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Taylor-Parcells not talking bother you? [Updated]

Everybody's talking about the Jason Taylor Sunday Conversation on ESPN last night.

Everybody's talking about JT's desire to be known more for acting than football 10 years from now when he's 43 years old.

Everybody's talking about him saying he's in "five times better shape now than when I was defensive player of the year."

Everybody's talking except for Jason Taylor and Bill Parcells.

Am I the only one that finds this odd, bizarre, weird, out of the ordinary and otherwise strange? Bill Parcells sits down and has lunch with Ricky Williams, talks to much less gifted players on the team, seemingly meets with Jeff Ireland every five minutes, but since taking over as the Dolphins football czar he and Jason Taylor have talked all of 30 seconds?

I wrote about that 30-second communication in a column I wrote in late April. Taylor confirmed that communication (or lack of it) during his Sunday conversation. "I haven't talked to him so I really don't know him," Taylor said of Parcells. "I met him, obviously, for 30 seconds ... But I don't know him."

So let me try to work this out in my mind: The best player on the Dolphins and the man redirecting the Dolphins future have crossed paths for all of 30 seconds since DECEMBER when Parcells was hired. Does that not seem strange to anyone but me?

The one and only meeting between these two men includes the time, which I also detailed in that linked column, in which Taylor tried to visit with Parcells and was rebuffed.

This sounds like a junior high relationship for goodness sake.

Why hasn't Bill Parcells picked up the phone and called Jason Taylor? Why hasn't Taylor picked up the phone and called Parcells? They have some things to iron out, don't you think?

If, indeed, Parcells intends to hold Taylor to the Dolphins as he has said, it kind of makes sense to have communication with the guy. If, indeed, Taylor plans to play for the Dolphins in 2008 as he has said publicly, it kind of makes sense to keep trying to communicate with Parcells even if The Big Tuna continues to give him the Big Brush Off.

So why the chill?

Do I have to spell it out for you?

Behind the scenes this is a fractured relationship and, as I have written on this blog and in my columns, Taylor doesn't want to play for the Dolphins in 2008. He wants to be traded to a playoff team. His agent has called Parcells and Ireland and even owner Wayne Huizenga various times to tell them that.

A lot of you have criticized me for reporting this because you call it gossip. That's because you said I could point to no public quote in which either party claimed any sort of rift. Well, when the team's best player goes on ESPN and admits he doesn't speak with the guy who is running the team, I believe the gossip is looking a lot like fact.

One more thing: Don't tell me everything is fine because JT and coach Tony Sparano have been exchanging text messages. How many of you would feel comfortable getting kudos from your immediate boss while knowing HIS BOSS is angry at you?

Anyway, I've added a poll to allow you to give further opinion. Take the poll and I'll give you indepth results not available in the percentages later.


[Evening update: It is 7:30 which is 6 1/2 hours since I posted the poll. To this point 838 people have taken the poll which means approximately 128 people every hour are taking the poll. Most of the people taking the poll are from Florida, as one might expect, but there is a ton of people from California, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hamphire, Vermont, Maryland, New Jersey, Mississippi, Louisiana and the Atlantic states taking the poll.

Interestingly, no one from Wyoming or Oregon or North Dakota has taken the poll. Guess there are very few Dolfans there. Internationally, folks from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and Candadian friends in Quebec, Ottawa, Prince Edward Island, Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver have taken the poll.

On the other side of the great oceans, there is so far one participant from South Korea, one in Israel, Poland, and Serbia. There is one participant in The Netherlands. There were multiple participants from the United Kingdom and Germany. There is one participant in Malaysia and several in Australia.

I tell you this because I find it interesting to what degree Dolphins fans will go to find information about their teams -- regardless of how far from South Florida they are. I commend you. In the future, I will continue to give you insights about the polls on this blog. And, by the way, since I started writing this update, 24 votes have been cast bringing the total to 862 and adding Bermuda to the participating countries.]


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Armando, I greatly enjoy your blog. You bring up points that make everyone think and cause debate. Even the dummies on here that critique your work cannot deny that they read your work every day.

For someone living in the middle east such as myself, you have become the chief source of Dolphins information. Thank you for that.


For those of you wanting more NEWS from me I have two things to say: I don't make up news. It happens when it happens.

Secondly, the Dolphins have signed running back Jalen Parmele (6th rounder, running back Lex Hilliard (6th rounder) and seventh-round pick Lionel Dotson, a defensive lineman. The Dolphins today also added undrafted USC free agent Matt Spanos, a center.

Along with Jake Long, the Dolphins have now signed four of nine draft picks. Weeeeeeee!

I am certain JT signed a contract with the network for DWTS prior to Parcells coming onboard. I am certain that IF Parcells was here prior to the signing of that contract, Parcells & Co. would have told JT not to do it. HOWEVER, since that didn't take place, JT is not in the wrong. He did not purposely start DWTS to hurt is ability to play football or to miss off season conditioning that this current regime is high on. The off season program by the previous administrations were not nearly as "non-mandatory" as this regimes. I know Parcells wants JT there, but he's under contract with the network right now. So, this is less of JT is dissing Parcells and Parcells dissing JT and more of how the people are coping with the situation. I think Sparano is the voice of the organization when it comes to how they view JT and DWTS, they wish him luck, but they want him back soon. They made trade Taylor and, if they do, I really doubt it has much to do with DWTS and more about what they can get for him. Believe me, if JT was not on DWTS and heavily involved in the off season conditioning, Parcells WOULD STILL BE SHOPPING HIM. This is all pomp and circumstance by the media. Is it really a big deal that Parcells is upset about this and not talking to him? So what. Parcells still does what Parcells has to do and JT still does what he has to do. They are both seasoned professionals. If Parcells was as irked as you and many other media make him out to be, something would have been done already. But nothing has been done. Why? JT is valueable and Parcells is smart. End of story.

Is Taylor dancing really not helping the team? I think indirectly it may be. As we all now the Dolphins have marketing issues, which is completely understandable. You can not draw a big fan base if you can't win more than one damn game. Many women watch the NFL theses days, and their "crush" on Taylor will in the long run benefit the Miami Dolphins. Brady and Romo use this same tactic. They use their good looks to gain popularity. Football is a faceless sport. I think Brady is a GQ fag and Tony Homo is a chump, but nonetheless their popularity with women benefits their team.We need to stop focusing on the negative aspect of Taylor's little venture, and focus on the sliver lining.

woof, wwooof boww wooow, grrrr,

Dolfans know that whenever a "New Coach" comes in, and Lord knows we've had our share our names since Coach Shula was "forced out". Anyhow, what I wanted to say is that if, Jasaon Taylor wants to go, Adios Amigo!

What individual players don't know or don't want to understand is that the Miami Dolphins come first, and there aren't any individual that come before the team....regrettably Jason Taylor wants to be an [I] individual and not a team player, screw him and let him go......

Felix R.

You guys are telling Armando to stop writing about JT but I look at the number of comments on here and it's like, almost 70. I look at the newsy post on Jason Ferguson and what he means to Samson Satele and there are only 25 comments. Hmmmm. 70 vs. 25. No wonder the guy writes about this subject and not actual football stuff. This is more freaken interesting.

errrrrr... i think we should add more mormons...

JT is under contract with the Dolphins,and is expect to received 8 mil this coming season, and same amount next year,so he is in the obligation with the Dolphins, not with ABC.... before the team nothing ....I'm behind the Tuna.

Armondo is right

Why do we have to keep hearing about JT's "loyalty". The guy has a "contract" -- that pays pretty well by the way. His continued play is a contractual, legal matter not one that is about character or personal choices.

He doesn't want to play? He doesn't get the money. JT is all about himself all the time. Also, how many times did we see shots of him on the sideline ALL YEAR LONG laughing and having some yuks when he had the SAME NUMBER of sacks as Joey Porter?

I would have voted but my choice wasn't up there. My choice would have been "Because they don't like eachother". And then I would have added 'but who cares'. I may be wrong but why is it so important to the media that JT is friends with the vice president in charge of football operations? Does every teams vice president have to have a friendship with all of the players? I wouldn't think so. Yes he talks to certain players but there is no way in hell Parcells talks to every single player except JT. He sat down and talked to Ricky. Okay this seems like a no brainer. Ricky has a rep for being a headcase and needs extra coddling at times. BP needs Ricky at his best so making him feel comfortable seems like a good reason to have a meal with the guy. JT doesn't need to have his hand held and we all know what he will bring to the field. PARCELLS IS NOT THE COACH. JT has a good relationship with Sparano. I couldn't care less if Bill and Jason are having sleepovers.

What is this crap? sounds like a bunch of women? Including you mando come on tell us something that more interesting to fins football instead of all this he said she said B.S. Who cares if parcells is pissed a taylor thier big boys and in the big world you don't have to like someone to work with them, in fact sometimes its better if you don't. Mando get a real story and stop wasting our time with this trivia s**t. What are some of the players and positions the fins may take a look at after the cuts?

Dude. Have you stopped to consider that Taylor is in California, and Parcells is in Florida? Kinda hard to "Do Lunch" if you ain't even in the same state.

BTW.. Sporano has commented that he talks to Taylor, and that he knows what's going on, and has no problem with it.

Stop trying to stir up some stink because it's a slow news day.

Ok. I agree with everything you have said thus far. And each time, I still come back to: So What?
As a fan, it is my best interests to want Taylor back...whether he wants to be back or not. It is also in my best interest, as a fan, to want Parcells to succeed. These are not mutually exclusive interests.

I frankly don't care what Taylor wants, or whether Parcells is pissed or not. At the moment, Taylor is a Dolphin, regardless of what tutu he is wearing this week. Until a team is stupid enough to trade big for an aging veteran, or until Parcells is not too bull-headed to either trade him for less or accept that he is a leader on the team no matter what tutu he's wearing this week, he's a Dolphin.

Until he's Not a Dolphin, I don't care about any of this. As a fan, I ask So What?

Also, may I recommend more stories about the new draf picks as an alternate to these speculative blogs. See, that way when Taylor does get traded or retire, at least I'll know more about the current players and my peaked interest in them will replace my desire to root for/miss Taylor. Make sense?

Last thing, and Armando already kind of covered this. To the people telling Armando to report some "real Dolphins news" could you fill the rest of us in on what that may be? There is nothing going on except for a few meaningless signings and a bunch of dead lifts being performed in the GYM. Do you want to hear about the players personal lives? I think John Beck and his wife just bought a swing set for their child. Armando could you look in to that and do a big write up please? Also if you could find out what kind of shampoo Justin Smiley uses it would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Is this any different than the corporate world the majority of us work in? Armando, how much time have you spent with the CEO for the paper? And did you expect that person to come to you to chat? Jason should be more involved with his defensive line coach, the defensive coordinator, and the head coach. In the heirarchy of things Jason is no less than a 4-down from Bill Parcells in an organizational structure. If anyone deserves respect, it's Bill. Just like the CEO of a company would expect from those underneath them. Bill has more to woory about in the grand scheme of things than 1 player - even though it is Jason Taylor. And maybe this is a message to the rest of the team that he is not playing any favorites, unlike some of the other management we've been used to.

NYScott: you have always been a douche bag! I have read your lame postings and I think you are a turd (NYTurd). We are not asking for Mando to right on favorite colors and crap like that, but wouldn't you like to hear a story about Ronnie Brown's rehab from his knee injury? Have you read one piece of info on this blog about his knee injury? At least Harvey at the Sun-Sent mentioned and somewhat answered a fans question about Ronnie's injury. In addition, every single one of Mando's postings can be done by watching NFL network and ESPN, then ralphing it up in his own words. What we are asking as "true fans" is reporting on stories that matter to our team. I know you f-ing New Yorkers think you know everything and that New York is the center of the sports, culture and anything that is anything world, but if Mando's reporting is satisfying your tastes as a fan, it's not surprising! You and your type are so typical. Can't wait to travel out of your horrible state and come to Florida and then complain the whole time about how you can't find good pasta and how NY is so much better! Stay in your own state, and leave this blog forever you blow hard North Easterner!

Johnny, you need to calm the heck down, buddy. You go off at the mouth very quickly calling people names and you don't even know them. Dial back.

The fact of the matter is the whole Ronnie Brown deal that you are seemingly obsessed with is old news. He's ahead of schedule, OK? Tony Sparano said he's supposed to be ready for training camp, OK? He's supposed to be ready for the season, OK? He's not cutting yet, OK? All of that has been written here and elsewhere by The Herald. Where were you?

Also, if you read this blog the last few weeks you can see posts on Josh McCown and Paul Soliai and Jason Ferguson and spygate and other subjects that are of interest to readers. None of those were on Sportscenter or NFL network.

Finally, I pretty much have the only say as to who stays on this blog and who does not and which comments appear and which do not. Not you. So back off.

Having said that, I like your nickname.

Holy crap, JJH just got schooled on what his place is in the Dolphins blog world. Go Mando!

X-Club '79.

Like others, please let me know when JT misses a mandatory session. It isn't important for JT to be best friends with Parcells. It is more important for JT to have common understanding of expectations from Sparano and to get along with his teammates.

This dichotomy between Sparano and Parcells is just a game of "good cop, bad cop".

at 10:46pm 5/19, 33% of voters say "these two just need to grow up". That's only 1.7% less than the 34.7% voters who say "Parcells is right to expect JT at camp".

Is anything important to anyone anymore? I think this poll shows just how little people care for the work it takes to succeed and, therefore, how little people care for success itself. Maybe it's that people just feel that they have no control over their own success.

Well, here's a head coach giving you a perfect example of what it takes and a glimpse at how to go about doing it, and 33% of you write him off as a trivially tedious man. You people are lifeless, cynics. That's all.

Mando, the fact that I could actually get you to respond to some actual news, is very encouraging! Point taken about calming down. I will not apologize for calling NYscott a turd or douche bag! He is all the above! The Ronnie Brown deal is just an example of the 1000's of stories that can be researched and reported on simply by leaving your desk or home office. I have heard several reports on other teams guys offseason recovery progress. By the way, there has not been a story dedicated to his rehab or progress. There have been blurbs from other stories but no actual story. I know the smoke is really bad and the air quality stinks in South Florida, but you have a job that everyone of us would kill for. The access to an organization like the dolphins and the ability to talk football for a living I would trade my high paying job to do for room and board. So get up, stop reading my posts (after this one) and start reporting. That is my best pep talk for you Mando!

XClub: When was the last time you ever said anything on this post to get a response from Mando? Exactly, so shut up and join NYscott.

JT is a great athlete and football player. He is also a vacuous left-wing loon and primadonna. Parcells hates primadonnas. Time for JT to go. Take a 4th rounder for him. We won't win with him and if the Phins don't scout talent well, it won't matter if we get a 1st rounder for him. If they do scout well, a 4th rounder will be sufficient, along with all their other picks. JT belongs in San Francisco with the rest of the leftist nutters.

JT should be working right now like the trifecta is doing instead of chasing tail in LA... Trade this dancing fool already!!!

I just posted this to the wrong forum:

You know what would be super twin power awesome... If Jason transforms back into a football player in the next 2 weeks and scares the daylights out of some QB's this year.

I have no problem with JT doing his Hollywood thing.... There is something better for him now though... Finishing his commitment with the Miami Dolphins. This whole tiff with Parcells and JT is a media dream right now. I don't think either give a damn. What will matter is two things (if you break it down into the hamster sized brains of most journalists):

1) JT walks away from the Dolphins and probably from the NFL and, lets say for the sake of argument, we get a second round berth in the playoffs in 2009. JT would be kicking himself in the ass hearing of it, no matter if the Dolphins win or lose, because either way he will be thinking he could've made the difference.

2) Parcells cuts JT or trades him at this point. He still has no proven player that can play the OLB position in the 3-4, let alone dominate like Jason can. And given the same scenario above, Parcells thinks the same damn thing.

The funny thing about this whole thing is it reminds me of Bret Farvre all over again.... He didn't make it to the big show one last time, but everyone was writing him off for dead when Green Bay was at the bottom of the NFL totem pole.

It hurts JT not one bit to return to the NFL and play for the Dolphins. It hurts Parcells not one bit if he does also. This whole off-season has benefited nobody better than the South Florida media.

Using ESPN as proof that you're right? I wouldn't put it past ESPN to cut and paste footage to create a whole new story. Seriously, you're a friggin journalist, not a gossip writer. "I must be right because on ESPN Jason Taylor said he doesn't know Bill Parcells!! OMG!!!!" Dude, it is May 20. The preseason is about 3 months away. I'd rather see more feel-good stories about guys who will get cut in camp than more of this soap-opera garbage.

At this point J.T. just needs to stay in Hollywood, He's posion now.He can become a Tranny and Eddie Murphy can pick him up on the street at 3am.

Obviously JT would have liked to talk to BP but Bill brushed him off, now he will simply have to wait until JT gets good and ready. We're talking about JT being a primadona but BP is so big that he can't schedule 5 minutes for the teams top player and captain? Its just a pissing match right now.

Johnny Jets Hater, funny stuff. Ronnies recovery has been well documented in this blog and others. One or two lines about it is enough,anything else just gets boring. And by the way I NEVER vacation in Florida. Too damn hot!

How is it that JT wants to be an actor and wants to be remembered for that and not football? I watched him trying to read from a cue card on dancing last night and it was bad. He should stick with football in any way he can or he will be remembered for being a bad actor in a couple of B movies. At the very least I hope he is better than Jim Brown.

And now with the weekly gossip report...............Armando Salguero.

Go and work for E already!!!

Thanks from Brazil!

Armando Salguero is a idiot. Way to stir up the pot pal. Is this the crap they PAY yoou to write.

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!

This is trash....

Are you kidding, Salguero. You and Cote miss the point. The Dolphins is Jason Taylor's job for the next two years. Off season conditioning programs and mini-camps are not mandatory, but that's only in paper, because it was part of the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA; but you know better, the players need to show up. Taylor does not want to play for the Dolphins, he wants to play for a contender, understandable, but Parcells, Ireland and Sparano did not get what they were expecting for Taylor in a possible trade (Jax Jaguars). Rice and Smith did their stint in Dancing with the stars once they were already retired from the NFL, the only active sportsman, that did it, was Helio Castroneves, and not his team but his entire league the Indy Racing League embraced it, because it was good publicity for them, neither the NFL nor the Dolphins need any publicity stunt with Dancing with the Stars. Taylor got a very good salary with the Dolphins, so don't go to where the Dolphins owe him. The Dolphins don't owe him anything and he does not owe the Dolphins anything. Parcells has all the reason in the world for being upset that Taylor is not with his teammates. There is a lot of new players, and they need to be bonding. Disrespect, what a bunch of baloney, you sound like people with no education or upbringing, in the hood people get killed for those words, what a bunch of crap. This is a game (football), entertainment, and Taylor gets paid a pretty penny for that. If he wants to pursue a Hollywood career, wait until he's done with football. Choose: your dreams of being a Hollywood actor or your last 2 years as a NFL player.

This old news. We know JT and BP aren't speaking, have know for a while now. Can we stop re-hashing it and get some more posts like the one you did about Jason Ferguson and Samson Satele? That one was truly interesting. More football and less drama, please...


Why is the fact that JT signed up for DWTS before Bill Parcells was in place alway left out?

Armando...You are the worst...Telemundo coming up...What happend to your gig on ESPN?

For those of you wanting more NEWS from me I have two things to say: I don't make up news. It happens when it happens.

Secondly, the Dolphins have signed running back Jalen Parmele (6th rounder, running back Lex Hilliard (6th rounder) and seventh-round pick Lionel Dotson, a defensive lineman. The Dolphins today also added undrafted USC free agent Matt Spanos, a center.

Along with Jake Long, the Dolphins have now signed four of nine draft picks. Weeeeeeee!

Posted by: Armando Salguero | May 19, 2008 at 05:51 PM

If that was Armando, you are truly classless. The Weeeee! comment just proves how much of a hack you are. Most of it is not your fault, your talent is limited.

Gimme a break people. Sports writers included. Who gives a crap about who speaks to who. Parcells owes Taylor NOTHING and Taylor owes Parcells NOTHING!! They've never crossed paths before. Respect has to be earned on both sides. You all act like Parcell's actions are new!! If the guy puts together a good team and we go 13-3 this year, nobody complains! I'm sure Taylor has felt worse dealing with his wife threatening divorce and his dad acting a fool. So please, keep it real. WHATEVER! PLAY DA FRIGGIN' GAME!!!!

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