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Couple accused of sex on the beach as others watched

From the Bradenton Herald:

Beach1A man and a woman were arrested on charges of having sex in public on Cortez Beach on Sunday night, according to the Bradenton Beach Police Department.

A witness called police and said she saw Elissa Alvarez, 20, and Jose Caballero, 39, fondling each other and eventually having sex on a sheet next to her at 8:36 p.m. Sunday in the 500 block of Gulf Drive on Cortez Beach, according to a report.

Six other people filled out complaints in connection to the incident, and the original witness told police she was especially upset because her 4-year-old daughter had witnessed the couple's activities, according to the report.

Beach2One witness filmed the two on a camera phone as evidence for police, who took the two into custody and charged them both with lewd and lascivious exhibition, according to police records.

Both were taken to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office jail and are currently out on $7,500 bond each.

Caballero has multiple charges on his record stemming from past drug use.


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The Voice

A couple of issues: Is the girl considered a minor because she under 21? Whomever was supervising the 4 year old waited to get a eye full before they realized what was happening with the youngster .... !!!

The truth is anyone of those "Voyeurs" could have just screamed at them or put a flash light on them, and they would have been on their way.

The Dude Abides

get a room!

serge fiolie

Why can't two adults have fun without someone being "offended." The fact that people watched this and then complained about it is tantamount to going to see a pornographic movie, sitting through it and then complaining that it was dirty. I bet that those people who complained were republicans. They are always caught up on sex. Claim to be offended by it but probably having it with their goats and chickens. What a bunch of obnoxious idiots!

tecla perez

hey serge where have you seen republicans having sex with goats and chicken was it when you took your bull to the hootynanny


Lewd and lascivious exhibition must be in the presence of a child under 16 years of age. The four-year-old must have described to the police what she saw. Otherwise, they only would have been charged with indecent exposure and/or Disorderly Conduct.

O La La

Double standard Americans! LMFAO! Wish more couples would release themselves for the biggest pleasure there is. Greetings, you're French visitor!

The Voice

you had me until you made it political. I'm still wondering why the person responsible for the 4 year old allow the child to watch?

Seymour Witherspoon

Ahh this brings back sweet memories of me making my Bernice see stars under the stars on the beach back in the day. They should have let those kids be. They were making memories.

eric oriol

I wonder if it ever happened where a small group of gorillas witness two gorillas loving each other in the wild and they get so upset that they call the gorilla police to lock the two gorilla lovers up. I am sure this has never happened and never will because gorillas are much more sophisticated than that. Only a bunch of ignorant and stupid idiots such as ourselves would find something as natural as two people showing affection to be ugly and disgusting. As far as the woman with the little girl, she should have told the little girl" You see honey, that's how babies are made "

Bernice Witherspoon

Thoughts of Seymour and I under the stars are making me blush... I agree with you sweetheart those kids were making memories just like we did more than 50 years ago.


Thanks Frenchy! Thats what we need, more lovin in this world and a lot less hate.

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