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Live chat with Salguero 6-7 p.m. today

In the spirit of not posting another Jason Taylor update, I figured it is time for some good old fashioned back and forth with you guys.

So let's do a live chat.

I will be here this evening from 6-7 and answer any questions and discuss any topics you guys deem worthy. We're doing it at this hour because I am told the blog does some of its biggest traffic around this time. I guess the folks on the east coast are home and the folks on the west coast don't mind surfing this site from work as much as others.

So meet me back here at 6 p.m. If, however, you can't be here then, post a question or comment anytime today and I'll answer at the appointed time. You can check back for your answer afterward.

Also, I will be on 790 The Ticket this afternoon 12-3 so feel free to call me there if you like. The number is 1-888-790-3776. If you're not in South Florida, you can listen on 790theticket.com


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Who will be the starting LB corps on week 1? Who will be the starting LB corps on week 14?

How will the dolphins allocate spaces (offense, defense, special teams) to compose the 53 team member slots? Also I have heard that the practice squad has 8 slots. Is this correct? As the 4 remaining draftees are signed, who and in what order will be released? Finally, as other teams follow suite, what positional players will the dolphins sign, if any? Thanks for your time.

Is there any chance we bring in MLB O. Thurman? Outside of his substance abuse I think he would be a major upgrade to our current LB's.

Here's a question for the ages or sages...why do so many Dolphins fans seem to want to exchange examplar citizen Taylor for troubled hanging Chad Johnson or more money second stringer (in Philly) Shepard?

And one that not even the sages could answer...why would the fat zero who loved Crackhead Taylor so want to pick a fight with citizen Taylor?

Obviously, I am here a little early but I'll get started now and catch up with some of the answers.

justen1: the starting LB corps in week 1 -- and it is obviously a guess is: Torbor, Akin Ayodele, Crowder and jason Taylor.

The starting LB corps in week 14? In the spirit and seriousness of the question, I predict Bryan Cox, John Offerdahl, Nick Buoniconti and Hugh Green

Week 14, you see, will be throwback weekend.

Not yet an expert: My crystal ball is out of order right now, but there are indeed eight practice squad slots.

Jdizzle: Odell Thurman is a name that is intriguing for teams not named the Miami Dolphins. Adding him would be so out of character for Bill Parcells -- who told everyone including players -- he doesn't want thugs or drug guys, that I cannot see it happening.

the risk versus reward factor is not very good either.

Stav great questions:

I don't know what Dolphins fans are thinking but I imagine they suggest either Chad Johnson or Lito because they simply want to get something for Jason Taylor. Chances now are the Dolphins may got nothing, or simply a low-round pick for Taylor. So the desperation by fans is to somehow improve that situation.

Of course, the Bengals turned down two (2) first round picks for Johnson, so why would they trade him for Jason Taylor?

As to Parcells and the Taylors: There was only one time that LT didn't want to play for Parcells and that is when he held out of training camp in 1990. That came after years of service to Parcells and, he eventually reported, so all was well.

JT has never played for Parcells. If he had, I imagine the Big Tuna would be cutting him more slack.

Armando, first of all, I listened to your radio show today. You guys were great. I didn't miss Sedano at all and I wish you would take over for the guys the come before you. Anyway, good job.

I heard you say over the weekend that Jason Taylor should play for the Dolphins. I wouldn't mind if he just went his way, but I want to here why you think he should still play in Miami?


Who is the opening day QB? Who do dou think will win out the QB competition and be the long term answer? One last question, will Fassano come back 100% healthy by opening day? A 4th round pick is a lot to give up on a guy coming off shoulder surgery


After Wednesday, it seemed like all media outlets were quiet in regards to OTA. Were the latter days of OTA closed off to the media?


Any news or nuggets from this weekends voluntary mini-camp?

FLPD: It is simple on JT.

I appreciate everything he has done for the organization. He has been a warrior and a fine representative of the franchise for a decade. And I can understand his desire to go to a team that has a chance to win a title. That is human nature.

But ...

He has a contract. He signed his name. He made a committment. That should be his bond. The Dolphins don't owe him his release or a trade. They have paid, and handsomely, for every down he has played for them.

They can't help it that they have stunk. Nobody plans that. But I cannot come to grips with simply players go wherever they want when they want when they have a contract. Yes, the team can always cut the player so you can argue the bond isn't a two-way street. But those are the rules of the game and JT knew that when he put his John Hancock on his deal.

So, bottom line, I think JT has a contract and he should honor it. Maybe that is old school thinking. So be it.


You make cubans all over South Florida proud by your success!

DC: I agree that a fourth-rounder isn't a lot for a guy previously drafted in the second round. The hope is he will be healthy by training camp. More importantly, the hope is he finally lives up to that second-round pedigree, which he didn't really do in Dallas.

As to the quarterback question, I know the Dolphins would love for John Beck to win the job and play well because that would mean they finally have found a quarterback.

But my gut tells me Josh McCown will win the job, at least initially, based on his superior experience.


Do you have any new information on whether the fins were the "other" team illegal video-taping signals on the roof with the patriots??

Dingleballs: Gracias.

DC, Football365: The Dolphins have shut down access to their offseason camps and OTAs to the minimum required by the NFL.

So recent OTA sessions and the weekend voluntary minicamp were closed to the media.

I hate that, but you guys generally don't seem to have a problem with it -- even though it means less information for you.


Do you think Henne has the skills to leapfrog both McCown ad Beck into the starting role sometime this season?

Dingleballs: Someone sent me an e-mail saying that a Jets blog had the information that it was the jets, but I never found the blog or the actually post.

It would have been easier for the Dolphins to simply say they were not the team, if in fact, they were not the team.

DC: It would be a great story if Henne could do what you say, but it would mean a couple of things:

First, that both Beck and McCown failed, which is very bad news. Secondly, that he is somehow good enough to put himself in the same position Dan Marino put himself in during his rookie season.

I don't think Beck and McCown will fail so terribly and don't think Henne is the next Marino.

I have a feeling it is going to be a while before Ronnie Brown comes back to form, if at all. Can Jalen Parmele or Lex Hilliard be an impact running back with Ricky Williams if Brown has a set back?

DC: Brown looked great at the OTA practice the media was able to see. But I don't believe he is 100 percent.

And, even when he gets to 100 percent, you have to remember most players coming back from ACL surgery are typically not explosive again until two years later.

So the Dolphins were wise to have a stable of RBs at their disposal. But although they have bodies, I have no idea if Parmele or Hilliard are any good because I have not seen them in full-speed situations yet. That won't happen until the preseason.

Armando, So much has been going on in the Dolphins offseason including the roster shake up, the JT saga,Zach leaving, new rules for the media etc. but we haven't heard a word about our rookie coach. I know the media doesn't have much (any) access to the coaches or management, but I was wondering if you have heard anything from players regarding their relationship with Sparano. What is the general consensus on our new coach and his style?

NYScott: Thanks for chiming in, buddy!

I wrote about Sparano at the last minicamp and my impression of him was that he is a direct, no-nonsense kind of guy. He is kind of rough around the edges, to be frank with you. He does get to the point, however, and that's a contrast to Cam Cameron. Cameron believed himself smarter than everyone and thought he could outsmart everyone. He could not.

Another thing: When Sparano said he was going to answer the Taylor issues just once, I compared it to the time Cameron was faced with Daunte Culpepper questions.

The difference was that Sparano held his authority a lot better than Cam. Sparano said he'd answer the question once and only two other questions on the subject were lobbed at him.

Cameron would say, I'll answer this once, and he would be peppered with more of the same questions. Authority. Sparano has it, at least initially. Cam didn't.

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rtaylor59: I wish I understood what all this means, but I suffer a public school edemacation so ... huh?

If Odell Thurman had anything left in the tank, commitment-wise, the Bungals would have kept him. After all, they stuck with him thru 2 years of suspension and even moved Keith Rivers to OLB in hopes Odell could step back into the middle. They must have seen something that made them cut their losses.


Have you ever seen or heard about any fins players on IR practicing? Do you think it's a big deal that the Pat's did?

Tik: Odell Thurman is 25 or 26 years old. I'm sure he has something left in the tank. But you make a good point. He's been away from football for some time and, again, his history is dreadful.

Shaun: One of the biggest complaints coaches have is the often don't have enough bodies to practice with -- particularly late in seasons when everyone's banged up.

If the Patriots did it, they obviously did so because they decided it was helpful. Did it change the outcome of a game in their favor? I doubt it. But I believe things are either right and wrong and this is definitely wrong given NFL rules.

And yes, I've heard sometimes players practice when they're not officially on the roster although I cannot recall a specific instance.

OK guys, it is past 7 p.m. so I gotta bounce, as they say.

If you missed the chat, leave your questions anyway and I'll check back later and answer or comment.

God bless you all.


Earlier today on your radio show you said something REALLY interesting.

You said that the Texans might have passed on Reggie Bush because they feared the possibility that he could have been whacked.

This is the first I've heard about Reggie being in that kind of trouble.

Would you care to elaborate on that story or tell me where I can read more about this?

Thank you for answering my question. I wish I had more (questions) but not much is going on as you know. I'm really glad that Sparano is a no nonsense guy and he seems like someone the players will both like and respect. Now we will see how that all translates on the field. Thanks again.

I find it interesting that through this whole string there were so many intelligent questions about the shape of things to come, rather than JT. I saw only one or two comments on him, which was really nice. I hope you noticed as well, and will take that knowledge to heart as we continue on through the off season. I debated pointing this out, because I'm the guy calling for less JT coverage, but in the end I felt it important to make sure you saw the trend as well. Good blogging today (other than that weird promotion for some chat program), an thank you for your time.

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