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Can John Beck overcome his rookie struggles?

John Beck has the chance to become the Dolphins starting quarterback as he will compete with Josh McCown for the job. Rookie Chad Henne, in my opinion, won't be a big factor in the race for the starting job early on because he has so much catching up to do.

For Beck, this quarterback competition is an opportunity to erase a bad rookie season. I wrote a column about that in Wednesday's Miami Herald -- it is required reading.

The point of the column, in which Beck discusses his 2007 season, is to draw attention to the fact Beck must do what other capable rookie quarterbacks who suffered terrible seasons apparently couldn't: He must overcome that terrible rookie year.

Other quarterbacks I name in the column were pretty much defined by bad rookie seasons and never really recovered. There is a sense among some NFL people that starting a rookie quarterback is a recipe for ruining a player.

And while there are a couple of rookies who started right away and grew to be outstanding quarterbacks -- Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger come to mind -- it is apparent a majority of quarterback who started as rookies continued to struggle later.

So my questions to you:

Do you think Beck can put last year behind him? Do you think he can learn from his difficult experience without being ruined by it?

Or do you think that what we saw last year is the beginning of a bad nightmare for Beck, and us? Do you think he will fall in line with Joey Harrington and Akili Smith and David Carr, who had troubles as rookie starters and eventually became either gun shy or unsure or simply unable to improve beyond their rookie struggles?



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Based on what I saw in the season finale, I think that he can overcome his rookie season shambles. He was thrown into a sputtering, injury plagued offense after the 2nd string QB failed to lead the team to victory. After taking the majority of snaps with the healthy 1st team during training camp, he will be better prepared and will perform like he did in college.

Armando, you are forgetting that Beck was a 2nd round pick & that most of the talented QB's are gone by the 2nd round. The QB's you have mentioned were all 1st round picks & hurt teams badly financially because they didn't work out. Here is list of all of the 2nd round QBs taken since 1996. Keep this in mind the talent here is far below that of the QBs taken in the 1st round & also that QBs without 1st round talent may take longer to develop.

1995 - Kordell Stewart
1996 - Tony Banks
1997 - Jake Plummer
1998 - Charlie Batch
1999 - Shaun King
2001 - Drew Brees
2001 - Quincy Carter
2006 - Tavaris Jackson
2007 - Kevin Kolb
2007 - John Beck
2007 - Drew Stanton

John Beck has as good a chance if not better then McBackUP. As MASTHMCPB pointed out, Beck was not put in with the most opportune time to succeed. He was destined to not do well in that situation. Now what amazes me is your comment from you broadcast blog about the competition between Beck and McBackUp. You said and i quote "But my gut tells me Josh McCown will win the job, at least initially, based on his superior experience."
SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE....you got to be kidding me. Is THAT your professional evaluation of a pro QB???? SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE.....give me a break. Again you show what you truely know about the game. SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE what a JOKE, what an evaluation, again both a JOKE.

I love that all the bust quarterbacks you mention were top three picks. Beck may or may not succeed, but he was not picked anywhere near the top three and if the expectations should not be as high as they were for Smith, Carr or Harrington.

I think the bigger issue will be an unproven line and no real receiving threats.

"Some NFL people..." may have the sense that starting rookie QBs is a recipe for disaster, but their logic is as weak as it gets. Could it be that the QBs mentioned were never going to be successful? How would we know, unless we waited until their second year to start them? Even then, you have problems. What if they succeed in year 2? How do we know they wouldn't have in year 1? We don't. And if they fail in year 2, we still don't know that they would have in year 1, but in this case it's clear that it's NOT because they started as a rookie.

The counter examples of QBs who started as rookies (Marino, anyone?) and were successful in their careers makes it clear that this "sense of some NFL people" is nonsense. This is a classic case of which came first (the chicken or the egg), that cannot be answered with the data we have, which makes it a meaningless discussion.

Mike W. You aren't understanding what Armando is saying. Superior experience is just referring to the fact that Beck has played for one team and only started a few games compared to McCown who has played for 3 or 4 teams and has started many games, under different offenses, looking at different defensive formations and so on. That would definitely give him the edge in experience and one could say that his experience is superior. Anyway I think that Beck will turn it around simply because of his hard work ethic and attitude. The guy wants to be a winner and works extra hard to accomplish that goal. I think with the right o-line in front of him, one that can actually block, he will be fine. You can't succeed as a QB when your first thought after receiving the snap is 'I'm about to get steamrolled'. I just don't know about our receivers as it doesn't seem like we have any talent there. Too many question marks.

Armando, I don't think Beck's rookie season will effect him at all this year. Most rookie QBs struggle so if most of them can't overcome it there would be no QBs.

When you look at Beck's rookie season, outside of the Jets game where it all blew up, he didn't play that poorly. He was pulled way too early in the Bills game just because he botched a snap, so that game doesn't even count because he didn't really get a chance to play in that game.

By the time Beck got his chance, the offense was running on backups, other rookies and a struggling OL.

Cameron didn't prepare Beck to start last year and he had no intention of starting him. Then Trent Green went down and the media and fans were calling for Beck to play. Cameron gave in and that was the most obvious evidence that he lacked the leadership qualities to be an NFL head coach. You never give into the media or fans when running your football team. Does Andy Reid do that? Did Bill Parcells do that? Does Bill Belichick do that? No way.

I think we'll see a very different John Beck this year. But I also hope we see a different OL as well.

Having tough rookie years were not the reasons for Smith, Carr and Harrington's struggles. They're simply not that good.

Please look at Bret Farve. During the last 5 seasons or more, he did not perform at a high level. He constantly was asking for upgrades of players that when coupled with him would allow a high level of performance. Finally, during last season, he took off again.

If the level of a veteran quarterback is affected by coaching and support cast, how could a rookie QB even make it through a season.

John Beck is very aggressive at becoming a successful QB. Given the right protection and good receivers to throw to, will enhance his endeavors. Look at Anderson in Cleveland.

John Beck will be fine and make a good comeback this year. The difference will be his college experience. His time at BYU prepared him for this experience in the NFL. At BYU he was thrown in as a freashmen and played horrible was surround by a lack luster team and a Head Coach in Gary Crowton who wasn't doing anything to make thing easier. As a BYU fan I remember Beck breaking down in a post game interview and the media proclaiming him done.
But Beck put all that behind him and had three great season one under Crowton and two under Mendenhall.
Beck rebuilt BYU and he can do the same for the Dolphins.

"The point of the column, in which Beck discusses his 2007 season, is to draw attention to the fact Beck must do what other capable rookie quarterbacks who suffered terrible seasons apparently couldn't: He must overcome that terrible rookie year."

Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning.

3 hall of famers that did what "other capable rookie quarterbacks who suffered terrible seasons apparently couldn't"

Don't wonder why some people say your too negative about the dolphins...that sums it up.

Objectivity would entail you giving a few examples other then Joey Harrington, David Carr and Akili Smith.

"Objectivity would entail you giving a few examples other then Joey Harrington, David Carr and Akili Smith."

Jahndope: What did you want Mando to do, name every QB that has busted after being thrown to the wolves his first year? How about Heath Shuler, how about Ryan Leaf. Add those to the three he mentioned.

Also that Aikman is in the HOF is not a sign of greatness by him. He rode the coattails of great teams to win, that's all. His best year he had 23 TD passes and averaged 229 yards passing per game -- That was his greatest year. He was mediocre at best.

And by the way, get your facts right on Steve Young. He played in the USFL before he ever took his first NFL snap so to say he was a rookie in TB is bogus. By the way, Young didn't displace Montana as the starter in SF until 1992 -- seven years after he got into the NFL. So two bogus examples by you.

Objectivity would entail you admit you're a dummy.

FLPD, who ever said we needed another Marino? All we objected to was the fact that so many of y'all have thrown Beck under the bus, before he ever really got a chance to show what he can do. From the few moments his blocking hadn't broken down, and his receivers ran the proper routes, he didn't look half bad.lol. We need someone who can hand off better than Marino ever could (not THAT hard, as Marino was horrible at that), someone who can make proper reads in play action, and from the shotgun, and someone who can hit the open receiver, or, failing that, at least not throw the ball to the wrong team. Beyond that, he has a team around him to do the rest.

As you so accurately pointed out, there is at least one HOF QB that was no better than average, at best, because he allowed the rest of the team to do it's job, instead of trying to do it all.


You saying a HOF player is mediocre at best says all one needs to know about your credibility.
Saying Steve Young wasn't a rookie in TB only hurts your case...if he had 2 years in the USFL to warm up and struggled in his 3rd and 4th years (in the nfl), it only further illustrates how completely possible it is for QB who struggled in limited action his rookie year with a crappy team to rebound and become a capable starter...just as OTHERS HAVE DONE.

Good day sir.

"Objectivity would entail you admit you're a dummy."

The irony of this statement is not lost on me.

I'm glad I gave you a big word to misuse.

steve young was a failure until he was surrounded by hall of famers. jahndope please don't compare john beck to other hall of fame quarterbacks.

john beck will have a fun time watching josh mccown from the sideline.

I think that Dolphins 2nd string QB John Beck will be successful in his 2nd season with the team because last year, he was a 3rd string QB
who started after Trent Green and Cleo Lemon
got hurt. Beck will have a better Offensive
Line, which includes 2008 1st overall pick,
Jake Long out of the University of Michigan
and a few other players added to the offense.
I think they will defenitely win more than 1 game this regular season, which will start
on Sunday, September 7th but I don't know if
they can catch up to the 2007 AFC Champion,
New England Patriots, who already have Tom
Brady as their starting QB. Josh Mccown will
start ahead of John Beck at the QB position
and Chad Henne, this year's 2nd round pick
out of Michigan University will be the 3rd
QB behind Mccown and Beck.

To most of the people who say Beck's struggles last year indicate that he is not going to be a good NFL quarterback, I ask you to reflect on your own job experience. Don't you remember all the trouble using the cash register, managing the drive-up window, and changing the oil in the deep fryer for your first few months of work? It's a shame that you are willing to judge someone after four games in a offense with no wide receivers, offensive line, running back, and a worn-out defense. And yes, I'd like that supersized.

beck look good in the preseason with average o-line. with health running backs, even trent dilfer and big ben can manage a game.

I'd tell you, but the Herald would have to pay me for doing your job for you.

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