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Ricky Williams to play three more seasons

Ricky_2 Ricky Williams, fresh off turning down an interview request with a Herald colleague earlier this week, traveled to Austin, Texas Wednesday for a golf tournament featuring a bunch of Longhorns.

At that event Williams talked to the local newspaper and a couple of local television stations and, in so doing, let everyone in on a little secret: He's playing three more seasons and he's outta here.

Williams apparently plans to play out his current contract which expires after this season, play two more years after that, then hit the road.

"All professional athletes have to come face to face one day with their professional mortality and finding a way to cope with it," Williams told News 8 Austin. "I've managed that. I have a couple or three more years of football left in me and then I'll go off and explore the world after that."

Alrightie then.

Williams will be 31 years old next week -- well into declining age for most NFL running backs -- and it has been a decade since he won the Heisman Trophy. So it could be argued Williams may not have two whole seasons left in him.

But the truth is he carried only six times last year before being injured in his one and only game and he didn't play at all in 2006. So Williams has put very few miles on his legs the last couple of years.

You might remember Williams was suspended after the 2005 season. Certainly Earl Campbell, the dean of Longhorn backs, remembers Williams had problems. But Big Earl believes Williams is over his penchant for flunking drug tests.

"People have problems in life and they get straight," Campbell said at the golf tourney. "[Ricky] got straight ..."

Regardless of whether Williams sees his retirement on the horizon, it is clear the Dolphins have plans for him in 2008. The team hopes to split carries between Williams and Ronnie Brown. But based on the fact Brown is coming off ACL surgery, Williams may actually have to step up as the workhorse early in the season until Brown gets completely comfortable.



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Wow you have been busy Armando. How many posts today?
I wish the best for Ricky, but I have to admit that I'm not certain we will see the same Ricky. I hope he can perform because I also think Ronnie will not be 100% the start of this season. Ricky has been gone for too long and I fear he has lost his edge.
Please prove me wrong Ricky.

In a really weird way, despite the multiple letdowns he's had, Ricky will always be 1 of my favorite Dolphins. And I think he'll be fine this year. With the improved O-Line, our running game might be 1 of the league's best this year if Ronnie can come back healthy.

I wish Ricky the best and I still own his Fins jersey, but at the same time I would not count of him either, based on his infamous history. It's a complete bonus if he contributes anything to the team. His age is another factor, too. Hopefully he will stay healthy long enough to aid in Ronnie's comeback.

I figured Ricky would pretty much play out his deal, and then go off into the sunset to teach yoga, practice holistic medicine, tour the world, or whatever else he feels like doing. Ricky, Jalen, and Lex will probably shoulder the load early on in 2008 as Ronnie gets back to 100%.

Good to hear. Ricky is loved because he doesn't strut around like the rest of the heroes in the NFL. He is humble and a talent. Hopefully his body can handle the new season. Good luck Rick.
Boxa - Sydney Australia.

Ricky for TOUCHDOWN !!!

I hope Ricky does great things this year.

I don't condone the drugs but he smoked some pot, and never really harmed anyone. There are a lot worse things that were going on at the time than what Ricky's drug habit. The NFL cracked on him because they could catch him. He wasn't going anywhere.

That 9/11 thing is getting old.


Your Parcells Hall of Fame column was one of the dumbest things I have ever read. No matter what happens with the Dolphins, Parcells deserves to be in, and will easily be elected into, the Hall of Fame. I know it is an offseason fluff piece, but still, come on. It's laughable that you would even waste your own time writing that.

I with Rob. I love Ricky despite it all, and maybe because he knows ts just a stupid game designed to make sure we watch enough commercials hawking products for men. Here's hoping for two productive and healthy seasons and a lot of happiness afterwards.

i think he will win the comeback player of the year!

I have to admit Ricky is one of my fav Dolphins also. Probably because we share some of the same hobbies ;) Either way he could have been one of the best ever but decided on living past the age of 35. Ask Earl Campbell if he would have done it differently today!!!!! Try running into a brick wall 25-30 times a day see how you like it.

Since everyone is being so gracious I guess I could play along...Sure it would be wonderful if we saw Ricky contribute even to the level of that last game against New England (the drop kick game) he was unstoppable. The amazing thing for me was that you knew he was going to get there. With each play he got stronger. The sad thing is that there have been so many heart breaks along the way..Ricky if you are out there give us a couple more of those games and all will be forgiven...

You're the worst writer ever. This must be the punishment for having one of the worst teams around.

If Ricky is as much fun to watch as this blog is to read, I'll be happy over the next two seasons.

Thanks for the fine blog, Armando.

If Ricky plays another two years, that's just fine. I don't think I'm alone when I say that two more years is more than I would have expected he would stay. Ricky is a great RB, and it will be good to have someone of his ability at the minimun salary for a veteran, but I don't think anyone expects him to be a long term fixture. If we get help from him, great. If we don't get any help, oh well. JBC GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

run Ricky run!

Ricky, Good luck you.
Mando, ignore the haters. They need a life.

Good stuff as usual Mando. If Ricky can keep his head screwed on straight, he can be a help. I doubt he's the 1,800 yard back anymore. But he can be good for 500-800 yards as a backup and parttime workhorse.

One question: He wants to play two more years, but does he get through that time without another suspension?

The league often tests him just because they find him interesting.

His beard has more talent than a lesser players entire body.

His breath smells like weed.

He is Ricky Williams the most interesting player in the league.

How does the fact that he turned one of your esteemed colleagues down for an interview matter at all in this blog.

all you do is use this blog to cry about how the fins don't like the press... when obviously they do, just not you guys at the herald.

Best 1 2 punch in da league.

Does anyone know if ronnie will participate in the upcoming mini camps?

A few things folks:

Even though we have moved over here, the old rules about profanity still apply. So peej (where do you get names like this?) your post was deleted. Feel free to repost without the four-letter curse word.

Secondly, Shawn, the 9-11 stuff is indeed getting old. The twin towers were attacked by muslim terrorists, not the US government. So your post has also been deleted. Feel free to repost without the political agenda.

Finally, I appreciate all the people who are loyal to this blog getting on here every day -- that includes people who love the blog and those who want me to "fall down a hole." Thanks. As they said on the Beverly Hillbillies: Ya'll come back now, y'hear?

Hey Armando, the Sunsentnel posted stuff about Ricky Williams on their blog but didn't mention him leaving after a couple of years.

From what I see of when the blogs were posted, they obviously read your blog then wrote their blog. But they still didn't put in the most interesting thing. what do you say about that?

Ay papi.

Good post Mando. I think Ricky will be fine. The two year thing probably gives him just enough time to clear his 'inner air' over all the marijuana, failed drug tests and media hoopla. I think Ricky will work out for us this year and possibly next. i just don't know how he's going to get out from under that multi-million dollar judgement against him by the Fins. I wonder if they'll let him out of it if he plays nice. What do you think, Mando?

Hell yeah.
Ricky will be fine for us, and to get two years out of him will be great for the fins. I'm not saying he'll be Ricky of old, but Talent is on our side. You take away the Pot, and were probably talking about canton. He has the talent and believe you me, Coach Parcells wouldn't keep him on the team if he couldn't help us.

Right on Donny. I love that positivity, man. Peace.


Well, I wish him luck this year but I am glad to say by the time this team is competetive, we would have developed a new running back under this regime be it Ronnie brown blossoming or someone else. I like the approach Parcells has that you can essentially find an adequate runningback to move the chains and get the tough short yards. Gamebreakers are good but only after you have developed your lines both on defense as well as offense. QB's take a while longer so I am glad Henne has been picked up now. He has time to develop.

i say this don't sleep on Ricky Williams people say he wont be the same because he has not played football well right there you are wrong cause he has played in the Canadian league i know thats not the nfl but it like practice for the nfl and i think he will be just fine and who knows if he plays good he might back out of the two retirement plan how many times has that happen.

Ricky is a rare breed in athletic terms. He is a super-athlete even among his peers. I think he can be phenomenal this, next and in the following years.

Also, I am a firm believer that his injury last year was casued by an intentional act. I don't understand why that was never reviewed.

Hey Mando

thanks for letting me know. Long time reader/fan long time poster. 9/11 is very much new, give yourself the time and importance to ACTUALLY look at the evidence. there some serious problems/ questions with it...

anyways, starting to sink in how we let go L. Booker. for a fan base and team starving for offense and excitement you would think we would value these type of electric players. I suppose it will be Ricky run left Ricky run right and a little R Brown for you up the middle.

from earlier, funny how we have changed to hating J.T. and loving Ricky. I just want to win...

Everyone should go to YOU TUBE and plug in Ricky Williams and you will see why he is still a special back. Ricky has surprising speed to start inside and bust it outside, and he also has the ability to plow over ANY linebacker. Yes it was a several years ago....but there has been little tread wear on those tires since.

All I have to say is.......RUN RICKY RUN!!!!


The law has been spoken

Fish Boy

I'm glad someone brought up the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers are the dirtiest, lowest pieces of crap ever after they did step on Ricky intentionally last year. They suck!

I think we are all aware of what has not been mentioned anywhere here. ricky Williams will let us down again before it is over.

He will fail a test, or retire, or get bored and go AWOL, or sleep in for a couple of weeks, or otherwise get injured. Whatever. he will break our hearts again.

You are warned Bill Parcells. I do not forget and I do not forgive 2004 and 2006.

Hey thats really sorrowful how things we say get deleeted and censor like me saying the F-word, or sombody stating somthing politicol. Your reply was politicol so deleete yours also.

WOW, Mando, you've actually been writing worth-reading blogs. I wonder if the new venue has led to a turning-over-a-new-leaf approach to covering the Fins: less negativity, more analysis.

Keep it up!

i dont know if you noticed but Ricky said a couple more years not 2

Run Ricky Run....I say that all the time too

blah blah blah football, wonder what Jason is wearing to the next Stars that try to dance thingy?

It's up to Ricky to prove to dedicated fans his wish to 'play hard and clean' ... and I believe he has power still in those legs! Maybe the injury last season, resting his body worked out - especially with such a disappointing record. Now is the time for him to shine .. and I look forward to seeing him back on the field! What a two punch those two could be: Brown / Williams! Go Fins!!

Ricky has a couple years left. He is still the best back on the Dolphins roster. It will be interesting to see if he can crank it to his 2005 performance.

If Ricky has been faithfully working out in Parcell's offseason conditioning program, I predict he will surprise a few people this year. I hope he does because I think he has a gifted running style, he's fun to watch and he might help us win a game or two.

Great work Armando!

Ricky's got a good heart and is an incredible athlete. If he has been working out there's no reason he and Ronnie Brown couldn't gain 1500-1800 yards between them, and that would be great. Here's hoping for a productive two years.

And by the way, did you ever notice that most of the idiotic posts are written by people who can't spell? In other words, they just might be idiots!

hopefully he stays away for good this time!!

The Truth says this was an excellent blog item today. You are on a roll big boy.

The Truth also says Run Ricky Run!

It's hard to get excited about Ricky knowing that he could screw us over again. We have been burnt much too often and I can not put any faith in him knowing that he could screw up again. I ripped LeBetard (when Ricky was traded to the Phins) because Dan was saying he wasn't worth it. He was right (God that hurt to admit) and I just can't trust RW anymore. I want to get excited about watching him play again but it's not worth the heart break.

I've seen a couple recent pics of hi, and he DOES still like a stud - you definitely can't fault his conditioning. Honestly, if Ronnie comes back and has a decent year - say 800 yards and 6 touches - and we can get about the same from Rickie, I could see a reach for a wild card slot, because a SOLID running game could likely change the Fins to a ball control team, something they haven't been able to accomplish for the majority of their losing years. I'm crossing my fingers that whoever gets the nod at the slot receiver position can run routes well enough to open up the running game for us.

While I REALLY like the look of Ted Ginn, he needs to play some downs before I'll pass judgement on him. He definitely earned second look privileges based on how well he did as a kick returner last year - he lost, what, 3 for TD's due to penalty's, Armando?

I believe Ricky can do it! Will he? Unfortunately, football seems like a job to him. The passion for the game is what makes a true winner. I hope RW can find the passion once again. For him and us.

So do you think we will See dancing JT snippets on the big monitors at the stadium during halftime?

This in NOT what you want to hear from Williams. Let's face it, he didn't get suspended from the league because he messed up, he did it because he didn't care. He didn't have the passion for football, so he smoked some grass and was tossed out. He was quite content with being thrown out too. Now he comes back after a brief stint making a normal salary, and um, he's already planning his exit. This guy looks at his football career as a jail term, except that he's trapped by his mind (thinking about the economic aspect) and not by his physical surroundings. But guess what, if you don't have heart you don't have anything. He's probably thinking more about getting to Amsterdam and Thailand and what he'll do there than he is about what he needs to do now to get those few extra yards next season. I can't say I blame him, but I wouldn't count too much on him.

Ricky, if you should read this, Jason married Antonella and they have a 21 month old son name Philip. We talk about you all the time with admiration. Jason and Antonella are still live Turnberry and straighten out some of his proplems as you might be able to appreciate. The one thing I always respected about you was that you were always a gentleman and showed respect to anyone especially women.
Your great talent is only second to your character. Jason is still very involved in with the Bob Marley family.

Good Luck this season,

Mr. Barr

Over the years, I have supported Ricky in these blogs. Something about the guy makes me want to believe in him. Maybe its because there is no malice in his actions, or because every single coach praises his work ethic, or because he isnt using his time on camera, in uniform, as a stage for his ego. Those are very respectable traits, dont overlook that.

I think Ricky will fit in well for a few years. Like all true Dolfans, I hope to see him profit from a re-vamped O Line and put up good numbers. Man, he sure was tough back in the day....

Good luck Ricky, the fans are behind you!

I trust what Parcells does. If he feels Ricky is worth keeping than its a good thing. This is it for Ricky and Parcells knows it. He very much like Pat Riley, they just know how to motivate people and get the best out of them.


RUN RICKY RUN>>Dolphins 10-6 in 2008,if we can beat the cheaters twice this season, it would be great

You know the rules. No profanity. Profanity is a lazy man's way of trying to be emphatic.

That being said, one thing we know about Ricky is,he can run the football. I still think the Pittsburg foot incident,was on purpose. Remember Carson Palmer? However, Cam should not have played him in that weather.

I think if RW was our only #1 back I would be concerned. But as a back to split time with another stud is something RW can handle.

When Ricky and Ronnie shared carries in 2005 we had a strong running game. So, if healthy, I am optimistic about our running offense.

Hell, 75% of 2005 Ricky is still good, especially for a backup.

this is an amazing to read. The south florida fans asre full of bull.....not one negitive on Ricky here.....Fins fans can turn on you like a dime. Phony fools....And yes, I always suupported Williams, even when he left us.

Ricky's no dummy... this is in essence a contract year for him. He'll give everything he's got this year, then sign a real one-year contract to set him up for retirement. This year will be fun to watch. Please don't take the bait again and sign him for real money that last year.

I question rickys intentions..

If i were him i wouldn't want to see a football ever again.look at the pride NFL players have in the game..the love..the passion..its their job. they take pride in strapping on a helmet..i honestly think that ricky is forced to play because he owes the dolphins money. for him to even say that is stupid.

Im gonna look for a lot of cheap shots to ricky at th bottom of the pile because i dont think anyone in the damn league like him.

if he wants to travel the world. Leave now. I think Jalen Parmelle can fill his shoes just fine to be frank. just make sure u scrummage up that 8 mill u owe us on the way to amsterdam, Ricky..

-TroyTheDisgruntledonetimeRickyWilliamsfanwhowishshe'djuststraigten uphisactandlovethegameagain=/

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