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Taylor-Parcells not talking bother you? [Updated]

Everybody's talking about the Jason Taylor Sunday Conversation on ESPN last night.

Everybody's talking about JT's desire to be known more for acting than football 10 years from now when he's 43 years old.

Everybody's talking about him saying he's in "five times better shape now than when I was defensive player of the year."

Everybody's talking except for Jason Taylor and Bill Parcells.

Am I the only one that finds this odd, bizarre, weird, out of the ordinary and otherwise strange? Bill Parcells sits down and has lunch with Ricky Williams, talks to much less gifted players on the team, seemingly meets with Jeff Ireland every five minutes, but since taking over as the Dolphins football czar he and Jason Taylor have talked all of 30 seconds?

I wrote about that 30-second communication in a column I wrote in late April. Taylor confirmed that communication (or lack of it) during his Sunday conversation. "I haven't talked to him so I really don't know him," Taylor said of Parcells. "I met him, obviously, for 30 seconds ... But I don't know him."

So let me try to work this out in my mind: The best player on the Dolphins and the man redirecting the Dolphins future have crossed paths for all of 30 seconds since DECEMBER when Parcells was hired. Does that not seem strange to anyone but me?

The one and only meeting between these two men includes the time, which I also detailed in that linked column, in which Taylor tried to visit with Parcells and was rebuffed.

This sounds like a junior high relationship for goodness sake.

Why hasn't Bill Parcells picked up the phone and called Jason Taylor? Why hasn't Taylor picked up the phone and called Parcells? They have some things to iron out, don't you think?

If, indeed, Parcells intends to hold Taylor to the Dolphins as he has said, it kind of makes sense to have communication with the guy. If, indeed, Taylor plans to play for the Dolphins in 2008 as he has said publicly, it kind of makes sense to keep trying to communicate with Parcells even if The Big Tuna continues to give him the Big Brush Off.

So why the chill?

Do I have to spell it out for you?

Behind the scenes this is a fractured relationship and, as I have written on this blog and in my columns, Taylor doesn't want to play for the Dolphins in 2008. He wants to be traded to a playoff team. His agent has called Parcells and Ireland and even owner Wayne Huizenga various times to tell them that.

A lot of you have criticized me for reporting this because you call it gossip. That's because you said I could point to no public quote in which either party claimed any sort of rift. Well, when the team's best player goes on ESPN and admits he doesn't speak with the guy who is running the team, I believe the gossip is looking a lot like fact.

One more thing: Don't tell me everything is fine because JT and coach Tony Sparano have been exchanging text messages. How many of you would feel comfortable getting kudos from your immediate boss while knowing HIS BOSS is angry at you?

Anyway, I've added a poll to allow you to give further opinion. Take the poll and I'll give you indepth results not available in the percentages later.


[Evening update: It is 7:30 which is 6 1/2 hours since I posted the poll. To this point 838 people have taken the poll which means approximately 128 people every hour are taking the poll. Most of the people taking the poll are from Florida, as one might expect, but there is a ton of people from California, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hamphire, Vermont, Maryland, New Jersey, Mississippi, Louisiana and the Atlantic states taking the poll.

Interestingly, no one from Wyoming or Oregon or North Dakota has taken the poll. Guess there are very few Dolfans there. Internationally, folks from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and Candadian friends in Quebec, Ottawa, Prince Edward Island, Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver have taken the poll.

On the other side of the great oceans, there is so far one participant from South Korea, one in Israel, Poland, and Serbia. There is one participant in The Netherlands. There were multiple participants from the United Kingdom and Germany. There is one participant in Malaysia and several in Australia.

I tell you this because I find it interesting to what degree Dolphins fans will go to find information about their teams -- regardless of how far from South Florida they are. I commend you. In the future, I will continue to give you insights about the polls on this blog. And, by the way, since I started writing this update, 24 votes have been cast bringing the total to 862 and adding Bermuda to the participating countries.]


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wake me up when Taylor misses a MANDATORY activity; otherwise, you're just LeBatard Jr. trying to stir up some controversy.

Right now, Bill Parcells is working hard to make the MIAMI DOLPHINS better.
Jason Taylor is not.....

This is just stupid. You don't reach out to your most important player even to say 'hey, i'm glad to be working with you'. Parcells is being a spoiled baby about this. He's obviosly ticked because JT is dancing and not working out in the weight room with the team. Give me a break Tuna!

I think that what JT is doing is good for the team, and when he needs to be there im sure he will. (if they dont kick him out before)

It's an unfortunate situation. Hard to blame either man for their feelings. JT did not perform well at the beginning of last season, but one can certainly understand his being fed up with this pathetic organization. I wanted Mueller & Co to trade him and Thomas last year, but I think we can count on him to give his all if he's with the team again this season.

Man the dude wants to be an actor. How do we know him and Parcels are not acting right now just for the sake of havin fun with them good ol media boys...and gals. It might be a junior high relationship but you sure are feedin into it like a junior high chick Mando.
If he stays, GOOD. If he goes, SO WHAT AND GOOD LUCK. We've lived in this city long enough to know that as soon as one of the new cats step up and get wrapped in the media machine we'll forget about this. So good luck to you JT. Whatever your decision is.

Que Serra. Whatever will be will be. You will know what happens when he either a) gets traded or b) plays for the team. See? Its that simple. I wouldn't get your panties in a bundle about this. Have a drink - maybe mix in a nap ... relax.

There has to be some objective behind Parcell's actions. Although we can't see it that doesn't mean there isn't some point. I've never thought JT was as good as advertised becasue of his nicks that take him out a series or two every game and his lack of run support and leadership. How many times did you see him step up and rally the team like Ray Lewis does? Could it Parcells thinks Taylor has been coddled his whole career and isn't going to do that anymore? Who do we have more faith in: a Coach who has a track record of success or a player that has never accomplished anything as a team member except playoff flameouts and playoff absences?

It seems very obvious to me that Ireland and Parcells are content to revamp the roster to their style. If you think about it, they've only been around a few months and the number of players drafted by other Dolphins coaches remaining on the team is getting smaller and smaller.

I wouldn't question the moves too much either because Parcells record of turning around the Patriots, Jets, Giants, and Cowboys speaks for itself.

There's no need for Salguiero to sensationalize this whole rift between these two. ESPN and people like Armando are furthering a sports news era in which everything is a big soap opera.

I'm tired of hearing about which players got DUIs and which of them are dancing in endzones and on TV. I'm also tired of Salguiero and this non-story of a situation that will get worked out in due time, without any of the high-school nonsense that I'm sure the media would love to report on.

Give me a list of recent team transactions and box scores and I'll be happy.

Mando, I could swear that you were one of the only S. Florida reporters who denied the J.T. trade rumors when they initialy surfaced, yet now you claim to have been seeing this the whole time. You are a dope. However, I do enjoy your blog and radio show, but that doesn't change the fact that you are a dope.

Armando, are you just recycling your posts? I swear you are repeating the same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Who cares?!?! Fact is, Taylor is not going to make or break our season!

Well sais Bijan , all this high school girl chatter will not matter in the long run as it doesn't matter now....Either he is traded and we get some value or he stays and plays like a pro bowler...my prediction is one of thoes happen.....waaaaaaa taylor no talky to Tuna , WAAAAAAA, WAAAAAAA, WAAAAAAA !

OHH, And also Mando your defensive way of explaining yourself and what you stated prior in all these blog's is showing that some of these writers really get to you. Grow up buddy , the name callers are just loosers man....LOL

The media has created more of the issue than anyone else. This endless drivel just to create a column. Sad days. Thankfully this silly show will soon be over and not soon enough.
As far as Jason the "prima donna" his place is to be in camp with his team mates. As far as acting, I'm sorry but all I see is a stiff jock that will have no serious shot in movies.

Being child like and feeling dissed is not the position he should be taking. Remember, you are only a player on a 53 man roster. It's improper to call this scam the "face of our franchise". Certaintly the Dolphins can do better.

I, for, on, am fascinated by this whole dynamic between JT and The Tuna. It amazes me that you present such an easily solution (call each other guys) and yet no one has done that. That, to me, speaks to a much bigger issue between them.

Thanks for staying on this.

Armando, I watched the Sunday talk and when Taylor said he had talked to Parcells for 30 seconds, I remembered that was exactly what you wrote in your article a while back.

It sounded like you had it straight from the horse's mouth when you wrote it and now I see you did. Good job, kid.

I agree that Taylor should be in OTA leading the way. Based on the loose fact that if he is indeed are captain and the face of the franchise he should be there pumping everyone up. I understand That he is an 11 year Vet and feels that its voluntary and that he is great shape But its more than just getting in shape its about a team believing in something and there are some young guys on our team that look up to taylor and he is displaying to them that its "OK to miss workouts as long as there voluntary". Its simple if you want the team you play for to get better you do whatever it takes to get better and that includes OTA. I love Taylor he is a great player and will be remembered as one of the best dolphin players in our history. But I wish he was acting like a 4 or 5th year player still trying to prove himself. Thats why the article that Armando wrote a couple blog's ago about ferguson's attidude is so refreshing because if Taylor thought or at least talked like ferguson does. we would have a much better team next year. So do I believe Taylor will play for us next year? I don't think so because If he wanted to be here he would be and I believe he hasn't wanted to be here since last year the minute he signed that paper to be dancer of the year.

I don't find it strange that JT and BP haven't spoken to each other. JT is on vacation, BP is hard at work. When JT ends his vacation and comes to work I'm sure the two will talk.

Think about it Mando, BP speaks to no name players and Ricky. Why? Because they are working! Now, if BP was speaking to no name guys that were on vacation and weren't working, then I'd be surprised that BP hasn't spoken with JT yet.

Armando, isn't JT in L.A.? So how often do you expect him to talk with Parcells? When the dancing is done, he'll be back in Miami and I'm sure he'll sit down with Parcells, Sparano and Ireland and discuss where he's at.

The one problem for JT is they're not going to trade him cheap so he can be on a playoff team. My guess is that a trade will happen when a playoff team loses a pass rusher to injury and JT is available to help them immediately. That will be when the price is at its highest.

Other than that, I still don't think it's the biggest deal in the world. As long as JT doesn't hold out and avoid OTAs and training camp because he wants to be traded to a playoff team, I think this thing will eventually go away.

Mr. Bungle said: "Armando, isn't JT in L.A.? So how often do you expect him to talk with Parcells?"

Dude, you ever hear of the telephone? It's a great invention. You should get one sometime.

Mando- you obviously have no waman or significant other in your life. Let it go man. Who gives a damn if they are talking or have anything to "iron out". If the Dolphins are competitive next year I don't care if all those two do is nod for 17 weeks. I understand you need to write about things to keep your job, but shouldn't you actually try to be good at your job and find out real things as opposed to fabricating nonsense and causing tension? Is that how easy yours and LeBastards job is? Sad.

Jason Taylor is going to do what he wants now, he deserves to be selfish after being loyal for so long. If the dolphins start winning and put up a good run then that will put passion back into the game for him. At this point he has been disappointed by so many "regimes" that he does not have the energy to deal with the bull. Winning always makes everything better, look at the Giants, any more bad news coming out of that locker room?

Stop fueling this non controversy. Its people like you who ruin football. Let JT speak for himself ...You know what they say about people who ASSume...

He belongs in Jacksoville. #99 is available with the departure of Marcus Stroud. He is the single one missing piece for the Jaguars franchise.

Said at least 10 times in this blog. If JT shows up to play and plays great then that is good for the Dolphins. Parcells will talk to him when he shows up to work. I am sure that Parcells feels that Jason hasn't shown up to be on the team so why talk to him.
We didn't win a Superbowl with Taylor so if we lose him big deal, it ain't the end of the world. The fact is, the Dolphins have missed the playoffs throughout most of his career. Really, what is his worth. He has played on a losing team most of his career. The Phins will be around a lot longer than Jason Taylor.

If J.T. is waiting for Bill Parcells to kiss his ass like Cam, Saban, and Wanny, he can forget it. And why would anyone want to be like the Rock ? he's a joke of an actor. Hollywood will make J.T. into a laughing stock. It takes years and years and alot of talent to become a real actor. Hey, but he can be like Anna Nicole Smith, he's already acting like a bitch.

Hey finheavenblows!, what do you think JT and Parcells are like little girls who will talk on the phone everyday? Maybe they can text message each other and use abbreviations like "r u ok" and stuff like that. (laughs)

I think this is more of a face to face type of communication that needs to go down and that will happen when JT returns to Miami.

This is pretty simple really; Parcells and the Dolphins are moving in a different direction the JT. JT is, what we used to call in the Corps, "short". He is building the bridge between his current career and new career, while the Dolphins are building a franchise for the future. There are no long term plans to have JT on the roster and there are no long term plans for JT to remain a Dolphin. Just a transition period, nothing less and nothing more. My prediction, JT is traded by the trade deadline to a legitimate contender in desperate need for a pass rusher; that's where the Dolphins will get their value.

Ramsterone that s*&t was funny

Knowing Bill's background (Westpoint) and he calling out his players. I believe this is Bill being Bill, not giving his superstars any special treatment. It's a way of saying You're just like everyone else to JT. At the end of the day JT will be in Miami, They don't and won't trade JT. They had too many opportunities to do so during the draft and didn't bite on any. It all a MIND GAME!

JT doesnt need to do anything. He's been giving his all to the franchise for 11 years and so what if he misses a few voluntary workouts that he doesnt need. The rookies and guys trying to make the team need to be there. He will "teach" and "mentor" the youngins once TRAINING CAMP starts.

finheavanblows---Bungle's right! If you've watched anything related to Dancing - - which I'm sure you'll quickly volunteer that you haven't because that would conflict w/ your cheap sense of machismo, and might make you uncomfortable with your homophobic friends - - you'd know that JT is approaching Dancing as seriously as he approaches football, e.g., long rehearsal days, show prep, etc. Why should he have to phone his boss here, or sit by the phone like some schoolgirl, waiting to patch up a problem that really isn't a problem. Unless and until JT shows up at some mandatory function and is given the business by BP or both refuse to acknowledge one another, or he fails to show up at same & thereby is truly resisting the program, you should chill and resist Mando's contrived controversy. Like another poster said, if he shows & 'plays well with others,' fine. If he doesn't show, or if he shows and causes an Ocho Stinko type scene, THEN there's a problem to be resolved. Do I wish JT was here, pumping iron & snapping towels in the locker room - - sure. Do I want him & BP to sing kumbayah, sure. But the Fins'l go on, one way or another.

Hey Clyde, you don't know me. You don't know if I'm macho or not so give me a break on that will ya?

Secondly, if this was a contrived controversy, why did JT bring it up in the Sunday conversation? He brought up that they've talked only 30 seconds, not me, not Mando, not Parcells.

Finally, you obviously didn't read LeBatard column about Jt's problem with Parcells. Lebatard asked him about Armando's column saying Parcells refused to speak to JT and JT didn't want to answer the question. He didn't say it never happened. He didn't say it was something that was blown out of proportion. He just didn't want to go there because that would open a new can 'o worms.

So pull you head out of the sand, dude.

Clyde--you gotta admit that FHB sure knows all of the details of the Tuna-Taylor stand-off. All us posters need to pay closer attention to this problem, just like FHB - - esp. you, Clyde! thank goodness that Mando & LeBatard are making sure no stone goes unturned in examining a problem that threatens to end the Tuna-era before it even gets truly started. Wayne H. needs to step up to the plate and tell Tuna either he squares things with JT or he's gone.

hey clyde & bungle - - by training camp it will be too late to heal the divisions that the JT/BP mess has created in the locker room. The season is on the brink now! JT should be cut this afternoon or tomorrow, so that a clear message is sent at the same time that the DWTS finale is getting pub, that BP will not be trifled with!

Only one player is skipping the offseason workouts - JT! His continued presence on the roster is an affront to all Dolphin fans.

I just want Parcells to know that the dancing is actually helping Jt for this upcoming season, at JT's age this will make him more agile and elusive. Tuna is such a power tripper, but don't screw with our best player. He will come out with a vengance this year, and beleive it or not the dancing will help him slip by those fat offensive lineman

All you chickenshits need to grow a pair. Who among us has never missed a VOLUNTARY event at work? Who has never worked for a heinous boss? Who has never had an end-of-the-world argument w/ a supervisor, and gone on with the job anyway, and then seen the argument fade into insignificance? Training Camp is when the shit will hit the fan or not.

Ricky is a problem player, so Percels is treating him special. Taylor does not need that. Parcel's isnt one to keep his mouth shut if he believe's something strongly. Does he want him at his conditioning? Yes. Does he feel that Taylor is waisting his time dancing? Yes. Will he cut Taylor because of it? No. Will he trade Taylor because of it? Only for a first rounder. End of story, stop trying to make a big deal about it

Jason Taylor waltzed in during a few days off from Dancing With the Stars just before the draft, and it was surprising that Parcells rebuffed him and wouldn't meet with him? That just sounds as if Parcells wants to meet Taylor on Parcells' terms, not Taylor's. I don't think there's any story here. Parcells clearly sees Taylor's Hollywood obsession as a dalliance. Once Taylor decides that he wants to be in Miami like the rest of the team, Parcells will make time for him -- but I have a feeling that Taylor will have to earn that right. The fact that your star vet has yet to share his experience and leadership with the rest of a very young team surely doesn't sit well with Parcells.

DiO--yes! common-sense at last!

Obviously a lot of fans here want to keep this BS alive. Okay, have fun with it, have a heartache over it and make sure to pickup your latest copies of trash magazines while standing on line at the super market, because there are even more juicy stories in there about all sorts of celebrities.

To Crespo Dolor, JT will be back in Miami in a week or so. Training camp isn't until the end of July. I think these two big boys can get it together by then.

Armando Salguero: I have come to the conclusion that either A). You are really a girl; or, B). You don't know jack about football. Either way, you missed your calling: you should be a Page Six gossip peddler. Taylor is bordering on embarrassing; you are too.

I suppose this will make good blog fodder until something else worth writing about happens. So I'll say again, Bill Parcells is handling this exactly like he should. This is not about JT and BP playing out their little girly squabble, this is about the rest of the players on the team being expected to attend "voluntary" workouts while one of their teammates, perhaps their best player and leader is off playing tinkle toes in Hollywood. Parcells has no choice but to snub Taylor, any other course of action would condone the missing of the workouts and would be construed as favoritism by the other players.

Here's how it will play out... Taylor will come back and the locker room will be a cold cold place for him for the 1st couple weeks. Then something will cause the two of them to make a simple exchange and the thawing will begin. Once Taylor reestablishes himself in front of his teammates then BP will soften up, but I don't think Parcells will ever think he can build his team's future on Taylor.

With that in mind, if a trade opportunity presents itself and it will probably be a 1st round pick, Parcells will pull the trigger. The reason I think it will be a 1st rounder is because a high second rounder might work, but we won't get that from a playoff caliber team.

hey who cares.listen,Jason has proven what he can do,on and off the feild.Why waste your time talking to him,when players of questionable talent and personel conduct need your guidance more than Jason does.Don't worry he will show up for camp and season as he always does.

I like taylor and next to Marino and Ricky he is one of my favorite players. the 30 sec comment does not even bother me its the fact that he said he would rather be remembered for acting something (I may be wrong) he has not even done yet. A 11 year player with football in his heart with as great as he has been would have hall of fame in his mind and his legacy should be around football. But instead its on acting so to me football is more of a commentment to finishing off his contract and moving on. I believe that he feels that he is done with the fins because he is almost done and rather finish his commentment somewhere else. I believe that Bill see's this too and he will not talk to JT until football is on JT's mind and not his retiring plans. That won't happen until he is back down in the MIA. Hopefully its all good and if not I hope we get something good for him.

Dude, I just saw on Ch 10 lt nt Taylor saying he will talk with Parcells AFTER the show. What part of that don't you understand? He will finish the show and then deal with Dolphins. I think you must be the one he meant when he said this has been made a soap opera

Armando, you are a player on a team called the Miami Herald.

How many times have you talked to the publisher?

And if you were a "special talent" who didn't go to training and set your own schedule, do you think it would be a good idea for the publisher to make a public effort to bring you back into line? Don't you think that might undermine your boss (e.g., Sparano) who is a guy who needs to be establishing his own authority at this point?

armand u aint respecting the code...

Regardless of whether Jason Taylor wants to be a Dolphin in 2008 or not, regardless of whether Parcells wants to trade him or not, this "not talking" thing is ridiculous and immature.

Jason Taylor has been a shining star in an otherwise dimsal decade for the Dolphins. He has meant so much to us, the fans, who truly appreciate all that he has given to this franchise. He has been a hero when we had very little to be proud of. Tuna should respect that history, respect the great legacy of Jason Taylor and the fans who will be here long after both of them are gone.

Recent Dolphin history has been hard to swallow. Having "Tuna and his Cowboys" come in and "save us" is a little humiliating, but we know we need it. However that doesn't mean that we have lost all rights to a little respect for the history of this franchise that we still hold dear.

Jason's a proven player; Parcells is a big baby.

The relationship between JT and Tuna is not "fractured". They really don't have a relationship... at least not yet. Sure, one is the other's boss's boss... but they don't have a personal relationship yet because they simply haven't been around each other yet.

I really think this is overblown. Everyone is trying to figure out what Parcells is up to or what message is he sending. I think Parcells is just busy. Busy dealing with stuff in Miami. What good is a phone call to JT gonna do? There is not much to talk about. They don't have major issues to resolve. JT is not attending a voluntary workout. Parcells may not like it, but it is not going to outweigh all the positives JT brings to the team. Its not a perfect world and Parcells knows that. He isnt going to overreact to something like this because he is a smart man.

JT doesn't wanna be a Dolphin? A lot of people probably felt like that last year. Its easy to think of "what if". But when JT comes back, starts working like he always does, gets caught up in the optimism that will be rampant in early summer like it always is, he will show he is a Dolphin through and through.

The media wants JT to call Tuna or vice versa. Its killing everyone that maybe things are just gonna be OK in the end... where is the story there? They dont need to call each other. It would be a brief and mostly dead-air phone call right now anyways. Parcells is gonna call to discuss DWTS? Why? What would that accomplish? Parcells is not the coach. He is not the GM. Maybe he is acting exactly like he should be. Let Sporano do the calling (like he has). JT works for Sporano anyways. What reason would Parcells have to call JT? The only reason I could see would be to support him in his quest to win in his current competition. Since he may not agree with the competition in the first place (which is his right), then why bother calling?

JT is a football player. A darn good one. Parcells likes football players. Especially darn good ones. These guys will have a good relationship when DWTS is over. I have no fear of that. Once they have a good relationship, then you can start wondering when or even if its ever gonna become fractured. If something like this comes up next year, after they have already established a strong relationship, and JT blows him off, then maybe things are different, because perhaps you could say JT let Tuna down. But that isnt the case right now. Tuna wasnt even a Dolphin when the DTWS contract was signed, so its not like he is destroying their relationship by fulfilling it.

This story really is a non-story. I guess that is what happens this time of year.

Parcells has done nothing but hire a no-name coach, a no-name GM, and draft a safe 1st round pick - which anyone could have done. He has created this rift with JT, who is the identity of the team, and needs to sow it up immediately and stop wasting everyone's time.

You know what I would really like to hear? Some actual dolphin news. Mando, you are like days of our lives for the sporting news of south Florida! Every other week, you hear reports in the Tampa market about Cadillac Williams recovery from his knee injury. How about getting your shoes a little dirty and go find out how Ronnie Brown is doing? You would think that information about the single most threating offensive player this team has had since #13 would be important enough to cover as a reporter. Every week, I wait for some news on his progress, every week I wait for some mention of a sighting of RB running stairs in the practice facility. Seriously, JT will either be a part of our team in 2008 or not, if he is not I am sure the brass will get proper compensation for him. If JT shows up, he will be in shape and will be a professional! The post on Jason Ferg, was good, this is what fin fans want to know. Please report how Ricky's torn pec is doing, please tell us how JBeck and the other 2 qb's are having dinner every other night with the receivers to get on the same page. Please tell us one piece of info regarding our #1 pick in 2006 Mr. Allen, or our #1 pick in 2007 Ted Ginn and his family. Tell us how Ginn's injury slowed his progress down last year and how this year he has hired Jerry Rice to teach how to run routes??? Do some damn reporting, if I haven't given you enough topics, feel free to email, I have about 1000 other questions that I would like to know about our 2008 dolphins. Be a reporter not a host for TMZ.

Go back to Dallas Parcells!!! You are so short-sighted that you take what Jason is doing as being detrimental rather than positive for his game. The guy has been in the league for years and hasnt been a consistent all-star for nothing. Yiou ride into Miami and think you can stonewall Jason Taylor??!!! I don't think so!!!

This JT and BP stuff is nothing! For pete's sake, leave it alone until something meaningful comes along. Did you writer guys all have a course in college that was titled "How to write the same thing in 101 different ways"-101? Enough Already!!!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

First off lets not forget who broke that story. It was Jason Cole of Yahoo sports, not you. Lets not forget the time Parcell's went on record and said JT would not be traded. You went along with that report too. So dont get all defensive if people dont believe your story... or Jason Cole's story for that matter.

Fact is Jason Taylor is not in camp working with the team and the pothead with social anxiety Ricky Williams is. Nobody has said anything controversial about the other out loud yet so this really is a non issue. If he does get traded it will be by the trade deadline, and it wont be because he is doing the cha cha cha, it will be because its whats best for both parties.

YOU ARE A HACK! YOU SUCK! You are so shameless and sensational that you should write for either the NY Post or FOX News! Get a life Armando! GET A LIFE!!!

Please tell me what story Jason Cole broke? The one that said Jason Taylor and the Dolphins had an agreement in place to make a trade by the draft? I remember that story. And it was wrong.

I think it makes sense that Parcells is discussing and focusing on the players he actually has at camp.

Is he pissed about the Taylor situation? Who cares?

At the end of the day, I think Taylor will be traded. Not because of this so-called "rift," but because he is a guy on the trailing edge of his career who, realistically, isn't really needed. Joey Porter will probably take over as the pass-rushing backer and the defensive ends in a 3-4 will have a containment responsibility not suited to Jason Taylor's particular skill set.

Is he a good player? Yes. But we don't really need him and his value in a trade is probably more than his value on the team.

The Taylor situation is a non-issue. If he's with the team, wonderful. He can't hurt. If he's traded, we probably won't miss him all that much.

Why are we making such a big deal about this? The problem, Armando, is that none of what you're doing here is news. It's speculation, which any member of the general public can do just as well as you even without press credentials. Bring us back some real stories.

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