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Miami officer shoots dog attacking police horse

Miami_PoliceA Miami officer with the department's mounted patrol shot and killed a dog that was lunging for the cop's police horse, authorities said.

The shooting happened Tuesday afternoon in Domino Park, 1448 SW Eighth St. in Little Havana.

According to police, as the stray dog charged at the officer's horse, Sara

"The officer tried to avoid the horse from being attacked so he moved the horse out of harm’s way.  The dog charged at the horse, bit her, forcing the officer to discharge his weapon striking the dog," police spokeswoman Kenia Reyes said in a statement. 

 Sara was taken to the Miami police stables for medical attention.  She suffered injuries to a front and hind leg. 

The dead dog  was removed by Miami-Dade Animal Services, police said.

 Police did not release the name of the officer who shot the dog.



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These fu***c******kers will shoot at anything. The dog was probably harmless. Animal abusers, abusers of power, cowards, civil rights abusers,... you name it, these fu*****c*****kers are it.


Why the F**K should there be a cop mounted on a horse in Little Havana in the first place ?!!

First off, that God forsaken horse leaves poop all over the street curb, leaving a horrible stench on the street !

Does Miami have such an identity crisis, that it has to imitate New York on everything ?!

Get that stupid cop and that God d**n cop off the f**king street and put them in squad cars or bikes !


God D**n Horse off the street !!! ****


Really? Is it really justifiable in shooting and killing the dog? These Miami cops have no respect for human or animal life. Horses should not be in city streets anyhow. Those are wild animals.

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