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Fire sweeps through car warehouse

Fire swept through a classic-car warehouse early Thursday.

The blaze broke out in the warehouse at Northwest Seventh Avenue at 83rd Street in Miami-Dade.

More than 25 cars were damaged at the Ted Vernon Specialty Autos dealership and authorities are saying the fire appears suspicious.

The fire broke started around 4 a.m. at Ted Vernon Specialty Autos dealership and took about an hour to bring under control.

The owners of the dealership are pointing fingers at an ex-employee who they suspect set it, according to CBS4.

“It’s upsetting but we’ll get through it,” said co-owner Robin Vernon, who suspects the fire was started by an ex-employee.



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Ted, say it isn't so!


I suspect Jewish Lightning, with the old "disgruntled employee" dodge for blaming purposes.

Stuart Hershoff

Ted & Robbin are good, hard working, honest people. I'm sorry for your loss. As Robin says, you will get through it. Just one more curve ball that life throws us. I'm glad to hear nobody was hurt. Could have been much worse.

Stuart Hershoff

jo jo joseph

why do all the a-wholes come out when there is a legit serious problem. if yque had aclue as to hard it is to find these cars maybe he could put a lightning rod up his . i have known ted for over 40 years and found him to be straight up. i know Ted will get it handled .good luck.JJ

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