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Ferguson may make Samson Satele better

I talked to Jason Ferguson late this week and related his thoughts about how good the Dolphins may or may not be in a column I wrote for The Herald's print and online editions.

Regardless of how you feel about Ferguson's view of the Dolphins -- he believes they can be pretty good in 2008 -- there can be no denying his presence on the team will affect the offensive line as well as the defensive line.

Ferguson, you see, will be practicing every day opposite second-year center Samson Satele and the hope is he can help the young offensive player improve just as he helped Kevin Mawae (with the Jets) and Andre Gurode (with Dallas) become better players.

Both have been Pro Bowl performers, by the way.

"The last two teams I played with, I faced the best two centers in the league," Ferguson told me. "That was Kevin Mawae when I was with the Jets and Andre Gurode with the Cowboys. When you go against Pro Bowlers every day in practice, it made me better. And I think I helped make them better."

Ferguson says he and Satele should become close -- just as he did with the other two centers -- because it suits everyone's best interest as well as the team's.

"You become one of the guy's best friends because you go and check with him every day and ask questions that help each other," Ferguson said. "You say, 'What about my technique? How was it then?' And they ask me the same about themselves. That's what I expect from the young guy here.

"I think he's a good worker. He's a good, athletic kid. When I watch him, I say, 'Hey, he's not going to sit there and just take it.' You don't want no offensive lineman taking it."

Although I've talked to Ferguson only once, I like him already. He promises to improve the run defense, and his attitude is wonderful.

Example: I asked him how he did in his practice work against Mawae and Gurode: "You don't go in thinking I'll win this one and he'll win that one. I want to win nine out of 10."


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1st.............Nice Blog Armando
Ferguson seems like a real team player love to see that attidude its been a long time since we had that down in Miami

Great blog Mando... I think that we can have a really solid o-line this year thanks to J-Fergs. He'll make Satele a much better player. It's good to see someone with a good attitude here finally.

Jason was talking about making the playoffs in your article and it's a great goal for this year but a little out of reach as I see it right now. We'll see what happens during training camp but they need a lot of pieces to fall in to place. Too many 'ifs'. If they stay healthy,if we find a decent QB out of the three, if we find a serviceable corner to play opposite Allen,if our rookie o-linemen hold their own, if we find someone good to play next to Bell, etc.

another good one Mando & I agree Satele is already pretty damn good & only will continue to grow to the highest level of the NFL demands

I like Jason Ferguson's attitude. I like the leadership he's bringing to the Dolphins locker room. Samson had a monster rookie year, and he hasn't even reached his full potential. That's scary. Samson is going to really be something special.

Love this guy already. He's not from the me-me generation, but a true team player. And if he shares his veteran's knowledge with Samson, the team will be better because of it. It's up to Samson to also take the initiative to learn from the skilled professional.

Thanks for the inside info on Jason! I hadn't even heard of him when we signed him and was skeptical about the signing. However, knowing more about his work ethic and attitude makes this seem likd a very good move. I hope all these players bring the intensity and sharpen and hone each other's skills. I think that was lacking last year although that is just a guess since I don't have any inside knowledge. I look forward to us brining it every Sunday. I also am one that does not feel like we were as bad as our record would indicate last year. I don't think it is far fetched to expect a pretty good year, although I'm not talking above .500 good, but much improved over last year. Here's to running the ball and stopping the run....and for some spice a 70 yard TD to Ginn.

as much as i miss welker, i am starting to like satele more and more every day. hopefully we can get the most out of the both of them and start winning some football games. plus you really cant beat the price we got fergie for, swapping 6ths with the cowboys, and a 6th next year.

Excellent column, and blog post. Jason Ferguson's attitude is tremendous and exactly what this team, or any team, needs.

Nice column on Ferguson.

It's weird to me that, when discussing Satele, that there are people who still seem to think we had a CHOICE about Wes Welker. The offer included a "poison pill" that made it impossible to match. There was no choice to make.

Bottom line: using the pick we received on Satele was one of the few GOOD things Cam Cam did in his short, painful tenure in Miami. We should be glad of that. He could have drafted a reach that flamed out or had minimal impact; instead, we got a potential Pro Bowl caliber center.

That was a good deal for us all the way around.

Great post Armando. I like reading about players that try to make everyone part of a team and make team better. Whining and winning never go hand in hand.

Ferguson has a great attitude.

Hey 'Mando, how much do you pay your family to post on your blog so tat you can pump up your little girlie little ego?

1st.............Nice Blog Armando
Ferguson seems like a real team player love to see that attidude its been a long time since we had that down in Miami

Posted by: finfan in orlando | May 17, 2008 at 11:13 AM

Great blog Mando... I think that we can have a really solid o-line this year thanks to J-Fergs. He'll make Satele a much better player. It's good to see someone with a good attitude here finally.

Posted by: Pete | May 17, 2008 at 11:24 AM

"Although I've talked to Ferguson only one,..." - WTF?

He wants to win "9 out of 10" battles? What the hell is wrong with *wanting* to win all 10? I don't make it a goal to tighten four out of the 5 lugnuts when I change my tire.

If Ferg is such a great tutor/mentor why is he a traveling man? We did add a good bit of depth, but mind us they are all re-cycled players.It will take this season to determine which ones are for real, as the new young talent does the same.The guys that stick will be the foundation of the playoff team we desperately desire.Great players want to win right away, but great teams are built by a process that includes trial and error, and that is what this coming season has in store for the Tunafins.Please just be exciting to watch !!!

I'm up north for now and this blog keeps me up to date about my fins go DOLPHINS!!!

I love the way the new management has shaped the Dolphin's roster, and with Parcell's mentoring, Sparano will lead the Phins to the playoffs this year. "NFL's greatest one season turn around" will solidify Parcells' legacy as an all time NFL great mind with the likings of Bill Walsh.


The 2008 Dolphins have already much improved the special teams, defense and running game. If one of our three quarterbacks can step up and gives us turnover free play we go to the playoffs.

I am so drunk on all this Dolphins Kool-Aid.

Lets see how training camp materializes and some preseason, before we start predicting playoffs....playoffs? playoffs, did you say playoffs?

Fish Boy

I think we can make the playoffs this year. Squeak in mind you, but stranger things have happened.

We had more talent last year than a 1-15 team. It took ridiculous injuries in the same positions (rbs and safeties) to make is so we weren't starting back-ups... we were starting back-ups to back-up back-ups! We had really 0 help from coaching. And we lost 6 really close games. We were probably a 5-11 /6-10 team last year that had everything go wrong to make it 1-15.

That being said, we have gotten better. If our O-line improves, which I am sure it will, and Brown and Williams are healthy, that alone will give us a couple of victories. Our QB play will still prolly be lacking as the young guys learn, so we are not going to be a feared team offensively for sure. But if we have a decent ground game, we may move to the middle of the league in offense.

Defensively, I think we will be better too. Not leaps and bounds better, but our run defense should definitely improve. In the end, if you run the ball and stop the run, you do pretty well.

We got WAY better in coaching this off season. Cam was a nice guy. That is about all I can say positive about his head coaching. The attitude, conditioning, approach to the game, pretty much everything... its all going to be much better this year.

Every year there is a team that comes out of the cellar to turn heads. It just happens every year, sometimes with no explanation until everyone looks back in hindsight. I think this is the year Miami does it. I think 8-8 is very possible, and that could be enough to squeak into the playoffs if they get victories against the right teams. They can beat the Bills and Jets, so why not twice each? They play a soft schedule the rest of the season due to their sucky record last year. They can win 8 games.

An 8 win season, even if they don't make the playoffs, will be the start of a serious turn around.



This is the reason that Tuna wanted Ferguson so badly... it is a whole climate change...

Dude - this was a good post. It's true that I've been critical of you in the past, but this shows that you have it in you. Keep it up!!

Excellent post, Mando! But you probably already knew that.

If Jason Ferguson can stay healthy, then this team will benefit from his leadership, mentoring, and run-stuffing.

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