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Sparano: Taylor not attending training camp

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano just dropped something of a bombshell although we preall saw coming.

"What I know and I'm glad we know this," Sparano said. "We gotten the information and that's important. I know that Jason is not going to be at any OTAs [Organized Team Activities]. I know that Jason is not going to be at any minicamps. And I know right now Jason is not going to be at training camp.

"Jason is a player under contract with the Miami Dolphins. He knows that. Both parties are well aware of the information. That's all I'm going to say about it. I'm going to talk about our players now."

And that's all he said.

Taylor, through his agent, has requested a trade on several occasions. And the agent, Gary Wichard, has told the Dolphins that Taylor will not report for training camp unless he is traded ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS.

Although Sparano portrayed this like it's somehow new information it really is not.

Taylor's thinking is simple: He wants to play for a winner and he doesn't think the Dolphins are that team. The Dolphins, Taylor believes, are in a rebuilding mode and that doesn't fit his agenda, which at 33 years old, is to win a championship.

So Taylor ain't showing. He wants out. And he wants out now. He wants to play football, just not for the Dolphins.

As I've been stating to a chorus of accusations that I sensationalize, the situation promises to get uglier later. Not yet, though.

If Taylor isn't traded before the season in September, don't be surprised if he threatens to retire.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, can't really do anything about this matter right now other than continue efforts to trade him. So far Taylor has missed only voluntary workouts. Starting with the June 6-8 mandatory minicamp, Taylor becomes subject to team fines.

And the team will fine Taylor for every day he misses in training camp and grow angrier that such a distraction is threatening to overshadow the building of a team. And knowing the antagonists involved, don't be surprised if it gets personal when folks become frustrated enough to start speaking on the issue publicly.

What was once a win-win situation is now looking like something else.

If the Dolphins had done the logical thing and traded Taylor for a draft pick or picks around draft time, they would have added ammunition for building their team. Taylor, meanwhile, would have been happy to thank the team for 11 wonderful seasons and gone on to trying to win a championship for himself and new team.

But the Dolphins put a ridiculous asking price on Taylor (a first round pick) that no one was willing to pay. So of course, no one made a trade offer. So Taylor is still on the team, but he is not going to be at training camp, at least not at the start.