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Another in the endless line of Jason Taylor posts

Sorry to do this to you guys, especially those of you officially numb to the Jason Taylor updates. But in the interest of telling you the latest about the Dolphins most recognizable player, I must pass this along.

Again, I apologize.

Taylor today was in West Des Moines, Iowa, which culturally is about as distant from Los Angeles and South Florida as Mars, to play a round of charity golf. After the event he was asked about his situation with the Dolphins.

"I'm under contract with the Dolphins," he said. "So again, I'm looking forward to playing some golf. Football doesn't start until July and training camp, so I'll be all right. I've been in L.A. and so far removed from it. Like I said, I'll deal with that when I get there."

According to the Associated Press report, Taylor avoided questions about whether he plans to meet with Dolphins executive vice president of football operations Bill Parcells when he gets back. (Remember their last encounter didn't go so well with Parcells ignoring Taylor.)

Taylor said his immediate plans are to work out, play golf and relax at home.

"We'll work with football here in the near future," Taylor said.

Personally, I'm not counting on that. I don't see a resolution to this, this, this relationship until just before the regular season beckons. At that point, some desperate team will trade for Taylor, or Taylor will report so he can get paid, or he'll simply stay away and possibly retire.

My best guess of what eventually happens: He reports.

Don't toss your No. 99 jerseys yet.

Did I tell you I'm sorry? Please forgive me.


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Is there any real football news to report?

If not, wake me up in July.

Give us something but not this. Until Jason reports, is cut or retires, moratorium on JT pseudo news. Give us something from the guys that are here, anything.

F**k Jason Taylor. He has gotten to the point I hope he never comes back. He is a real d**k head.
All this time it has been Zach Thomas who kept him in line. Taylor sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm starting to think JT really got offended when he visited the Fins with his dance partner............. because he's acting like he's soooo big and bad............. like he's the big fish in Miami, not the Tuna.

What a joke...... grow up JT.

Armando, you don't need to apologize. I think I understand that you have to give us the latest -- otherwise some driveling tards on here will say you got beat by some other blog, which is ridiculous.

But if we all agree not to get on your case about it, will you agree not to write another JT update until he's either gone or back on the team?

Since I seem to be the Anti Taylor Ringleader, let me just say that I understand that you had to report the latest "news", so apology accepted, at least from me. All I really want is more coverage about those excited to be a part of the team, and where it is headed. I know you have limited access to the facilities, but maybe you could swing an interview, or two with some of the new guys, or the veterans who are seeing the differences? Maybe invite one to blog along with you the next time you blog live. Too much to ask? If so, sorry, I just like hearing positive news, not just a total bummer situation all the time.

so is Taylor saying that he will report to training camp in July? I thought the 'big-to-do" was that he wasnt even going to show for training camp.

As a major fan of the Miami Dolphins, I am hopeful that all this could just be Jason Taylor trying to get some peace & quiet during the off season...
He has held this team together and kept them from being the "Bottom of the Bucket" type team for 4 of his nine years at Miami...And at virtually our lowest point as a team, nobody has shown more love for the franchise than
I just hope that Jason Taylor doesn't take the media speculations to heart..Bill Parcells never had any use for the Hollywood attitude in players and isn't going to tolerate it now, but to say that it will drive Taylor to quit his team, come on!!!

I don't think that Parcells or anyone else could make him want to quit enough to ask for a release from contract. Jason just wants some quiet this Summer season before the Fin's finally get Taylor his AFC Champions
Hey Jason, I just bought my new #99 lucky Dolphins jersey, so please don't make it obsolete on me..

I wouldn't toss my Jason Taylor jersey anyway. The man has done so much for this organization and its fans, if you wanna be pissed at him forever them you're retards.

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