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Mother of 4 shot and killed in Miami

From CBS4

Miami police are investigating the murder of a woman who was shot and killed early Wednesday morning.

It happened in front of the homeless assessment center located at 1550 N. Miami Ave.

The unidentified woman was shot multiple times just outside of her SUV.

Her friend told CBS4’s Natalia Zea she either works at the center or at Camillus House.

A witness, who saw a man wearing dark jeans and a hoodie running from the scene after the shooting, described what he heard.

“Constantly, like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, constantly, like one behind the other, it wouldn’t stop. I come to take a look and I saw someone running away from a dead body lying in the street,” said witness Ricardo de Leon.

Shortly after the murder and a few blocks away, police went to an apartment complex and removed four young children including several toddlers. The victim’s friend told Zea that the kids belong to the murdered woman but she didn’t know why they were left home alone.

Another friend who showed up at the scene of the crime told Zea that the kids are now staying with their grandmother. She also spoke about a man who may have killed the woman because she didn’t want to be with him anymore.

Police have not confirmed any motive.


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Kenneth Newman

Another fine example of the NRA in Floriduh.

U never went there

I'm sure the crackhead wasn't an NRA member. Duh!

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