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How much does Wayne Huizenga really know?

Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga puzzles me.

I know he has a brilliant business mind because he is the only person in America to be responsible for six companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and to have three make the Fortune 500 list. Everything he touches makes money and the Dolphins are no different as his investment in the team will eventually bring him 10 times what he paid.

But ...

The man apparently does not know what is going on with his most recognized company. On Wednesday morning you might have read that Huizenga told my colleague Barry Jackson in an exclusive interview that he would not tell Bill Parcells what to do on the Jason Taylor matter.

No problem. The hands off owner is being, well, hands off.

But Huizenga also said in the article that, "as far as I'm concerned, [Taylor's] happy [here]." He went on to tell Jackson that he's read accounts of Taylor being disgruntled and asking to be traded but simply didn't believe the stories in the press.

To which I respond: Amaaaaazing!

So let's break this down because, frankly, I cannot fathom this stuff. [Huizenga, by the way, will be a chapter in my Dolphins book someday.] On the same day the owner of the Dolphins tells the biggest media outlet that regularly covers the team he believes Taylor is happy in Miami, the head coach holds a press conference to announce Taylor ain't showing up for OTAs, ain't showing up for voluntary and mandatory minicamps and ain't showing up for TRAINING CAMP.

Sound like a happy player to you?

That leaves me only two possible explanations. Either Mr. H was lying stretching the truth when he talked to Jackson or he is simply out of the loop, unaware and uninformed. I don't believe Huizenga said something he didn't believe to be the case.

So I have to conclude that he is just ignorant to some things that are going on, even some significant things such as this.

And that lack of awareness comes despite the fact Huizenga was at the team facility during draft weekend -- while the Dolphins were trying to trade Taylor. It comes despite the fact he visited during the rookie minicamp and had ample opportunity to speak to Bill Parcells or Jeff Ireland or Sparano or anybody else he wanted because he's the friggan' owner.

So what we have here is another example of why the Dolphins got so putrid the past decade. In many respects, their problem started at the top.

An update about this blog: Yesterday was significant in that Dolphins In Depth surpassed 1 million page views for the year. We're at 1,005,543 and the season isn't even here yet. I thank you for visiting. And tell other Dolfans about it.


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dont think it matters. he's not a Jerry Jones and his comments dont really mean much. Let's not forget that he's getting old as well, and sold half the team to Ross. Ask HIM about JT and see what he says, because he will eventually be the full owner.

You're a good reporter and all, but he's obviously lying. Because what you are describing isn't ignorance, its an example of age making him senile, and he doesn't seem senile to me. He's lying because telling the truth would mean he'd have to state an opinion based on conjecture: he can't read JT's mind, and doesn't want to say something JT hasn't told him personally.
What's wrong with that?!?

This is a really bad blog. This piece is especially damaging. Apparently the blogger feels frustrated because he is powerless is this impasse between two powerful people, and tries to go behind Parcells's back to create a problem between Huizinga and Parcells. Everything that the new regime has accomplished and attempted to accomplish is forgotten in this little tantrum by a mamma's boy trying to stir things in a toilet bowl.

This wanst a really bad blog. Mando is just doing his job writing blogs that people will read kinda what you just did.
Hey Bill "SeeLo" Parcels i thought you didnt want your coaches reading blogs so why are you reading them.

This wanst a really bad blog. Mando is just doing his job writing blogs that people will read kinda what you just did.
Hey Bill "SeeLo" Parcels i thought you didnt want your coaches reading blogs so why are you reading them.

Armando, I don't think this has anything to do with the Dolphins struggles over the last 6 seasons. By the way, they haven't been putrid for a decade, they did win the division in 2000 and they were the top wild card in 2001.

Wayne has always tried to bring a winner to Miami. He proved that again by bringing in Parcells after last season's debacle. He realized that he had to bring in a top football man to stop the bleeding and turn this franchise around, and he did.

This must be a slow day because this story is luke warm at best.

Armando, if you spread gossip around the place of your employment like you do with the Dolphins, you would have been fired long ago.

Tom, you've been been riding the gossip angle for a long time when it comes to the Jason Taylor story. Everything I've written has slowly but surely seeped into light as FACTS and what already hasn't will eventually.

So be accountable and give the gossip conversation a rest, will ya?

come on guys....the one not telling the truth is JT. you don't think he went crying to the big guy? wayne h loves JT and always spoke to him, thats OE of the REASONS why management changed. so now, JT has changed his plans and is snuffing all of us including the Big Guy. This is a big story and JT is the bad guy, not Bill, not Tony they are just doing their job representing those "OTHER" guys, the ones who REPORTED for the past two months. get it now?

Good job Mando, I fully agree.


What exactly is the truth? What is JT lying about?

Salguero, what are you talking about. Huizenga can do or say whatever he wants on dolphins related matters. He does not owe you, the media or the fans any explanations. Please, lets do a moratorium on Jason Taylor, until he is traded, released or retires. Please, give us info on the guys at the OTAs, whho's doing, what, are there any battles developing for any position, and things of that nature. Thanks.

As you said Mando, it's a "hands-off" owner being "hands-off"...not all that surprising or blog worthy as far as I'm concern.

No doubt the downfall of the fins from glory coincides with Wayne's purchase of the team, but as unlikely as it seems I think he's been just damn unlucky.

JJ was a great hire (though we'd all like for the shula era to have ended on Don's terms), then had a nervous breakdown after his dad died and the playoff rout to Jville.

Wannstedt (dare I say this), actually did pretty well here, and the horrible GM decisions didn't really start until his and Rick Spielman's job were on the line. This is an unfortunate symptom of shortimer disease, both of these guys got overly focused on the short term.

Saban seemed a great hire, right up until he left. The media didn't like his exclusionary policies, but since the media is supposed to be the interface for the fans and the team, I as a fan was ok with the media policy. His sudden departure was shocking to everyone including wayne, and it's hard to argue that somehow that cataclysm was Wayne's doing.

Lastly, Cam Cameron took the opposite view of the media as Saban and was completely train-flattened by that same media. between that and documented insubordination from several fins veterans, Cameron-Mueller never stood a chance. I still think that Cameron-Mueller's draft was/and will prove to be...one of the more productive drafts this franchise has seen in nearly a decade.

Wayne hired Parcells so he didn't have to deal with the politics of giving you media members the perfect answer, and I for one don't blame him for playing the "I don't really know" card when faced with loaded questions from yourself.

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