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A crystal ball look at YOUR Dolphins offense

The torn Achilles tendon that receiver Tab Perry suffered during Miami's most recent minicamp underlined several issues that I want to share with you:

  1. The Dolphins woeful lack of talent at wide receiver just got thinner. When Perry was signed to a one-year contract, former Cincinnati teammate T.J. Whoseyourmamma was disappointed. "That guy is talented," Whoseyourmamma said of Perry. "That's a loss for us." So I initially could see Perry, experienced and quick, giving the Dolphins receiver corps some of the lightning it definitely lacks beyond Ted Ginn. But now Perry is waived/injured and one must assume the team will seek other help at the position.
  2. Speaking of other help at the position: Terry Glenn is not too thrilled with his situation in Dallas because according to The Fort Worth Star-Telegram the team has kept him from participating in OTA work unless he signs a $500,000 injury waiver agreement. If Glenn gets hurt and must sit out the season, the team would then owe him much less than his scheduled $1.74 million salary. But Glenn hasn't agreed to sign the waiver. So even though he is apparently healthy, he isn't working and he isn't happy. Can you say trade to the Dolphins? Maybe Glenn and a third-round pick for the Dancer whose name I will not utter? Glenn does, after all, have a long history of playing for Bill Parcells, and the Cowboys almost certainly would love to add the Dancer to a front 7 that is already pretty darn good. [By the way, take the poll below on this issue.]
  3. Don't be fooled by the lack of contact. Throughout the NFL guys are pulling up lame and otherwise being sidelined by offseason camps and OTAs.
  4. Finally, you should take a close look at what the Miami offense promises to be: A gang of bullies. This won't be a quick-strike, down-the-field unit. They will be a bruising running team first and foremost. They will try to go through rather than over defenses. Given the added girth of Justin Smiley and Jake Long up front, the return (everyone hopes) of 232-pound Ronnie Brown and 225-pound Ricky Williams at RB, the addition of 265-pound TE Anthony Fasano and with 270-pound Reagan Mauia at FB, this team will RUN the ball. This will particularly be the strategy against modern defenses that have become smaller and quicker to keep up with passing offenses. So in a time the rest of the NFL wants to throw 65 percent of the time, the Dolphins will field a throwback offense that runs 60-65 percent of the time. The idea is that an offense like this will shorten the game, keep Miami's unproven quarterback from getting exposed, and also cover up for a receiver corps that is short on proven downfield ability. Smashball comes to Miami!
  5. If everything I've written is true, and it is, there is a downside. That is the Dolphins had better hope not to get behind in games. Otherwise the smashball thing becomes a liability more than a dividend.

Take the poll and then add your comments.


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To Armando and every member of the local press, stop calling Jason Taylor "Dancer" or anything with the word "dance" in it. Yes he was on a celebrity dancing competition and yes he did very well, but this is part of the reason that the Jason Taylor saga is so overblown. Everyone is saying we just need to get back to football but it's you guys that won't let him. Has he missed any MANDATORY activities? No. Do you think Bill Parcells really would not welcome back our best player and one of the leagues best players? No. This is a non story.

I agree it was a non-story until Taylor lied about getting back to football after DANCING and then the Dolphins announced he's not showing up for nothing.

So now it is a story.

I do like the idea of adding Terry Glenn to get us through the year if he's healthy. The trade would bring us one player with one year of talent left and give Dallas one player with one year of desire left, if that.

Let's say we trade for Glenn............ we'd have to run a 3WR set to get him on the field. And Mando just said the Fins are going to play smash mouth football. 3WR sets are not smash mouth.

So Mando wants the Fins to trade JT for a WR that will only play on long passing downs and a third round pick that is going to be more like a fourth round pick because the Cowboys/Browns are going to be pretty good this year.

I think that is a garbage trade scenario.

Tommya, please show me where I said I WANT the fins to trade JT for Terry Glenn? I raised the possibility. I didn't say I hope and pray and really wish the Dolphins did this trade any more than you did when you wrote, "Let's say we trade for Glenn..."

So please understand the difference between me raising the possibility and advocating it.

Sorry but I just assumed you advocated this scenario because you put it on your blog, along with a poll that leans toward supporting the idea of it: your poll has three options including Glenn, and one option of not trading the "Dancer" at all.


Great post as usual. I really enjoy your insights. I think Terry Glenn would be a good short-term addition to the team, but not worth JT (even with a low pick or two thrown in). One hopes that the team receives a better offer for Taylor. I felt Cameron/Mueller should have traded him and ZT before last season....

That's more than a small downside. With all the questions on D, it seems likely that they'll fall behind in a lot of games.

Such a big deal was made last year by ESPN and probably most local reporters fudging around for a "scoop" about Lance Briggs wanting out of Chicago. What happened? He signed a deal aand is still a Bear! Some of the reporters around today might as well work for entertainment tonight because all they do is gossip. With that said, I think it would be stupid for Parcells to let him go THIS year. Get one more good year out of him, then trade him. If he decides to not play or not play well, that only hurts his stock. he would have to play at pro-bowl caliber in order to warrant a trade to a contender such as Jax. or Dallas. This also allows the younger kids an opportunity to develop without AS MUCH pressure than if they didn't have JASON TAYLOR. He is one of the best and should not be insulted by local media as the dancer that shall not be named as refered to by the knucklehead that shall not be named

What a stupid poll.

I thought this an excellent post. Thanks for the insight on the coming offensive philosophy Mando. The part about the Dancer whose name will not be uttered cracked me up.

Meanwhile, rcfin, I believe you to be the knucklehead that should not be named

Armando. Is there any way to add lines into the comments section. It confusing trying to figure out who posts below or above the "posted by:" line . Thanks

OK Armando , I'm with you most of the time, but on this one you're on your own. This trade you are suggesting is no better than the trade Cam made for Trent Green, giving up anything for a injury prone player is CRAZY!!!!!Terry Glenn has only completed an entire 16 game season TWICE in his 13yr career, thats pretty bad! I think the dolphins need to try and work out a conditional trade so if JT makes the pro bowl we get a higher pick in the deal! But the deal definitely wouldn't include Terry Glenn!!! To be honest, I wish JT and BP would swallow their pride and make this work!!! Right now the fans are the only ones who will be affected by these two enormus ego's not being able to co-exsist!!!!

Armando, if you can't spell a players name don't use it.

Thanks for this refreshing change, mando. As for the content, I don't think we are as bad off at WR as you suppose. As you stated, we will be using a Fullback, and TE, maybe two TE quite often, as a Run first team. That leaves Two, or one WR spot open, depending on the set.

Ginn really started to shine at the end of last year, and we picked up one of Jax's team leaders at WR last year with Earnest Wilford. He is a Big, strong receiver, with good hands.

Coming off the bench, or as a third we have Derek Hagan, who hasn't shown as much as we would like, but hasn't been terrible, either. We have Camarillo, who won our only game last year, given the chance to play, and an interesting set of rookies, including a major target for Colt Brennan, at Hawaii, and a Talented QB/WR slash type player. No we don't have the most depth, and no one will be terrified when they see us coming.

Then, we don't want them to be. We want them stacking the box, terrified of a little R & R (& R for that matter). We want single coverage for Ginn, or Wilford. We want them to have the box stacked for our three wide, and four wide sets, sure we are trying to spread them out. We will shock some teams, because with a line that can block, we will be better in the passing game than they would have accounted for.

I don't see how Glenn would fit in, honestly. He is a great receiver, but he is close to the end of his career, and will obviously be an injury concern. On top of that, the draft picks we would get would be less valuable from Dallas, than say, Detroit, or SF, or KC. Or Miami.lol. Thanks for the almost JT less blog.

You misspelled Maiua, btw.

Being one who sometimes forgest names, I thought you might actually be correct, tree.

But it really is Mauia. Stop trying to confuse me.

Armando,his name is Jason Taylor you immature jerk.

On this blog, his name is whatever I say it is.

My bad, lol. I was wondering which name you misspelled from that other guy, so I went looking, and that was the best candidate.lol. I don't care if you misspell a name or two, I just didn't want everyone to have to go searching.

Maybe he meant Houshmazoli

Oh, and Myn, the reason he didn't call JT by name isn't because he is being immature, it is because I, and several other people have voiced how sick we are of stories about Taylor, and the ongoing drama about him leaving. He is trying to write around this problem, though the subject of Taylor injected itself regarding the potential trade. It's not that trade possibilities are off limits, just don't make that your ONLY subject. As long as the MAJORITY of this blog is about the future, and where we will be going, not about one person, and his issues, we will be good.

There is a MANDATORY MINI CAMP IN JUNE that ALL players are supposed to report too. Jason Taylor has said that football doesn't start until July and that is when he will be there. Have any of you people who are standing up for this behavior ever played on a team in an organized league? It doesn't seem like some of you get what is going on here. Huzienga, Parcells and Sparano are the bosses. They have stated that there will be a mandatory camp for all players in June. One of our highest paid players is saying he wont be there but wont give anyone a reason! He is now making his own rules. I'm losing my mind over the fact that anyone thinks this is acceptable behavior coming from your TEAM LEADER! Wake up already.

On a lighter note I am excited to see our offense bully some smaller teams out there. We're going to look a little like the Redskins of the early 80's. Should be interesting as long as we can stay healthy. 6 TO 8 WINS THIS YEAR. Next year we pick up a pro bowl receiver, Ginn will be in his third year, our QBS will all have had time to grow, our o-line should be much improved, and we can spend some high round picks on young defensive players. Next years first two picks should be a WR and then a CB. Things are definitely starting to fall in to place. Go Dolphins!!!!!

For the most part, I agree, Scott, though I would pick Laurenidas, or however you spell it, if he is still there when we pick. We need a replacement for Zach, and that guy is in on EVERY defensive play. He reminds me of Randy Gradishar, from the Broncos, in the seventies, and eighties. he was too small, too slow, too everything, but every time there was a tackle to be made, when the pile let up, Gradishar was there. Sounds alot like Zach, too.

I would also concentrate on our secondary before WR, unless the quality available says otherwise. Everyone seems to have written off Wilford as a viable counterpart for Ginn. Don't. The guy can play.

don't know how i missed this entry mando. i apologize. good comments tree and ny scott, u guys usually get it right.

mando, i fully agree on one thing....that is its gonna be a tote the rock year with besides R & R a lil parmele/hilliard in the mix for "training purposes".

if u guys recall csonka, kiich and morris and many that followed, this is what i see as our offense. griese didn't have the strongest arm, beck has a cannon. griese was accurate, so is john. that pitt game was a joke, weather wise and we lost ricky real early and almost won anyway.

the old fins under shula ran when they thought we would pass and vice versa. it worked. throwing on first, sometime and pounding the middle all day worked. kiick was awesome receiving and we didn't see a third down taht we didn't LOVE. probably had the best 3rd conversion rating in the NFL.

as for receivers, if derek can hold teh passes he too often dropped, those are first downs. pound the rock. with an able catching TE that will improve 3rd down conversions. pound the rock again. sneek ted deep with wilford dragging across the middle its a first, a big gain or a TD.

we have options that we didn't last year. you protect beck and he is gonna make several receivers look good.


mando, is ronnie really bigger than ricky now? new position, bull-back.

Great piece about Fergie on the Fins website. The more I see about that guy, the more I like him. At one point he says he had concerns about the conditioning program, that he thought maybe he should be off dancing somewhere, and I almost lost it. That's one FUNNY guy.lol.

Definitely not a prima dona. He also stresses the importance of the o line, and the d line making each other better, and discusses how he, and Satale will be working to make each other better. The guy just gets it. It's not us against them, with his own team mates, it's us as a whole against them, the other teams. The past couple of years you have heard lots of grumbling from the D about the O, and all I can say is, if they are no good, you darn well better help make them better.

Thanx for the positive feedback, Harri. I posted on the other forum about Taylor on the Herald main dolphin page, but it didn't go through, so I will echo the sentiments here, as I think it was pretty good. I know I write too darn much, but people seem to agree with my point of view quite a bit, so here it goes.

One blogger equated JT as the Marino of our D. This set me OFF. First off, if ANYONE was able to be equated to Marino on the D it would have been Zach. Zach made JT the D player of the year the year before, by covering his butt when he was out of position to stop the run, in his zeal to get to the QB. JT works best as an X factor, not tied to actually defending, but let loose to be our D's offense. When he lost Zach last year, he was forced to stay home more, and was exploited. Teams ran over him. Not blaming him, just saying that he isn't the end all of our D.

Second point is this. If JT is the Marino of our D, what is next? Is Ronnie the Marino of our RB's? Is Fields the Marino of our special teams? Where does the nonsensical correlations stop? Compare these players to others of their position, not to arguably the best player of our franchises history.

Third, and last point is this. We have to get away from this sense of nostalgia we are trapped in. No coach will ever be Shula. No QB will ever be Marino. No Receiver will ever be Warfield, or Clayton. No LB will ever be Zach, or Offerdahl. We have to remember those players with fondness, and reverence for the memories they instilled within us, but we cannot keep applying the examples of them in their primes to the first, or second years of newer players, and coaches. We have to remember those guys for the greats they were, but we have to accept who we have now, and look to the future. Players will step up, and become unforgettable, and incomparable in their own way, and their own time, as long as we let them. If we continue to break down every player, and coach we have for not being the Icons of our past, we will end up like the Raiders. The team cannot get over their championship past, so is relegated to obscurity. Their owner won't let anyone else have a vision of where the team should go, so they go nowhere. I see players, coaches, and GM's thrown under the bus after a year, or less (not even a single play in the cases of Beck, and Ginn). I have heard people calling for Parcells head already, and we haven't even made it to TRAINING CAMP yet. Unclench those butt cheeks, people. Relax a little, and lets see what these guys can do. Can we do worse than last year? Only if we can't get over our past, and fail to build for the future, looking for that "final piece" that Wanny could never find.

good thoughts tree. this is building to be a memorable team. shula never had coaching names like Paul P and a top rate OC, can't spell his name either so...what a package !bring strock in to coach henne while QB coach focuses on johnny boy !

OC Henning, right?

Two things:
1) That is a terrible trade
2) SI recently did a feature on smash-mouth ball...it's for losers. Under today's rules, winning teams need to pass. SI showed that all of the top teams in the league (including Dallas) basically do not run the ball until the 2nd half. Teams that live by the run (Vikings anyone) in the NFL do not make playoffs....it's that easy and it's quantifiable.

harricane, last week the herald or the S-S had a photo of Ronnie, Ricky and one of the scrub 6th rounders stretching together....Ronnie was in the foreground, but looked like a boy (okay, a teenager) with his father (Ricky) behind him.

Gotta disagree with you, and SI for that matter, there, Stav. Every so often the league changes directions, as the league adjusts to the current trends. Defenses are being built to defend the pass more, and more, so smash mouth football should be making a comeback. As teams move more, and more to a 3-4 scheme, and smaller, quicker players, the more space there will be for a team of bruisers. The steelers of a couple years ago didn't win by Ben's arm alone. In fact, the running game was vitally important. The Giants this past year are more of a run first offense.

Both of these teams still pass, as will we, but the strategy of Running the ball to keep your defense fresh can do nothing but help our team. Especially early in the season, when we will be dealing with so much heat. That is a big part of why Marino never got back. It wasn't that the D was so horrible, it was that the D was on the field so much, that they wore out, especially later in the season.

i didn't say not pass, i said not HAVE to pass. that is too predictable....pound the rock, defense wins championships...i'll take 9-10 W's this year. count on it. but SI did get it right with the Rays comic book cover...ha !

Terry Glenn is too fragile, but I'm not sure anybody is even offering a 3rd round pick straight up for Jason Taylor...

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