scumbag AWAY!
another POS of the street
hope he dies so taxpayers don't get stuck paying his sorry ass jail bill!
great work by the officer!


Mrs. Jenkins, you might have a problem.

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