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Lorenzo Booker wowing them in Philadelphia

There have been only two offseasons moves by these Dolphins that I have questioned.

As many of you know, I advocated chasing former Pittsburgh guard Alan Faneca in free agency. I know, I know, he was very expensive and 32 years old, and not a good fit for a rebuilding team. That's bunk.

He's a great player, he filled a need, he would have shown Jake Long how to be a professional off the field and made him stellar on the field playing LG next to him. If he were on the Dolphins, who could have afforded him, he would not be across the line of scrimmage playing two games a year for the Jets.

Also, the Dolphins could have used the Faneca addition as proof to the Dancer whose name I will not utter that they weren't giving up on this year in trying to convince him not to give up on them.

The other move I hated was trading Lorenzo Booker.

The 2007 third round pick was traded to Philadelphia for a 2008 fourth-round pick. The reasoning GM Jeff Ireland gave for making the trade was that Booker simply didn't fit the mold of a back the Dolphins want. Guess the Dolphins don't want a blur coming out of the backfield on third down passing situations.

The Eagles jumped at the opportunity to get that kind of threat. 

This week, at the team minicamp for selected vets and rookies, Booker impressed coaches and teammates with his speed, agility and quick-strike potential. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Booker has been "even a little bit better" than what the Eagles expected.

"He's a huge pickup for us," backup quarterback Kevin Kolb said. "I was thrilled when it happened, and I'm even more thrilled now that I've been out there with him."

The Eagles have a history of taking undersized backs and tossing them short passes they can perhaps turn into longer gains. Typical of a West Coast offense, a seven-yard swing pass on first down is as good as a seven-yard run on first down -- and not much more dangerous.

And while Booker won't be a starter in Philly unless something goes terribly wrong, he gives the offense breakaway options out of the backfield.

"Getting a chance in games and showing them that I can handle the pressure and play with the best and not make mistakes was probably the biggest thing that I was able to do for myself last year," Booker told the newspaper. "Now my goal is to show everybody else that I can be a guy you can count on all the time, not just sometimes."



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Instead of the dancer, why don't you call him by what he really is: The greatest defensive lineman in Dolphins history. or the Fins most dangerous player.

He wowed at a non contact minicamp? Big deal. The problem with Booker is not his speed or quickness. Its that he can turn a 7 yard swing pass into a 2 yard gain in order to avoid contact. Booker has all the potential in the world but it means little when you dont have the heart to live up to it.

How can you say it was a bad move when he was traded because he didn't fit the scheme? Booker's talent is irrelevant. Sure the Eagles will love him because he's in the mold of Westbrook and will do a lot of things for them. But if we were going to run an offense that didn't utilize his talents, what would be the point of keeping him? Just because a player is talented doesn't mean he's the right fit everywhere. Trading Booker wasn't a bad thing to do - it was the only thing.

mando the man,

gotta remember why we traded booker. its cause of JT's attitude about being a dancer. tuna wanted to put some fill behind starks with picks for merling and in the third we took kendall lankford. so i'm thanking jt for being so damn valuable to the TEAM.

without his tude, we would still have lorenzo, who i liked.

anyways, i love how easily u can get some of these guys jacked up. where is FLPD, tree and nyscott when ya need 'em....have a great weekend mando!! keep 'em coming & love your fins !!

Armando, do you realize how much cap money would be locked up on the left side of the OL if we signed Alan Faneca and then drafted Jake Long? Sorry but that wouldn't have been a good move. Over $100 million invested on a LT and a LG? Think about it.

I wasn't high on trading Booker either, but with Ronnie and Ricky both being excellent receivers out of the backfield, would Booker even see the field? Booker doesn't play special teams so that was the end of that.

Mr. Bungle: This is Ricky Williams final year under contract to the Dolphins. Ronnie Brown's contract expires after next year. It is possible one or both won't be with miami in two years. So saying there is no room for Booker because these two are good out of the backfield is taking the short-term view.

Chris: Think about what you're saying. You are saying it is OK to trade young, talented, players signed to multi-year deals for less than what you paid because they "don't fit the system." That is crazy. Tony Sparano said you make the system fit the talent, not the other way around. A staff that can't get great talent on the field is not a great staff. And by the way, the Parcells "system" had a guy named Dave Meggett who did pretty well despite not looking like he fit the mold of the offense.

Stav: He could be remembered as the greatest DE in Miami history. But he cannot be Miami's most dangerous player if he doesn't want to be on the team.

Armando, that's not the point. Booker wasn't going to see the field much this year or ever be a feature back. Whether or not Ricky remains with the team next year or not, the new regime is going to look to replace him with another big, physical RB, possibly Parmele or Hilliard.

Booker doesn't play special teams and doesn't want to play on them. How do you carry a 3rd down back who doesn't play special teams when you have two other backs ahead of him on the depth chart who can also play on 3rd down?


Why would signing a 32 year old lineman who has his best years behind him be a sign that the Dolphins are giving up? The fins signed about eleven free agent players who are young enough that there best years are ahead of them, theoretically. Fanica would have broken the bank. This year may not be a re building year if they get consistency from the QB and RB positions, the D Line and the O line should be solid. Fins might win 6-9 games this year. Booker was under sized and really not that fast....

Why would signing a 32 year old lineman who has his best years behind him be a sign that the Dolphins are NOT giving up?

Sorry all, typo on the first sentence.

Johnnyfin, it's spelled YOU'RE, not YOUR. Plus, we got you the first time, though we have no Idea why you felt the need to say it the first time. Care to elaborate, and back up your accusation? I don't agree with mando on this point at all, I agree with chris, and Mr Bungle (one of my buddies' favorite band, by the way), though Mando makes some good counterpoints. On the other side, how easy would it be to resign Ronnie next year if we had 100M tied up on the line? It's going to be rough enough with the pending Caplesss year upcoming. I just hope Upshaw isn't his usual Union first (note: not player first)self when negotiating this time because of that poison pill.

I am here, harri, but I have to sleep sometime.lol. I was only going to ditto chris, and Mr Bungle, but then Johnnyfin had to get personal, and I am getting sick of personal attacks here. I voice my displeasure, and disagreement with whatever I see fit here, but I never resort to calling anyone names, or denigrate others to try to make a point. We are mostly adults here, so we should act like it. Also, should be setting a better example for our younger readers. Lets start showing a little class here, people.

Yea! Sign Faneca for big bucks because of what he did in the past. While we're at it, sign Trent Green because of what he did in the past. Wait a minute. We've already tried that once.

Tree: JohnnyFin is banned from this blog, so don't worry about his comments. They are deleted automatically as they have been. All he does is shill for other newspapers and blogs, but he spends entire days HERE to do it. So there's a burly bouncer at the door not letting him in the club because he's wearing polyester pants.

DC: Barring injury, Faneca will play up to his pro bowl caliber this year and next year and the year after that. What about that suggests decline?

I would have left one up, so what I was saying to him would make sense, and others might have a good example of low class correspondence. Can you ban people by their URL? If not, he can just change his user name, and do the same. I disagree with you a good bit, it seems, but I'm civil about it. Just because you think you are smarter than the rest of us (directly from your own blog last month), though you are quite often dead wrong (you gotta own 10-6, man lol) doesn't mean I can't debate your points with a civil tongue, or give you credit when you are spot on. If we always agreed, there would be little point to the blog.

You have to do something about this blog site, man. If you take too long composing your thoughts, it sends you to the registration screen, and you have to reload the whole page, as it doesn't sign you out, even though it acts like you are not signed in. This is really annoying. I KNOW I talk too much, but that registration thing is a pain

"So there's a burly bouncer at the door not letting him in the club because he's wearing polyester pants."

Funny stuff, Armando.

Tree2691, there seems to be jerkoffs like JohnnyFin on every blog or forum you can possibly go to. At least Armando took care of the vermon.

Armando, I liked Booker as well but two things to consider. One of the main reasons he took 12 games to get activated to the roster was his struggles with pass blocking. He still struggled on any play that required him to stay in and block. Teams seeing him in there could bring the blitz and know they have a good chance to get past him and to our young QB. Second, Dave Meggett was also an outstanding special teams player so it made sense to keep an extra RB because of the contributions on SP. They tried Booker on SP last year and he struggled. Considering the smash mouth football we are building the team to be (recent comments from your previous blog) Booker did not make sense to keep and getting a 4th rounder was a good pick up. As much as we like him we are limited on roster spots, would you rather keep a guy who won't start, rarely plays on third and doesn't play on SP over a potential 3rd or 4th WR like D. Bess or J. Foster who can also return kicks? Curious on your feedback.

One other thing, getting that pick gave us the flexibilty to send our 4th rounder to Dallas to get a starting LB and most likely starting TE (and former 2nd rounder). A third string RB who doesn't play SP for a starting LB and TE. Sounds like savy management to me.

Doesn't look like you will win us over on this one, Mando. I hope Booker does well, in the perfect environment for his talents, but this wasn't the team for him.

a nice lively lil debate on this fine friday florida afternoon.

guys, notice how many positive responses we get on mandos blog from dolfans all over the country? refreshing. this new management hs for sure created some "Buzz"

mr bungle, the same one from eureka?

keep it going guys

harricane, "mr bungle, the same one from eureka?"

Not sure what that means.

mr bungle is a band out of eureka, ca. or was, i think they changed their name when they got a lil more well known

It's fine for you guys not to agree with me. I said it was my opinion. I didn't ever say it should be your opinion.

One thing HP: Unless my memory fails, the trade with dallas was done before the trade with Philly. So the trade with philly did not help the dolphins make the trade with dallas.

mando, yea we gave booker for the trade to get the third back that we used to get lankford.....right?

we traded for fasano and the LB and used a third and got it back with lorenzo? correct?

Hey Armando,

Any word on if the Dolphins signed Shawn Murphy. There's a report on KFFL.com that says we did, but no other info is known.

Is this accurate?

I'm just saying, if you're plan is to run a power offense and you're not going to utilize a guy to the best of his abilities, why not get a pick for him and bring in someone you'd rather have?

chris i think you have a good point. we added size with parmele and hillard. pretty good back-fill. especially when you have a o-line that will allow us to go vertical with the passing game, instead of using our valuable backs all of the time on 3rd. point well taken, but again, i liked booker but agree he was a one play guy as he did not pass block well and neither did the "then" o-line.

Yes my handle is named after the band Mr. Bungle lead by lead singer Michael Patton, former Faith No More lead singer. I wasn't aware they were from Eureka.

I think your kind of stuck in the mode of questioning every move this regime makes based off of how poorly (putting things ever so mildly) the decision making of the past regimes was. Booker was a nice looking prospect when he managed to get on the field last season. But, he's extremely undersized and a total "hit or miss" player, as in he either gets hit and loses 5 yards or they miss him and he gains 20 yards or more. But he will never get hit and gain 5 yards (ala Ricky, Ronnie and hopefully the 2 new big backs drafted). So he's essentially a Warrick Dunn clone without as much speed and "pedigree" as Dunn and frankly I would have never wanted Warrick Dunn as one of my feature backs as he is also "hit or miss". Bill Parcells and his lackey's are REBUILDING this team into a design that is specific, planned out and designed to last a long time (see the Giants, Patriots, Jets, Cowboys before and after the Tuna left the building). So you're not going to start that process in Year 1 by keeping a bunch of guys who don't fit the design just because they are NFL level talents alone. For the record, I saw Dave Meggett play and Dave Meggett, no matter how tall he was or wasn't, was no "hit or miss" player, he would go through you as quckly as he would try and go around you. Booker is no Dave Megget, Warrick Dunn maybe but probably not even that kind of talent. As far as Faneca goes, I think the Dolphins have found better long term solutions and at a better price that the price he would have come for. One aging Steeler (Porter) is plenty on this new look Dolphins team.

yep, that is them, mike is from eureka. only way i know is my ex is from there. they were pretty wild, especially in tj mexico, ha ha.

captn72, with all due respect to a fellow poster and Dolphins fan, the writer said in his first line he agrees with every move the dolphins have made this offseason save two.

How do you translate that to him being stuck in the mode of questioning everything?

Armando might be saying that now but he's questioned a number of moves this offseason starting with the release (instead of trade) of Zach and most recently the handling of Taylor. I read Armando's blog daily, he questions the Dolphins moves almost daily (including non-player moves like not being allowed to blog at the mini-camp). So he's questioned a lot of moves. Frankly, that is pretty much his job and this blog would be redundant of Cote's boring blogs if he just put out the facts with some lame polls all the time. So my point wasn't really to knock Armando but to debate him on how he reviews these player moves by the Dolphins. Hope that clears up my point or helps make it.

Armando, I agree. It made me sick when they traded Booker for a lousy fourth round pick. He was the dolphins most exciting player last year. I don't care what kind of offense you run, you have to get a homerun hitter on the field like Booker. The sick feeling did subside a bit when I saw highlights on Jason Foster.

Thi will come back to haunt us. Lorenzo Booker was a good third down back, ala Dave Meggit.

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