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HBO shines light on Patriots' shadowy cheating

Everybody knows the Patriots cheated right? Everyone knows they cheated from 2000 until September of 2007. Everyone now knows this, no matter how badly the NFL and its media sycophants want the scandal to go away.

But most of us have lives to worry about, so we've probably been believing what we've heard on the periphery of Matt Walsh's allegations concerning Spygate. Friday night is your opportunity to hear, no holds barred, right from the videographer's mouth, exactly how he helped Bill go from Belichick to Belicheat.

HBO will air an exclusive sit-down interview with Walsh on Real Sports from 8-9 p.m. My friend Andrea Kremer conducts what is, in my opinion, a thorough and candid interview with the man who worked for New England for several years, basically taping opponents' offensive and defensive signals against NFL rules.

By the way, I am doing my radio show from 10-noon on 790 The Ticket Friday. Kremer will be a guest on my show so tune in. If you are in South Florida it is 790 on your AM dial. If you are everywhere else, you can listen online at 790theticket.com.

[Afternoon update: Andrea came on the show and one of the more interesting things she added is that after interviewing Walsh, she called a couple of former Patriots players that she has developed a trust with. They told her they knew of the taping and that it was a benefit to the team. She said that verified for her that Walsh is not simply fabricating this stuff.]

Anyway, in the interview, Walsh tells Kremer the practice began in 2000 in a game against Tampa Bay and then extended to games against division opponents -- namely the Dolphins, Jets and Bills. Then, it became so successful, they did it against practically everybody.

And Walsh says it was a huge advantage, particularly for the New England offense, which started running no-huddle at odd times to maximize knowing the other team's defensive signals.

“They’d know exactly which play to call, that was, uh, there are certainly a number of plays to call that would be of greatest benefit to a particular defense," Walsh said. "Seeing how the blitz is coming from one particular side, if you know the coverage is gonna roll into a certain area, you’re aware of vacant areas on the field, and then, you run a play to that area, you stack numbers to that area. You know, it’s gonna give you a benefit.

"So when Belichick talks about the minimal impact of this .. what bothers you about that?" Kremer asks.

"All I know is the success rate that it had for the first game against Tampa Bay, and all I know is that it was something they continued to have me do throughout the two years I worked in video, under coach Cheater Belichick," Walsh answered. "If it was of little or no importance, I imagine they wouldn't have continued to do it, and probably not taken the chances of going down on the field in Pittsburgh or shooting from other teams' stadiums the way we did."

Walsh, interestingly, says that even as his team was CHEATING, he suspected one other team that played the Patriots of CHEATING, also. He infers that team was in the AFC East. He says he reported this suspicion to commissioner Roger Goodell when the two met earlier this week.

"There was only one other time that I ever suspected another team of possibly shooting our signals," Walsh said. "Both of us were shooting together on the roof of the old Foxboro Stadium. I was filming their defensive signals, and I would look over when we were on defense, and I'd see him panning over to our sideline, and then going back to the field, panning over and going back. I didn't say anything to him because I was doing the same thing. But after the game I went into our defensive coach's office, talked with Romeo Crennel, there were a couple of coaches in there at the time, but I said to Romeo, 'The team we just played was doing to us what we do to them. So, the next time we play them, we might want to change up our defensive signals a little bit.' "

And this is one of the many things that stink about this cheating scandal. Not only does it rightly impugn the guilty Patriots, but now there is a shadow of guilt present over other teams that played the Patriots more than once in a year.

Goodell knows the name of that team because Walsh said he told him.



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I hope Specter is able to look into this further. Usually I don't think Congress should meddle in sport, but since the NFL is subject to oversight, (and I hate the Patriots) I am in favor of an investgation.

I wish I could claim it but on another blog I saw someone suggest that New England take a new name - the Cheetahs.

Finally all this crap is coming out to reveal the pats as scumbag cheaters and to show the world that eventually "cheaters always lose" as evidenced by their anticlimatic and humiliating loss to NY in the SB. Karma baby, pure and sweet! 72 Fins Forever. God it's so SWEET!

Another team in the AFC East? I wouldn't put it past the Jets to be cheaters as well. Anyways, I hope Senator Specter humiliates the Patriots and Commissioner Goodell. The original "punishment" was a complete and utter joke, and I think Goodell is quickly turning into the next Bud Selig.

makes their loss in the superbowl all the sweeter ... poetic justice !

Belgian Dolfan

These are the guys that are known. What about the rest? I am curious to find out what other team in the AFC East was cheating. Was it our guys? Was it the Jets? How about the Bills? All three of these teams sucked throughout this decade. So there certainly wasn't any gain in the cheating department.
Certainly the Pats took it to a new level by actually doing something with the information.

I can think of at least one of our coaches who might have been less than entirely honorable.

IMO someone wants to create the perfect storm ,inside of a water cup

What I don't understand is why were the Patriots not penalized for every year they cheated? If another team is caught doing the same thing in the future or has proven to have broken the rules in the past, what is their penalty? Is it the same? The commish didn't hesitate to take a draft pick away from the 49'ers for tampering. I may be a little biased but I think the Patricheats should loose a draft pick for every year they broke the rules!

td: quite possibly so.

Regardless, it's silly all this talk about how evil the Pats are. Sure its wrong to cheat but I doubt many in this game are above taking what advantage they can get away with.

I'm glad Parcells is here because I'm sick of seeing the dolphins lose but in all reality I'd think he was an asshole if he was my boss and in my job people's lives depend on excellence.

If we didn't get Parcells but managed to lure the Pat's coach here, how many of us would have complained? I bet not many. It's hypocritical for dolfans to get on their high horse about all this.

td: quite possibly so.

Regardless, it's silly all this talk about how evil the Pats are. Sure its wrong to cheat but I doubt many in this game are above taking what advantage they can get away with.

I'm glad Parcells is here because I'm sick of seeing the dolphins lose but in all reality I'd think he was an a**hole if he was my boss and in my job people's lives depend on excellence.

If we didn't get Parcells but managed to lure the Pat's coach here, how many of us would have complained? I bet not many. It's hypocritical for dolfans to get on their high horse about all this.

Are you serious? The defensive signals was a key component of their no huddle offense. Something they mastered over the years. Is Tom Brady the quaterback he is today without it? If it was such a minimal impact why risk doing it all these years? This all started around the rise of their dynasty???? It is a complete disgrace how Goodell has handled this situation. Trying to swipe it under the rug, destroying evidence(Who does this?), minimalizing their activity. The question for Goodell is why? What is he trying to hide?

"Trying to swipe it under the rug, destroying evidence(Who does this?)"


"Trying to swipe it under the rug, destroying evidence(Who does this?)" Republicans?

Don't be that naive...Democrats and Independents are just as smarmy. In fact the Clintons have perfected it into a science.

And why are we not guessing our own team as being the AFC East team that was taping the Patriots defensive signals??

I'm far from naive Derek, was trying to elicit a smile. I'll spare the readers of this sports blog a political pi**ing contest but your first point is open to debate on the matter of degree. [note that I say "open to debate" which acknowledges there are points on your side as well]

I agree whole heartedly with your second point.

Only time I would have suspected our guys of doing anything remotely like the Tapetriots was prior to the 2006 meeting where the Fins shut NE out and held Tommy Boy to 78 yards. If folks remember, the Fins were shut out the following week by Cleveland.

With all this coming to light, its now clear why NE did not make a bigger stink to the league about that game.

And why are we not guessing our own team as being the AFC East team that was taping the Patriots defensive signals??

Posted by: Derek | May 16, 2008 at 08:32 AM

Because none of our coaches were that smart.

Sen Specter's floor speech on the Spygate scandal can be found on his Congressional webpage.


If the patsies cheated then all three Super Bowls should without a doubt be forfited.(IMO)
Even though the player may not have known about the "cheating" they still do not deserve the rings. Without the advantage, even if slight they would not have been in the position to even go to the bowls.
We should have known Belicheater was a cheater by the way he dressed. "NO CLASS"

"We should have known Belicheater was a cheater by the way he dressed. "NO CLASS""

Wow! Impeccable logic. Any chance you were home schooled?

[easy home schoolers - just kidding]

The reason the NFL wanted this to go away was the fact the Patsies are selling more memorabilia and TV revenues are higher than ever.

So to say the "THREE" Superbowls were a farse would cost the NFL alot of revenue in sales and TV revenue.

So what reason did the Commish have for covering this up and destroying evidence?????


Just wondering if that "one other team that played the Patriots" Walsh suspected of cheating in the AFC East could actually be the Dolphins under Saban. After all, Saban did lift Patriots audibles from film. He also is good friends with Bellichick so he may have been aware of what the Patriots were doing. Of course, if they did it sure didn't do them any good...

Saban was who I had in mind too, Raldolfan.

Hey, if we did it too, does that make our losing seasons invalid?

Just sayin

no proofing, at work blogging undercover...
No homeschool just in grad school at UF. Does something to my mind.......
I don't usually comment but this S**T just really gets to me as a dolfan.

Hey Pensacolafin,

Just messin' with ya. I live in gator country myself and have a daughter who is in grad school there.

Just curious.. blogging undercover at work - that's nothing like cheating, is it?

Please don't ask where I'm blogging from.


they need to get rid of Mr. Belacheat

Matt Walsh only worked for the Pats until 2003 and he said the filming started in 2000.

For him to have seen us stealing the Pats signals it would have had to have been under Wanny. Who can ever tell, but he'd be about the last coach I'd peg for something like that.

I want to hear how everyones reactions change when it comes out the other team was the dolphins. I've said from the beginning that it's not a big deal. I can bet that every team has done it. One gets caught and made an example of, but really the players on the field need to produce, and that's the bottom line.

Though I can't condone Belichick and the Patsies for cheating I think they are less guilty of the crime and more guilty of getting caught. I think these practices were very common around the league and that is why Goodell has tried to get the stink away by brushing it under the table. Only problem is, the media is under the table feeding on the scraps!

Better to let this one go Armando and allow Goodell to deal with it internally for the good of the league. I'm sure when the warning came out at the beginning of last season it was done because Goodell knew this was a common practice and was trying to stop it before it became a media circus when someone got caught. Though everyone is applauding Mangini for calling it out, I imagine there are a lot of folks in the NFL who are less than happy with Mangenius.

Personally I think we should let it go... Coaches have been stealing signs forever. Shame on the other teams in the league because while it can be an advantage if the other team is foolish enough to use the same signals game after game, it can also backfire if those signals are changed.

Remember Bill Walsh used to spend as much time watching film of the 49ers as he did watching film of his opponent. He did this because he wanted to see his own tendencies so that week to week he could change them up. Understand thy enemy, understand thy self... It's the art of war.

Come on guys, tha patsies are cheaters, plain and simple. Even past employees like Ross Tucker say so. Read his article at the following site:


Oh I love it I love it I love it.

I'm glad this interview is coming out so all those Pats-homers and apologists will have to fess up and admit that they DID get a big advantage.

No more hiding. They cheated AND got big benefits from it.

I think the Dolphins are a joke. Everyone is so mad at the pats because we win over and over again. Sorry, for abusing people the past couple of years. I am sure every team out there has done this, maybe not to the extent that we did but you could have. Any your 72 season was a joke. "THE EASIEST SCHEDULE IN NFL HISTORY!" You guys keep living in the past. I can't wait to run over you again this year. Do I hear "BLOWOUT!!!!"

Like the baseball player who's power numbers went down after the steriod scandal, will the Patriots "coincidentally" now become a beatable team? Maybe good, but not great?

Did fear of using their "secret weapon" lead to their SuperBowl defeat?

How common a practice was this? Did the Dolphins cheat in order to beat the Ravens last year? Does the NFL now need to check the stands and rooftops of stadiums during games?

Find out tonight at 8:00PM EST, only on HBO! And don't miss our live coverage of the congressional hearings beginning next August!

Enjoy your day "Jackass 4 Life" your reign will soon come to an end... When we return there will be no mercy for you arrogant bastards.

Armando I listen to most of your show this morning including the interview with Andrea Kremer. Excellent stuff, my man.

Keep up the outstanding work.

When will you be on the air again?

LOL yeah Parcells is going to stll give you a record under .500 while the Pats will be AFC EAST CHAMPS once again and a possible trip to the SB again.

Teams have signals?

I used to just yell out the play we were running next from the sideline. Was I wrong to do so?

I have always suspected the Patriots of cheating. I also, would not be surprised if Nick Sabin cheated against NE. Before New England's Super Bowl defeat we were the last team to beat them, plus the win was 21-0. Also, who knows Belichick better that his buddy Nick Sabin. There was nothing special about that Dolphin team before or after that win.

I want to see the naked footage of Tom Brady in the locker room shower that was supposedly shot by Belichick himself!

What pisses me of is the fact that everyone criticized Shula for adding an asterisk on the patriot’s accomplishments. They called him old and bitter, but the only thing they can call him now is vindicated. All the writers that attacked Shula for giving his opinion on the fact that the Patriots cheated should give Shula credit for having the brass (for lack of a better word) and calling it like it is. The commish is trying to sweep it under the rug and it is not fair. Listen I know that Brady still had to go make the throws and he is undeniably good, but it is very nice when you could sit on a fastball and swing away. You still have to make contact, but it eliminates the guess work, and it aggravates the people that spend the money to go to the games. Why are we crucifying Bonds and Clemens, and completely down playing the patriots? Are they not guilty of the same crime against sportsmanship?

It is football! Man up and play.

I love these short sighted Patsies like "Jackass 4 Life"... Before Brady dropped in their lap, they were nothing. It won't be long before they're nothing again, but they sure know how to make enemies. Keep it coming Jackass. Every team in the NFL has the Patsies marked on the calendar and because of arrogant fans like Jackass, every stadium will be lying in wait. Watch your knees...

Yeah and the Dolphins havent been worth talking about since Marino left.....OH actually Dan never won the big game did he, so i guess they haven't been worth talking about since the "easist schedule in 72" And brady didn't fall in our lap. he was a 6th round pick who we kept on the burner. PATS will continue to KICK the SH*T out of the PHINS

Man up, grab your camcorder, and let's play some ball!

Oh, and Maroney is doubtful this week (wink).

everybody is doubtful, i love it. Tom Brady has been questionable with a right shoulder injury since 2001. GO PATS

"Fag for Life"
If Marino would have known the coverages before the plays it would now be called the MIAMI Football League. But Dan is a man of high character and would not stoop to CHEATING.

The thing that erks me is the teams that deserved the superbowls were cheated out of them by a worm like belicheater.

I can see you now with one hand sniffin Belicheats old stinky sweaty hooded sweatshirt and the other....well you obviously know what your doing with the other......

Go back to your dismal team page, I am sure they are writing about how great it is to root for a cheater.

Easy schedule??? Playing the Dolphins, Bills and Jets twice a year does not constitute and easy schedule? I do believe the Dolphins finished the deal...

I think you should go back and read my original post... Even when a fan from another team steps up and says, "let it go." Your arrogance cannot stop you from spewing your crap, but I would expect nothing less from an ignorant Patsie fan.

1 - 16 ................HATERS

Does anyone else but me remember when we beat the Patriots while Nick Satan was coach? Remember how several of our players kept saying that we had picked up on Tom Brady supposedly tipping off signals? Stuff tat Satan said we picked up from "tapes and film study"? Um, anyone want to guess how we obtained that film? C'mon, no one despises the Patriots worse than I do. But to think we're somehow better than them is silly. We may very well have cheated like they did. After, Nick Satan was a Bellicheater disciple, right? Problem is, if we did, ol' Nicky was a much worse coach than anyone thought.

That was weak Jackass 4 Life... You can do better than that.

WNC, in my original post I said I didn't think it was that big of a deal. This guy obviously didn't read anything and came here to be ignorant. I can't help it, I have to go after him.

J-E-T-S jets jets jets CHEATED TOO! I believe it was the Jets because Mangini learned about videotaping signals when he was in NE. I bet any amount it was them. Anyway, this will drag out until Goodell gets sick of the NFLS name being dragged through the mud at which point he will probably suspend Belichick. I still can't believe there are so many apologists out there.

Patriots 4 Life. Better get used to it. Apart from being the most despised team in sports history your 'dynasty' is now in ruins. Your team will forever be remembered in history as the team who cheated its way to victory. And thats a burden you have to bear 4 LIFE.

Hey 'moron 4 life', in the NFL, THERE ARE ONLY 16 REGULAR SEASON GAMES. That would make the Dolphins 1-15 and not 1-16. I know you only started watching football when the Patriots won their last superbowl but this is common knowledge.

Jim they will also be known for being the biggest dissapointment in NFL history. There have been other teams that have gone 1-15 but no team has ever choked as bad as the Patsies did last year. So they also got that going for them.

Enough with the 'everybody does this' crype.

Let's be clear:

"Legal spying, stealing signals, the cat-and-mouse gamesmanship is done by every team. But illegal spying through the use of videotape is not common at all, according to sources who wished to remain anonymous. Most teams adhere to the strict policies in the league's Game Operations Manual that prohibit video recording devices on the field, in the coaches' booth and in the locker room during games."

Courtesy of:


Whoever is guilty of breaking this rule should be punished to the fullest extent. Pats, Fins, Jets, Giants, Cowboys, whoever. Even if it means taking away multiple picks and Super Bowl rings. Done.

As cliched as this sounds, rules are an essential part of the game. Without them, it's just a bunch of dudes running around a field with a piece of leather.

Good point Scott. They've got the most exciting Superchoke finish in history around their necks as well plus Rodney Harrison was at the center of the key failed play (Tyree) that lost if for them. Now ain't that sad too?

Tell me something, Patsies 4 Life, would you trade those 3 SB titles to regain the 1st rounder and fines levied against the cheaters? I highly doubt it. The matter should only be dropped when the punishment exceeds the spoils of the crime, otherwise it will fail to deter teams in the future from repeating such actions. And your comments about the '72 Dolphins is a complete red herring have nothing to do with the Patsies getting caught cheating, but since you brought it up, it's time to put the "easy regular season" argument to rest. First, it's not like they got to choose who they played, and second, they faced a much difficult post-season "schedule" (based on winning percentage) than say, oh, the '07 Patsies (who managed to draw, what was it, the eighth-seeded NFC team in the SB, who wouldn't have even made the playoffs, much less the SB, back in '72), as well as having to travel to an opponent's stadium (Pittsburgh) for one of their playoff games. Even with such disadvantages, the Dolphins finished the job- while the Patsies choked.

Oh, yeah, one more thing... the fans of other teams should be thankful the WFL came along when it did, otherwise, the "Sea of Hands" game may have turned out differently and Miami might possibly have been on it's way to 4 SB appearances and 3 wins in a row.

Defintely think the other team was the JETS.
Takes one to know one.
Saban was not at Miami then. NE are like the
cheat at golf who misses those 4 footers late in the round to inflate their handicap. We have one of them at our club, a Buffalo Bills fan, no less!!!!

hey fag 4 life, the last time i checked 17-0 is better than 18 and um...choke! get a life and stop coming on our site and bashing our team. and you wanna talk about the easiest schedule, you played the afc east. and lets just take a trip down memory lane shall we, heres the cheatriots records the past 30 years or so: 1992 2-14, 1990 1-15, 1981 2-14, 1975 3-11. and we've only had 5 seasons below .500 since 1970. so we have a few bad years, but we have not been the laughing stock of the NFL for several years like you, so enjoy 2001* 2003* 2004* you loser!

The NFL is a joke. The pats cheated big time in the span of 8 years and won 3 superbowls and all the get fine is a lousy 750k and a draft pick.

What a scame.

Patiot fans are scumbags. They have no credibility left. They should remove the franchise from the city of N.E.

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