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2 killed in Tamiami Trail crash west of Krome Avenue

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A head-on collision on Tamiami Trail early Monday morning about 11 miles west of the Miccosukee gaming facility and hotel was so violent, police were still trying to put the pieces together hours later. 

Both directions of Tamiami Trail were shut down after the 7:17 a.m. crash, causing long backups. The two vehicles involved in the crash -- a Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet Silverado -- have so much damage they're hard to recognize, with debris on both sides of the road and into the adjacent levies. 
And the two people driving the vehicles, which collided head-on, died immediately, said Florida Highway Patrol Spokesman Joe Sanchez. 
"They're single occupants and they're both dead. It's hard to describe the vehicles," he said. 
Sanchez identified one of the victims as a Miccosukee tribal member, but said the FHP wasn't yet releasing names until family members are notified. 
Witnesses told the FHP that the Mustang — driven by 25-year-old Jerome McKinley Huggins — had been traveling west at a high rate of speed before veering into the oncoming lane and hitting the pickup truck, according to the Associated Press. FHP identified the truck's driver only as a 47-year-old man, pending the notification of his family.No other vehicles were involved in the crash. 



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Rob Stills

Might be like that other crash where the tribe member was drunk and killed a mother. Then the tribe spent $3M on dirt bag attorneys so they wouldn't have to pay the family.


There should be barriers between all roads with high speed!!!! i.e. card sound rd, tamiami, etc, its a "gamble" to drive on any of these even if you are the most cautious driver....wake up WORLD!!!

Fred Schaefer

My best friend in the US Army was a Hopi from New Mexico and he told me as a race Indians can't handle alcohol as
a drink too artificial for their physiology.

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