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At least 1 Taylor trade option out there [Update]

The San Diego Chargers have called the Dolphins to show interest in trading for Jason Taylor.

There is no deal that is right-now imminent, but the Chargers are obviously kicking the tires on the possibility of adding a Pro Bowl pass-rusher to twin with Pro Bowl linebacker Shawne Merriman.

The Chargers are denying they have interest through sources that are talking to the San Diego Union-Tribune. But I KNOW they have called about Taylor.

The Chargers are aware their championship window of opportunity is closing. Running back LaDainian Tomlinson said as much recently. The team also is very familiar with Taylor because former Dolphins general manager Randy Mueller joined that team as an assistant to general manager A.J. Smith about three weeks ago.

Mueller's two years in Miami gives him a solid foundation of knowledge on Taylor. Mueller respected Taylor as an outstanding pass-rusher, but also knew the player was often times a less than stellar run-stopper.

Anyway, I believe if the Chargers offer a third-round pick for Taylor, Bill Parcells will deal him. The Dolphins, as I reported in my column two days ago, are actively trying to trade Taylor as we speak.

The problem is Taylor plans to play only one more season (for sure) and teams are unwilling to invest such a high pick for a one-year player.

But because San Diego is so close to Los Angeles and the show business jobs Taylor now covets, perhaps he can be convinced to play the two years remaining on his contract while commuting to his acting gigs.

My guess is that if Taylor is traded, he goes for a third-round pick.

One final thing: There has been a lot of media barking that Miami's announcement Taylor is not reporting to training camp diminishes his trade value. This is ridiculous.

If I am a playoff-caliber team interested in Jason Taylor, I know he will report to my training camp. His value is not diminished to me. The teams know that, which is why they're calling. The Dolphins know that, which is why they're taking at least this call. That he won't report to the Dolphins is peripheral noise that one hears but shouldn't listen to.

A team might make that argument in trade talks and it would go something like this:

Interested team: We want to lower the price for getting Taylor because you've said he won't report to your training camp.

Dolphins: No.

Interested team: But, but, you said.

Dolphins: No.

Interested team: He won't report to you.

Dolphins: He'll report once the checks start flowing or he'll retire. Or we'll trade him to you for a second-round pick (Miami's starting point in negotiations) and he'll report.

Interested team: How about a fourth-round pick?

Dolphins: How about a conditional second-rounder based on whether he goes to the Pro Bowl or you go to the Super Bowl?

Interested team: ????

We'll see what happens.

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