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At least 1 Taylor trade option out there [Update]

The San Diego Chargers have called the Dolphins to show interest in trading for Jason Taylor.

There is no deal that is right-now imminent, but the Chargers are obviously kicking the tires on the possibility of adding a Pro Bowl pass-rusher to twin with Pro Bowl linebacker Shawne Merriman.

The Chargers are denying they have interest through sources that are talking to the San Diego Union-Tribune. But I KNOW they have called about Taylor.

The Chargers are aware their championship window of opportunity is closing. Running back LaDainian Tomlinson said as much recently. The team also is very familiar with Taylor because former Dolphins general manager Randy Mueller joined that team as an assistant to general manager A.J. Smith about three weeks ago.

Mueller's two years in Miami gives him a solid foundation of knowledge on Taylor. Mueller respected Taylor as an outstanding pass-rusher, but also knew the player was often times a less than stellar run-stopper.

Anyway, I believe if the Chargers offer a third-round pick for Taylor, Bill Parcells will deal him. The Dolphins, as I reported in my column two days ago, are actively trying to trade Taylor as we speak.

The problem is Taylor plans to play only one more season (for sure) and teams are unwilling to invest such a high pick for a one-year player.

But because San Diego is so close to Los Angeles and the show business jobs Taylor now covets, perhaps he can be convinced to play the two years remaining on his contract while commuting to his acting gigs.

My guess is that if Taylor is traded, he goes for a third-round pick.

One final thing: There has been a lot of media barking that Miami's announcement Taylor is not reporting to training camp diminishes his trade value. This is ridiculous.

If I am a playoff-caliber team interested in Jason Taylor, I know he will report to my training camp. His value is not diminished to me. The teams know that, which is why they're calling. The Dolphins know that, which is why they're taking at least this call. That he won't report to the Dolphins is peripheral noise that one hears but shouldn't listen to.

A team might make that argument in trade talks and it would go something like this:

Interested team: We want to lower the price for getting Taylor because you've said he won't report to your training camp.

Dolphins: No.

Interested team: But, but, you said.

Dolphins: No.

Interested team: He won't report to you.

Dolphins: He'll report once the checks start flowing or he'll retire. Or we'll trade him to you for a second-round pick (Miami's starting point in negotiations) and he'll report.

Interested team: How about a fourth-round pick?

Dolphins: How about a conditional second-rounder based on whether he goes to the Pro Bowl or you go to the Super Bowl?

Interested team: ????

We'll see what happens.

By the way, this is the second posting of the day. Check my post on Wayne Huizenga below. Also, register and leave your comments. And thanks for visiting my blog.


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"How about a conditional second-round pick based on whether he goes to the Pro Bowl or you go to the Super Bowl?"

Armando, that's the most likely scenario. It will be a conditional pick based on performance.

As far as Randy Mueller being familiar with JT, I think every GM in the league is familiar with JT and Norv Turner coached for Miami as well. JT is a well known play maker. He did win Defensive Player of the Year only two years ago.

That typekey bs is a pain.

I was hoping you were wrong when you first reported this but you weren't.

Well Taylor is gone. Parcells history will hold out until he gets what is best for the Dolphins. I don't know if he holds grudges but he is the boss, acts like the boss and knows what he wants.

San Diego would be smart to trade a second rounder for him. He could be a difference maker.

If he is not happy this year and not following the programme then hit the road JT. And you can kiss my ass on the way out.

That typekey bs is a pain.

I was hoping you were wrong when you first reported this but you weren't.

Well Taylor is gone. Parcells history will hold out until he gets what is best for the Dolphins. I don't know if he holds grudges but he is the boss, acts like the boss and knows what he wants.

San Diego would be smart to trade a second rounder for him. He could be a difference maker.

If he is not happy this year and not following the programme then hit the road JT. And you can kiss my ass on the way out.

That typekey bs is a pain.

I was hoping you were wrong when you first reported this but you weren't.

Well Taylor is gone. Parcells history will hold out until he gets what is best for the Dolphins. I don't know if he holds grudges but he is the boss, acts like the boss and knows what he wants.

San Diego would be smart to trade a second rounder for him. He could be a difference maker.

If he is not happy this year and not following the programme then hit the road JT.

Northphinfan, just curious as to what history you're referring to when saying "Parcells history will hold out until he gets what is best for the Dolphins."

I'm not aware of another situation like this where Parcells held his ground with a player to get maximum compensation in a trade, or forced the player to play or retire.

My guess was a third-rounder as well, but WaPo is reporting the Skins turned down Taylor for a fourth-rounder, so it makes you wonder.

You correctly point out that the Bolts want to -- and can -- win now, and adding Taylor to the puzzle will certainly help.

The only question I have is where is he going to fit in the 3-4 scheme, w/ Merriman and Phillips already in the fold? Should be interesting to see what happens.


Nice post Armando. I'll bet that conditional 2nd rounder would do the trick. A good thing for the Phins in the long term. A second rounder is very valuable as a means to stock upper echelon talent as well as significant fodder for moving up in the draft to get your man. I'm sure Taylor wouldn't mind joining Chris Chambers for a title run. Anyway, thanks for your reporting. It takes a little steam off this thing and perhaps helps Miami continue up the path towards turnaround. Peace out.

I thought Phillips was a 3-4 defensive end and not an outside linebacker. I could be wrong, but if I am, that bears thinking about. I'll have to go check. Peace out.

Sorry Mike. You're right. I was thinking of Castillo for some reason. Mea Culpa. Peace out.

Armando, how about some fact checking next time?

"Anyway, I believe if the Chargers offer a second-round pick for Taylor, Bill Parcells will deal him immediately."
Yeah, too bad the Patriots are holding their 2009 2nd round pick. Chargers traded it to the Pats for the Pats 3rd, which they used to draft Jacob Hester.

Chargers: we will trade you Chris Chambers for Taylor straight up

Dolphins: Do we know anything about this guy? He must be worth a second round pick.

DaveinOhio, I don't get it?


man, u r right on. still got my brand new (unworn) #84 chambers jersey that was waiting for him to wear the next opportunity, but got traded to SD. I'll take that dude back anyday or better t'day! and i'll throw in a Brett Farve Tribute SI cover edition as well !!

orange #84 jersey XX

More from the all Taylor, all the time Blog. For all things Taylor, come here first. Dolphins info? go somewhere else. I am so SICK of reading about Taylor. Give us some info about who is STAYING. Tell us when a deal is finalized, not every darn time every dog sniffs his butt. Hey, howz about you chat with some of the new players, and give us a feel for what kind of people they are. If Taylor is gone, he is gone. Whatever. Give us the details when the deal is done. I want to know about the Dolphins who I will be watching next season. Taylor can go perform an anatomical impossibility for all I care (If he ends up leaving, that is. If he stays, I hope he continues to play to the high level he gave us last year....Ok, maybe the year before).

Oh I was just kidding around that last year we trade chris to chargers for a 2nd round pick, and this year we could get him back. Because it is a different group of guys in charge. One mans treasure is another mans trash.


chris is not a burner, but dude has hands !! and white guys can't jump !! enjoy your holiday dave !!

I wouldn't even joke about something like that, Dave.lol. Have you been a fan of this team for the past few years? Dramatic changes in direction seem to be the norm lately, and how much more of a direction change could we get, than trading away a player, to get back a player we traded away last year.lol. I sound somewhat bitter today, don't I? I am not trying to, but this Taylor crap is getting old. Quick.

tree, i am with u man and to get chris back....super sweet...hell i'd give away .....hmmmm not mando....hmmmmm... ok my farve tribute SI cover issue....and a third/w/ JT

Harri, Chris' problem wasn't his hands, it was his body. If the ball wasn't within 10 yards of him, he would catch it, but if the ball was between the numbers, he let it eat him up, and bounce off of those numbers. This was less noticeable over the past few seasons with the ALL-PROs we have put out there to pass to him, but if you watched close, it still happened from time to time.


i just heard JT wants to be on "So you think you can drink" hosted by robin williams in Kiev or Moscow....follow this one........



ok i'll give ya that....especially when it took double coverage and should have gone to the TE.... oooppps. we didnt have a TE. Randy Mc who? oh....fumble fingers Michaels.

Never again baby....


First off, Chris is fast. He's not Ted Ginn fast, but he is a burner so to speak. 4.31 40 at the combine is not fast anymore?

Second, yes he had some inconsistent catching problems. But if you drop 8 easy passes, but make 8 catches nobody in their imagination could make, it's a fair wash. Although if he made those8 easy ones, he'd be that much better.

Finally, I think it's something in the air in Miami, but as soon as Chris left, he didn't have the dropsies. Only had 4 last year, 8 the year before. The year before, Miami had Chris, Hagan and McMike on Stats LLC list of most drops. Last year? No Chambers. Guess who's on there though? marty good hands booker.

Hey, maybe jones will give up Packman for him. Did you hear, he had a felony arrest warrant put out for him over a 20k gambling debt. Talk about not being able to give some people money.lol. Before there is any negative feedback to that statement, it was in no way aimed at Pack's ethnicity, it was aimed at his mentality. Have you ever seen what Rednecks will do with money?

deez...ok. forgive me... he played the drag route most of the time because we didn't have any cannons to throw with to him. john beck will amaze people this year....ask mando what he saw... crisp...line drive "on targer...on time" efforts.

let jt go and let's get chambers back as jt does not respect anyone at this point so why grace him and let chris make it to the HOF instead.

no packman no chad johnson....no trouble children like jt !!!!

lol. I was glad to see Marty go back to Chicago, too. I hated feeling my butt pucker up every time I saw the ball headed in Marty's direction, on third down especially.lol. I don't call it a wash on Chambers catches, though. If he caught even six of the easy ones, and only caught four of the spectacular ones we would have been better off. Those easy ones could have moved the chains, at a time we needed the chains moved. They could have made second, or third, and short, making sustained drives more possible. The amazing catches were neat, but not always at times when the would count. Give me someone like Welker(no, this isn't a complaint about us trading him, I understand the reasons, and like the results), who would catch a trombone, fired from a howitzer if we needed him to. I am happy we have Ginn (Quinn is an over rated joke, that will never amount to anything in this league), and like the signing of Wilford. I think Castillo will get a shot this year, and Hagan better get his sh.....tuff straight if he wants to see the field. That QB/Receiver intrigues me, as well as the guy from Hawaii. I don't think we are as bad off at WR as we were last year.

Harri, no need to apologize, a lot of people dont' realize how fast Chambers is. His route running leaves something to be desired, but he can run. And jump like a mofo. But when you have Fiedler throwing to you at the beginning of your career, you're worried about outrunning your QBs arm ... after ten yards.

Even when you had an inaccurate gun arm like Frerotte, he had a monster year.

hey, leftnutz I'm not downing chambers, and I wish him well in SD, I am just saying that I think we are in better shape now, than we were last year with him, and Booker. Especially with Beck passing to them, not the past decade's worth of WINNERS at QB. BTW, the Packman trade suggestion was only in jest. I would rather see us trade him for Lito Sheppard, to be honest.

I still have my miami dolphins helmet that I use to play with on Satalite Beach. But that was a long time ago. It sounds like you will have that jersey just as long ( oh thats perfect, and its orange too! ) Been a fan for a long time. Seen people come and go. Maybe I'm too much of a loyalist. Hope you have a good weekend too.

Can't believe I missed that. Someone actually bought one of those Butt ugly orange jerseys? God, those things are foul! It takes all kinds, though. Somebody has to eat those darn little cabbages, too. You can have my share of Orange jerseys, along with my share of Brussels sprouts. lol. THIS is the hard hitting Dolphins first blogging I am looking for.lol. Have a nice day, guys. Keep the hope alive.

tree & Z

see, normal guys can discuss and not have to talk crap....i appreciate guys that know fins football. should be more of us by december....but none like a true dolfan. this year is gonna be fun. i like what i see. beck growing, ricky and ronnie together and healthy very soon....awesome O-line that is the easiest part a d-that is hungry....ball slamming big guys....and a straigh talking, fun lovin, tony "at the end of the day" guy.

gotta love it as much as we are jacked up this early?......

ok tree....what do u have against the Orange? its the state fruit, lol. looks pretty good against the original aqua of the fins, no purple please. i have a orange '72 world championship banner. it won't be on e-bay til i die buddy.

orange is original dolfin retro, i'm all about old school...kinda like winning, just a old habit

San Diego is THE place Jason wants to go cause it's so close to Holllllywood. And Jason is all about Holllllywood, now. Face it, he's too pretty to play football anymore. Even the year he won Defensive MVP, he took the first half of the season off. He has been having motivation problems for years, now. And all those great things he has done for the fins? I'm confused. Wasn't he PAID really really well to do those things? Anyway, if San Diego makes us any kind of offer, we should take it just to get rid of him. Does Jason know that the fins did shop him around but were only offered a fourth rounder for him? Maybe he's not as valuable as he thinks he is. He has burned his bridges. Let him go the way of Brian Bosworth, Jim Brown, Joe Namath, etc & etc.

Hey Deeznuts, how about some reading the blog correctly before you call out the writer next time? He said a third round pick, not a second. And he said it twice. Got to bust your ballz a little for that one, no hard feelings.

Armando, you are clueless. The people you are talking with, with the dolphins, must be the receptionist, because in Tunas world, he talks to nobody.

Major Charger fan here. We have Chambers (love him!) and you're not getting him back! Come to reality.

Chambers might have had some "dropsies" issue in Miami, but I haven't seen it in San Diego. Not that this is uncommon among some great wide receivers (think T.O.) However, CC is not only making the "routine" catches but also spectacular ones that leave you scratching your head...I don't know, maybe having better talent around him (not to mention a better QB throwing him passes than he's had recently) has made a difference for him. All I know is he's made a difference for the Bolts, and he's not going anywhere next year...except to the SUPER BOWL!

I noticed Miami picked up another offensive lineman, which makes several news faces for training camp.
Any updates on how the group is doing, and should we expect some improvement this season?

Offer Eagles JT + 5th rounder for Lito Shepard.

We have Chambers (love him!) and you're not getting him back! Come to reality.

Posted by: Boltricity

Did Chambers learn to catch a football?

Don't forget. Jason Taylor was critical when Shawne Merriman was busted for steroids and said that steroid users shouldn't be Pro Bowlers. I'm not sure he would welcome JT into the San Diego locker room.

"f I am a playoff-caliber team interested in Jason Taylor, I know he will report to my training camp. His value is not diminished to me."

Your words Armando - that's why you're just a writer for a daily rag. JT has been trying to force a trade since way before the draft and it has killed any chance for a high pick. Same a dullpeper did when he made it obvious he would not sign a new contract.

I hope JT has the same good fortune dullpepper has had since then. I give him 2 or 3 flicks in Tinsel Town and then he's just another ex jock.

Save your money JT you're going to need it - LOSER!

Clubdaddy, I think you've been staying out t00 late or dancing too much or whatever it takes to become a "clubdaddy," because I wrote "way before the draft" that Taylor wanted out. That isn't news so what is your point? And it also doesn't diminish his worth.
The thing that diminishes his worth is the fact he's going on 34 and wants to play only one more year. Hope that doesn't confuse you.

This makes perfect sense and I said this months ago. Taylor wants to go Hollywood now more than ever and knows that being in Southern Calfornia would make things a lot easier. There is also a strong possibility that the Chargers will move to LA, since no one in San Diego is stepping up to build them a new stadium. There is a guy in LA who is part owner of the Staples Center and LA Kings Hockey Team that wants to build a new state of the art stadium in LA. He also has ties to the Spanos family, so again this makes perfect sense for JT. I say forget the draft pick and give us Cromartie straight up. Thats a good deal!!

THIS is what constitutes an "UPDATE" on the all JT, all the time blog????

Clubdaddy, I think you've been staying out t00 late or dancing too much or whatever it takes to become a "clubdaddy," because I wrote "way before the draft" that Taylor wanted out. That isn't news so what is your point? And it also doesn't diminish his worth.
The thing that diminishes his worth is the fact he's going on 34 and wants to play only one more year. Hope that doesn't confuse you.

Smack talking to a disgruntled reader isn't an UPDATE. FOR PETE'S SAKE, PLEASE START BLOGGING ABOUT THE DOLPHINS, NOT REHASHING TIRED OLD CRAP ABOUT A PLAYER THAT DOESN'T MATTER TO THIS TEAM ANYMORE. We have enough new people, that you can concentrate on them until training camp begins, and still not run out of things to say. Any true Dolphan not sick to death of this crap about JT must not be checking for info about the team much.

I now see posters posting about how the leadership has "lost the team, and many fans", because of your Pro JT slant, and Anti Parcells rhetoric. Your obvious bias on this subject is confusing the weak minded. So what if the Fins want you to wait until practice is done to blog your impressions of camp? Big deal. Look at the positives.

First off, the conditioning program is making our players who are participating more physically fit, thus less prone to injury. Remember last year, when Cammeron had his lollipop training camp, lightened up to stop the late year swoon we had been prone to for the several seasons prior to his hiring, but instead of stopping the swoon, we fell apart. I was worried last year, but gave him the benefit of the doubt. This approach seems more logical. More workouts to get used to playing in the heat, less hitting to save their bodies.

Second off, they Drafted, and signed some top notch talent in the trenches, to reverse the trend of the past DECADE, of being undersized, and outplayed on the line of scrimmage. If they get canned after one year again, this contribution alone was reason enough to bring them in. JT was gone, no matter who the coach would be. Blaming Parcells (who, by the way isn't the coach) for JT leaving is like blaming the color of your pants for the stain setting in when you spill red wine all over them. There would be a stain regardless of the color, the only difference is in how noticeable the stain is. Lets get back to covering the Dolphins, and stop wrangling about JT, and who should be blamed for him leaving.

BTW, this new site sux. When I signed in to respond, I checked the "leave me logged on for two weeks" check box, yet when I clicked the post button, it took me to the Registration screen. I had to leave the site, come back, log out, log back in, and then paste the text again before sending to get it to accept that I was already logged in. Never had that problem with the last blog site.

Sorry guys, but another HUGE Charger fan here...

First I want to say how interesting it is that the author spent teh time to respond to a poster...WOW, that never happens on the SD UnionTribune! Classy...

Second, it's nice to see some of you guys have a great sense of humor...JT for Cro? ROFLMAO!! Nice one there Mr. Flipper, I blew hot coffee right out my nose...damn that hurt!

Good luck in dumping JT, if that's what you guys really want, or what he wants....But JT is NOT going to wear a Lightning Bolt no matter who the author has been talking to...

I know most of you don't care about the Chargers unless our teams are locked up in another playoff game sometime, but here's a quick perspective on how AJ SMITH runs his team...draft, draft, draft...

AJ does not trade for a veteran unless there's a leadership vacuum at that position (see Keenan McCARDELL and Roman OBEN)...no such vacuum exists on the Chargers' DL...

AJ might consider picking up JT as a FA if the Tuna cuts JT, but NO WAY does AJ give up a draft pick (unless it's to move up in the draft) for a 34 year old one-year player and then pay him $8 mil for one year to be a back-up/situational guy...sorry...

AJ won't trade Kassim OSGOOD, Eric PARKER, and especially not Chris CHAMBERS (yes, he has learned to catch the ball and will continue to improve under the guidance of WR coach Charlie JOINER)....so, JT better hope STRANAHAN retires so he can start his acting career as a member of the NY Giants...

In all seriousness, good luck with your team's rebuilding...

Go Bolts!!

Finally some common sense, and it comes from without. Can we now stop smoking crack about our chances to deal JT for more than a pittance? Get back to the dolphins. If JT is gone, so be it.

Oregon Copper, don't know if you will see this but I will respond anyway. I agree that the Chargers won't trade for JT for the reasons you stated PLUS reports are that Merriman still holds a grudge, which by the way is hilarious to me considering he was caught CHEATING by using steroids but was still up for defensive player of the year. All JT did was respond honestly to a question about it. Only in the NFL. But I digress, my main point is that if you think that JT is going to ANY team to be a backup/roleplayer you know nothing about Jason Taylor the football player. He would instantly make your defensive line better by drawing double teams, adding at least 10 sacks, and even a couple interceptions. He can play down or up, in a 3/4 OR 4/3. He is the missing piece to a team that is a step away from a superbowl. I don't know about you but I would give up a low second round pick for a chance at a Super Bowl title in a heart beat. But good luck with your defensive end,,,,,,,,,what's his name. Also you talk about AJ Smith as if he is a god but if I remember correctly the Chargers, with all of these premiere untradable players, have underacheived in the playoffs for quite some time. Weren't they supposed to be better when they fired Shottenheimer? How did that work out for ya? Peace and good luck this season.

Oregon Copper, one more thing, Jay "the poser" Posner and Kevin "homer" Acee couldn't hold Armandos jock. They are corporate shills who are paid to blow smoke up your a@#.


Yes, I did read your post, however, with some amusement and some agreement..

First, the thing I know most about JT is that he has already quit, he's only intersted in going to a winner to pad his resume'...I believe that JT was an awesome talent and as recently as two years ago I would've loved to have him on the Chargers, but not so much anymore...

Second, who do you think between OLSHANSKY, CASTILLO, PHILLIPS, and MERRIMAN that JT would replace? MERRIMAN and PHILLIPS are sack machines while Igor and Luis are run-stufffers who do occasionally get to the QB because of the defensive scheme the Chargers run...the answer is none of the above...JT would be a situational rusher on 3rd downs and that's about it...10 sacks only if injury takes down a starter...

Third, I would say that yes AJ is a GOD...from 4-12 in 2003 to 3 AFC West Titles in 4 years...
Most Charger fans recite the "In AJ We Trust" mantra about 2-3 times a day...As far as the playoffs, I'd say making it to the AFC Championship Game in the first year post-Marty is a pretty good start...No one outside SD (and quite a few inside as well) gave Norv a snowball's chance in Hell of doing anything...I'm not saying the Chargers would've won in Foxborough, but I sure as Hell would've enjoyed watching that game a whole lot more with a healthy LT, GATES, and RIVERS...Losing by (9) in Foxborough with (3) top offensive stars playing injured or not at all is something most Charger fans are proud of...I came out of that game feeling pretty good about the near future...

Lastly, I totally agree with you on the SDUT writers....we constantly complain that we get better Chargers coverage elsewhere, including chargers.com...I just think the author of a blog should put his story out there and let the fans debate...I don't think any author should get into the arena of character assassination with a poster, it just doesn't come off as being very professional...

Now sorry Dolphin fans, you can have your site back...again, good luck with your rebuilding...as I posted on the SDUT site I trust only two men in the NFL to do the job right...AJ SMITH and the Tuna...

Go Bolts!!

When are you refreshing this blog, same stuff for the last 3 days. Come on Salguero, give us something new. Thanks.

OregonCopper, you say A.J. Smith doesn't trade draft picks unless it's to move up in the draft? Didn't he trade a 2nd for Chambers last year? Didn't he trade a 2008 5th and 2009 2nd for a 2008 3rd to draft Jacob Hester? Sounds like he does make deals that go against what you're saying.

As far as JT being a back-up/situational guy, sorry but if the Bolts did acquire him, Phillips would be the guy taking a seat. We're talking about JT here, the 2nd leading sack artist for active players 2nd to only Strahan. He also has the record for most TDs scored by a DLman with 8. 2006 Defensive Player of the Year. Backup? (laughs)


I agree that Phillips sits in favor of JT in that situation...but it still begs the question: How credible is the idea that the bolts give up decent draft choice for a guy that'd displace a proven younger player and has got realistically (IMHO) 2-3 years...if everything goes right (team he's traded too wins and he feels loved there)?

I just don't see the bolts making this trade. Maybe the Skins or the Giants (if strahan retires), but the chances are limited.

BTW shoutout to you and the other regulars of...ahem...the other dolphins blog :-)

Jahndoh, I don't think the Bolts go after JT either. I was just replying to some comments OregonCopper made.

I really have no idea where JT will end up.

A shoutout right back at ya.

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