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Taylor advancing on Dancing good or bad?

Jason Taylor just advanced to the Dancing with the Stars finals.

I admit it. I watch.

So does the rest of the world, apparently. Taylor was just on the cover of TV Guide (Didn't realize that was still around). He also is said to have met with Denzel Washington and some executive muckety muck at 20th Century Fox that told him he should be in pictures.

I want Taylor to win Dancing because, at least for now, he represents South Florida and I'm for South Florida through and through. But although it is good that Taylor goes on to next week's finals, it is also true another week of Taylor on Dancing means another week he's not in the Dolphins conditioning program.

You know how I feel about the importance of offseason conditioning. I also think players make huge salaries and owe their teams and themselves the best opportunity to play well during the season by getting as strong and as finely conditioned as possible during the offseason.

But I'm wondering what you think. Maybe you guys don't think it's a big deal Taylor has missed seven weeks of the program so far so that he could be on, well, the other program. And maybe you don't care if he misses the whole darn thing. So here's your chance to voice your opinion.

Tell me when Jason Taylor should rejoin the Dolphins for conditioning work. Tell me if you think he should join the program at all. Tell me if you believe it is no biggie. Also, take the poll below. I just learned how to configure it so make me happy and cooperate.


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First of all, I think that JT has more than earned the benefit of the doubt. If there's one Dolphin you can say that about, it's obviously him. But I'm also not that worried because it's not like he's playing golf and drinking beers all day. Dancers have to be in really good shape, and he's got to be practicing for hours a day.

mando,you made the most important point to this whole thing, when you said that he gets the $$$$$$ for being here, and he's not.

i might feel differently, if he had cleared it with the Tuna first, and since there has been sparks regarding that matter, i have to say, even though it's hard to not like JT, i have to say that for a die-hard fin fan, he should be here......working for his 8.5 million paycheck. Especially when your boss is Bill Parcells, and you don't have HIS vote to go off and dance.

JT has no obligation to be here whatsoever.

1) These workouts are totally voluntary. I don't care how "but they really aren't" Parcells tries to make them. Know why he isn't fining Taylor for not being at these workouts? BECAUSE HE CAN'T.

2) These workouts are designed to get the players back in football shape. You said you are watching the show. Does this LOOK like a man that needs to get back into shape? Instead, maybe the entire team should be taking ballroom dancing lessons and practicing on Taylor's schedule. Have you seen how Edyta is pushing him? Conditioning will not be a concern.

3) jorgebanks, you say JT should have cleared Dancing with the Tuna first. Kind of hard to do when Parcells wasn't the Dolphins VP until AFTER Taylor had accepted the offer. Now, had he cleared the discussion with Mueller or Huizenga or whoever else? Who knows? But the players work for their paycheck during MANDATORY CAMPS and during the season. Not during voluntary offseason weightlifting sessions.

Any Dolfan upset over JT not being here lifting with the boys needs to get over themselves, watch the show and how amazing JT is doing, and realize he may win South Florida's only sports title in the next 5 years.

At this point, my feelings on the matter are "Eh... Whatever!". He's not getting traded for at least a couple months. This whole dancing ordeal probably affected his trade-ability before the draft because teams hesitate to trade too much for a guy who's about to be out career-wise just before the Hope Carnival that is the NFL draft (which is why I think Parcells was mad, as opposed to Armando's theory that it's cause he's skipping OTAs). But once the season starts and a team (and it only takes 1 of 31 other teams) decides it needs only 1 more guy to win it all and that guy can be had for a 1st rounder...... Someone will bite. So again, at this point, his advancement means little to me, because it doesn't affect the Fins and I care nothing about anything "dancing".

As to the whole JT/Parcells brouhaha. In my mind, its much ado about nothing because I am confident from a decade of watching JT that once he gets into camp he will impress Parcells, regardless of whether he was participating in OTAs or not. That is, of course, until he's traded...

My comments coincide with Seans, his points:
How many of you out there would go into work "voluntarily" NOBODY!
If your boss ask you to come in on your own time I bet all of you would jump off the couch run to the office without getting paid? Doubt it. Get real. JT is in as good a shape if not better than anyone on the roster. Mondo you should quite trying to stur up some constroversal gossip about the team. Everyday I look at several NFL websites and a huge part of the news is the arrests of countless players on a daily basis. At least JT is bringing a positive spot light on the NFL and especially the Dolphins. Every week is is introducted as the NFL man of the year. And in his audience is Emmit Smith and Jerry Rice, not bad company huh? Nuff said, how about getting off JT's ass!

I was channel surfing and saw J.T for the first time. He looked slow coming out of his moves and he looked very stiff and mechanical.

I'll tell you what will happen, because it is what always happens. Taylor will miss most of the conditioning program and most people will say " Oh he is a vet. and missing this training or being injured during camp is no big deal" Then they are the first people to say " remember he missed all that time at training/camp" when they start stinking up the place ( ie Porter last year )
So Taylor will miss a bunch of time and people will say it is no big deal. And then when problems start they will say, remember he missed all that training

Once again, the media is over-blowing this constantly. The man is in shape. Practicing dancing all day for weeks at a time is almost a better form of conditioning than what the players are doing. I guarantee that he is exercising, eating right and staying in tremendous shape. I mean just look at the guy on TV. There is no evidence that he's out of shape and should be shipping his ass back to SOFLA. This show will be over in a couple of weeks and he will be back with his teammates then. I'm sure, that if he does or doesn't get traded, he'll be good to go from day one of training camp.

Mando, good topic. I agree that Jason Taylor is missing out on what sounds like a very good off season conditioning program. Sure he has to be in good shape to be dancing but is this the same as what the team is trying to accomplish with all its players?I have no doubt that Parcells is establishing a winning program in Miami. The point is not whether the program is voluntary or not. The main point is whether players buy into the regime. In my view anyone getting paid as handsomely as Mr Taylor should be in the program. If the program is voluntary MR TAYLOR SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO VOLUNTEER! Some leadership he is showing. I can remember for how long The Dolphins have been looking for leadership in the locker room. Jason has never shown this quality. He comes across as a prima donna. The 11 years he has given the Dolphins are in the past.The NFL is about today. Correct me if I am wrong but I can remember the first games last season where JT looked tired in 4th quarter. As a football fan I think JT is not where he should be. He should be with his teamates. NFL football is a year long job.
Raul, Toronto


I believe some of Parcells' posturing on the subject of TJ's dancing exploits is somewhat contrived. Parcells correctly knows that conditioning in the off-season leads to victories during the season and while these sessions are not mandatory they are the building blocks for success. How does Parcells convey that message to his players when his best player and hence team leader is not participating?

Parcells may not even be that angry at JT but he simply must put on an angry face and snub Taylor. Football is the ultimate team sport, chemistry is as import as individual talent. While, the rest of the "team" is sacrificing for the good of the whole, JT is out dancing for the good of the one, himself and his career after football. How does this promote team chemistry? How does this relate in terms of team camaraderie?

So while I have nothing against JT's dancing, I cannot see any way that it can be construed as anything good for the Miami Dolphins, his present employer. It destroyed his trade value because a player setting himself up for a career after football is basically saying, "I'm ready to quit." I think JT has been ready to quit for a couple years and though his play has not really reflected it, his actions, his commitment to his teammates and his employer have shown through in the lack of chemistry, camaraderie and leadership that has plagued this team for the last several years.

I like JT, but personally I think he should be gone and allow this team to built a new core of leadership in players that are committed and hungry. Being led by a player ready to quit simply leads to a team of quitters and I think that is exactly what we have seen on Sunday.

It's been pointed out time and time again and now I will.....again. Parcells, Sparano,and Ireland were NOT part of the Miami Dolphins when this whole thing started. Were they expecting JT to walk away from the show and be sued since they jumped in?

Jason Taylor has been the best player on the team for 10+ years. He looks to be in great shape (I watch just his dances on youtube cause the show is stupid) and I can almost guarantee you no other player on this team is working out 6-8 hours DAILY like he is.

Armando pointed out that this part of the conditioning program is about stamina and strength and not football. 6-8 hours dancing and balancing your body builds both stamina and strength. I'll grant it's not clean jerks and squats, but it's still a lot of work. I think he will be fine and JT definitely deserves the benefit of the doubt.

I don't think Jason could go to the workouts even if he changed his mind. I am sure there was some kind of contract involved with DWTS. And yes, he could intentionally lose to go home early, but is that what you want from the leader on your football team? Intentionally lose, for any reason? Whether people like it or not, its already done. He is there, competing. And doing a hell of a job. And he is getting a better workout there to boot. Tuna is all about conditioning. Well, he is pretty much training conditioning 9 hours a day. He also admitted himself that some of what he learned with footwork through dancing he thinks will help him in football. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. But this is not the same thing as a player blowing off the voluntary workouts to "work out on their own".

Jason found a way to help market himself better. He found a way to help bridge to a new career when that time comes (and I don't think it will be as soon as everyone says it will be). He is setting up his future. You can't blame him for that. He is trying something new and enjoying life.. good for him! More people should have that kind of can-do attitude. He is projecting the only positive image the Dolphins have projected in years. And the ONLY thing it is costing him is time at the voluntary workouts, which isn't a very big price since you can argue that he is getting a better workout doing what he is doing anyways.

I have always respected Bill Parcells. This one has me scratching my head. If Bill would just say anything the nature of what Sporano said about this (that the media has overblown it and that he is good with what Jason is doing as long as they stay in contact), then it would not even be an issue AT ALL.

Jason Taylor will get back from California in great shape. He will take the field and be the beast that he always has been. When the pads go on, it will be a good thing he is still a Dolphin, and Tuna will recognize that. I am hoping they don't trade him at all. You have to get very lucky with a draft pick, even a first rounder, to get the kind of person playing on your team that Jason Taylor is.

Here's an interesting counterpoint from my brother who read my earlier post, but doesn't like to post on the blog...

Jason Taylor is doing a wonderful thing for the NFL and the Miami Dolphins by participating in Dancing with the Stars while still an active player. The last time I checked the NFL is a capitalist enterprise that makes billions of dollars in profits and counts on fan support for their revenue. Furthermore, it is an entertainment industry. The people that watch Dancing are not the typical NFL fans. Most of my friends would never admit to watching, if they watch at all. I personally have never seen the show, but my older sister loves it and she will not watch football in any way shape or form.

I believe that the reason the Patriots lost the Super Bowl was the constant pressure to perform that started in the spring and continued through February of the following year while the undefeated season and spygate and Moss/Brady/offensive records assault was played out. They need an off-season. Jason Taylor needs an off-season and so do the Dolphins in general. If he comes back in shape and is ready to play then that is all the Dolphins can ask for. Take a look at Michael Strahan for an example. Veterans do not need four months of OTA's and a training camp. As for leadership, he needs to perform on the field to show that. If he doesn't, it won't be because he was dancing with the stars.

Oh, I would also like to politely disagree with Patrick above. Jason Taylor is not ready to quit. Setting up his next career now while he has spotlight and opportunity does not mean he is ready to quit. It means he is smart. I buy life insurance, but I am not ready to die. Its the same thing. He is doing what he can now to help himself later, because now is the best time to do it. You said yourself you think he has been ready to quit for several years but his play hasn't reflected it. Well, his play is pretty much the ultimate statement. When someone is really ready to quit, their play suffers.

I would also argue that he is still the best leader the Dolphins have. Just because he isn't with everyone else lifting weights and all doesn't mean he isn't a leader. Most of his teammates are rooting for him to win! Jason is showing everyone what you can do (what anyone can do) when you put your mind to it. A freakin NFL defensive end in the finals of a national dance competition?! Come on. If he is not setting the example of excelling through will alone, no one is. A leader should inspire others to be better. Lifting weights on the next bench over only does so much. What he is doing is excellent leadership.

As far as team chemistry, you gotta look way beyond Jason Taylor on that. How are you gonna have team chemistry with Saban in charge? Team chemistry would be another name for mutiny against the dictator. And while Cam was in charge? Gimme a break. Last year was a circus, and you can pin that on Jason.

Parcells loves football guys. Jason Taylor is a football guy, and that hasn't changed. These two will get along fine come August.

I don't think it matters what any of us think. What matters, IMO, is how the rest of the team perceives JT. It sounds like every player on the roster is participating in the 'voluntary' conditioning, with the exception of JT, who, as a team leader, you would hope would be there leading by example. I do believe that the Big Tuna has no option but to maintain his present stance. Why? Because it is the only stance he can take that will justify him demanding so much from everyone else on the roster. One thing you can't accuse Parcells of doing is demonstrating hypocritical favoritism.

I just heard myself on the radio and I better stick to writing.

I'm very curious Mando how Parcells/Sparano's new defensive scheme will affect the play of Joey Porter. Any thoughts on whether it could improve his efficacy?

Football players do ballet or some form of dancing because they want consistent core strength and balance — to stay grounded while also having to move in a variety of different ways. JT is doing countless hours of training with his partner. As a personal trainer, I believe dance movements improve agility, flexibility and power for explosive moves use in football. Should he play football this year, he will do great. If not, he's doing everything he needs to do for life after football. I wish him the best either way.

I got no farther than jorgebanks comment,"...i might feel differently, if he had cleared it with the Tuna first..."

jorge and all the rest of you:

Jason Taylor signed on to do DWTS BEFORE Parcells was even hired! How can he clear something with someone who is not there?

He can't.

Honestly the amount of work, heart , sweat , and blood Jason Taylor has put into the Dolphins, there is no doubt in my mind that this amazing football player is taking time off.
I can almost guarantee that he is working out and staying in perfect shape. Someone so dedicated to this team and dedicated to the sport would not do that to his body nor his teammates. With that all being said Jason will be ready and will have the best competition in his career when he returns to training camp. What better opponent to face then the number one pick in the NFL draft.

Jason Taylor gets paid an annual salary by the Dolphins - annual meaning per-year. He certainly can choose to skip the "voluntary" offseason conditioning program but it appears that none of his teammates have made THAT decision. Basically, it comes down to how the player weighs the benefits of such a program verses the pursuit of a future (potential) career. Assuming that Jason Taylor can perform at his highest level for his current employer without the offseason program, then I see no reason to complain about him dancing. The truth, however, is that we all know Taylor lays an egg on the field for the first few games of each season he's has to play his mind and body back into football condition. Last year, he was truly horrible until about the fifth game. The same thing happened one year when Taylor did some offseason modeling and produced a Jason Taylor calendar. Two years ago, he was spectacular, but he was playing for his buddy "Nick" (not "coach" or "coach Saban"). Taylor was on board with Saban's program from day one.
Voluntary workouts are so named because the league makes them so. NFL teams have to call them voluntary. I'm sure the NFL teams don't mind their high-paid employees taking off a couple of months during the offseason - just not during the team programs. Most players seem happy with that. Heck, I'd be happy with ONE month off per year. For a 7 million dollar per year employee to disappear for six months, then have to catch up into the season, I'd think the Dolphins would have a legitimate gripe. If a player is no longer 100% into his profession, he shouldn't be on the team.

mando, you obviously don't know any dancers. I know some dancers and I can tell you that the amount of workout that they do while they practice their dances is so crazy that it's most likely way better than the Dolphins training program. In fact, I'm so certain that JT will be in such great shape for the season and because of it will have a great football season, that the Tuna is going to be begging ALL his players to get into Dancing-with-the Stars. JT will be in better shape than ever before because of the dancing. Mark my words, you heard it here first.

Taylor is at 5% body fat and in the best shape of his career at this point in the offseason. He has a personal chef, works out, does his gruelling dance practice and then works out some more. I know he is a force on the field and super competitive. he will be FINE, let him teach the new defensive lineman something, make the rookie o line go against him to learn too. leave him alone, it is not "mandatory".

We got a bunch of ballerinas on the blog today! Have any of you Fred Astaire types ever wondered why football teams work out during the offseason, but don't dance?

Because dancing is not the best way to get ready for football! So now JT spends an offseason dancing and we think it's the greatest way to get ready for football. What a joke.

Also, I saw a couple of episodes of the show including last night. Didn't really look like the fat girl who got booted off dropped too many lbs. during her time on the show. So much for dancing being a great workout.

Jason is getting plenty of conditioning just dancing. Look at the pro dancers on the show and tell me if you see 1 ounce of fat on them.

Jason Taylor is paid by the Dolphins to be a football player. He should be responsible and focus on the team. If he wants to pursue a Hollywood career after his football days are over; well it's that, wait until you are done with football to pursue your Hollywood dreams. And spare the BS that Jason is always been exemplary, a no trouble guy, etc., etc., so we have to give him this slack; I don't think so, he has been paid handsomely by the Dolphins for that. He either wants to be a football player or an actor, dancer, whatever it is, but decide, in the meantime he is signed for this season and next, so he should fulfill his obligation.

Jason Taylor is paid by the Dolphins to be a football player. He should be responsible and focus on the team. If he wants to pursue a Hollywood career after his football days are over; well it's that, wait until you are done with football to pursue your Hollywood dreams. And spare the BS that Jason is always been exemplary, a no trouble guy, etc., etc., so we have to give him this slack; I don't think so, he has been paid handsomely by the Dolphins for that. He either wants to be a football player or an actor, dancer, whatever it is, but decide, in the meantime he is signed for this season and next, so he should fulfill his obligation.

I'm all for it if it means we get to see his Polish dance partner in a Phins colored outfit again. Seriously, he's in shape and dancing is good fitness. I'm not really sure of Tuna's position -- it's obviously his duty to not endorse a player from doing something other than training for football, but whether it really bugs him or not, I'm not sure.

Look...you retire when you RETIRE. You get paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to play football..put them Fu**in pads on...push the weights and show you still even care about football. Where is the passion J.T.? You act as if you HAVE a ring.

Interesting stuff here folks. I would say a majority of the people here are saying dancing is great conditioning and it doesn't matter that Taylor is not in the program.

But looking at the poll results, nearly half the respondents want him in the conditioning program May 21, the day after Dancing with the Stars ends.

So which is it?

Offseason conditioning is no big deal, or he has to get in the program ASAP?

Jason will have himself ready by training camp. The problem is that it wont be good enough for Parcells and might create an uncomfortable situation. Parcells believes, and I have to agree with him, that getting ready now will make you better. But JT is getting long in the tooth and probably couldn't care less at this point. He has already proven himself. That's why I love the younger guys. They will work their butts off to prove their worth. They are hungry for wins and at this point Jason is halfway to hollywood so what does he care? He wont be winning with this team anyway. You can't blame either of these guys for what is happening, it is what it is.

I've heard more than once now the Colts have contacted Dolphins regarding Taylor. Anyone else hear this?

i myself am looking forward to seeing him(jt) in the upcoming stage production of "mary poppins".

personally, i think yamaguchi is the best dancer on the show.

I am just wondering if anyone of you have played on a football team before. Before I start lets forget about the money, forget about the fans, forget about Parcells and the coaching staff. Forget about if Taylor was wrong by not asking his new boss if he could do it. Forget about Parcells and his attitude towards Taylor.
The bottom line is there is no I in team. Do you really know what that means? When you look at winning teams, I hate to say this but look at the Patriots, they play together as one. They calm Randy Moss down, and he played great within a team envirnoment.
This is a voluntary workout, you are all correct, but why is everyone else there? Every single Miami Dolphins player on the roster is there, but Jason Taylor. They could be at the beach, in Vegas, in New York, traveling Europe. Answer me guys, who so called experts are complaining about voluntary workouts, why are they there? If you played football before then you know you are there to accomplish a goal, and that goal is to win the superbowl. Look around the league and the guys that are not at camp are fighting for a new contract, crybabys, etc. Dancing is not football, period. We have a new defense with new players and you cannot tell me that by Jason Taylor dancing will make him a better football player. Yes, Jason is in good cardio shape, but he also has lost muscle from doing all this dancing. He was not a great run stuffer before and by him being lighter we will see. I have never believe in one player is better than the team, and Jason was one of my favorite player, but I don't agree with his decision on putting himself above the team. If he is the captain of this team, what kind of example does that show to other players on the team. If you think Parcells is going to stand for that, wishful thinking. Parcells knows how to build a team and set examples. I expect Jason Taylor to retire after winning or losing the dance contest. He will not have the guts to come back, you will all see. Zack was the heart of this defense, and do you think Zack would have left the team to do the dance gig? No way, Jason's ego now is not we need, whether its voluntary or not, I am tired and sick of these high paying athletes who think they are above the team. I am also tired of not going to the playoffs and want players who are committed to getting the Dolphins back on track. If Jason is that type of player you all think, then where is our leader of the defense, Oh yes he is dancing when all the other Miami Dolphins are practicing and jelling as teammates, Taylor has become a joke and a distraction to the Dolphins. I am tired of hearing about this stupid dance contest, and more concern about how our new players are fitting in. A waste of time.

Yes Sensi, let's look at the Patriots. There was an article last week about Tom Brady not being at any voluntary work-outs and now he is taking another 2 weeks off to visit with his kid. THAT SELFISH BAST**D. Shouldn't someone tell him there is no "I" in team.
All of this JT talk is nothing but media hype and BS. What has Parcells actually said about JT and his dancing? What, I didn't hear that. Because he has actually said nothing. Not one word has been quoted from Parcells. There was that one article or was it a blog that had some comment about somebody's brother's cousin had a girlfriend who had a brother who was friends with someone who's sister's boyfiend might have worked for the Dolphins that heard that Parcells didn't say hi and jump up and give JT a hug when he surprised him by showing up at his office. Other than that the only comment I ever read or heard from Parcells concerning JT was that would not be traded and the only way he won't play for the phins is if he retires.
Now Sparano on the other hand has said a few things regarding JT and DWTS. He said that he enjoys watching him dance. He said that JT was given the conditioning program to workout while he was away and that JT was in fact working out. He also said that all is fine between him and JT and his dancing during this time.
If there was any rift between the Dolphins organization and JT, then why do they post an update every week on DWTS on dolphins.com? It seems as if the dolphins are proud of his work.
To the one poster who thinks that JT should be putting on the pads now: That would be strange that not one other player has put on the pads yet. Pads don't come on for at least another month. The only workouts he is missing is in the gym with the weights. He is working with the weights every morning and evening while in Hollywood. So what is he missing, showering with the guys? Not all players are working at the same time anyway. They come and go and keep to their own schedules.
He will be here when he is done with the show and be in shape. He will still be a team leader and command respect. He will still play his @ss off and get those sacks.

Year after year Jason Taylor is one of the NFL's best players. I'm pretty sure he knows what he needs to do to be ready for the season. Michael Stahan did not participate in anything last off season. He still had a good year.

I still don't get why some people are predicating their points on whether or not JT should have cleared this with BP. Are they not getting that BP was not even hired yet? Do they not read the other comments that state this same fact? Hey, read the other comments too. BP wasn't here yet. You cannot get an OK from an imaginary President of Football Operations. Leave the guy alone, all ready. So what he makes more money than us. So do a lot of people. Usually after 11-12 years of service, you have enough respect and the right to go on a 'vacation'. Jeez.

So why hasn't anyone brought up Michael Strahan? He missed alot more than some OTAs last year. I think the Giants did all right...

JT will be back. He will be ready for training camp and he will be ready for the season. JT will be playing in a defense that made a former Parcells lineback pretty famous. I think his name was Taylor too...


this JT stuff sounds like a song off the EAGLES new album; "Too busy being fabulous...too busy to think about us"....

i remember at the end of a couple of games in december he was out of gas in the Q 4 & we could not stop the run to save our butts.

"Offseason conditioning is no big deal, or he has to get in the program ASAP?"

Or C) Offseason conditioning is a big deal and some of recognize that it is exactly what JT is participating in even while on DWTS. But SWFlafan hit the nail on the head. Parcells has said nothing about the show itself, only that JT will not be traded. Everything Sparano has said concerning JT and/or the show has been positive and supportive and has called the allegations of a rift between JT and Parcells "overblown". One has to wonder why the media and some fans have such a hard time accepting that as possibly being the truth.

This is JT's time, sit back and enjoy it one more week. If you know jason, his work ehic is second to none. What great publicity for the Dolfins. Instead of hearing about all these spoiled athletes getting in trouble we have the opportunity to see Jason dance. He is in top condition. Im sure he wont miss a beat.
Make sure you vote for Jason.

I have always been a great fan of JT. He has given a lot to the Dolphins and I don't really think there is a lot wrong with preparing for a life after football.

But I also don't think this is doing team bonding any favors. Although each player has to find his own motivation and make it on his own ultimately, this is a team game, and the chemistry of the team must be developed. It's not about what JT will or won't do personally in each game, because there is more to the Dolphins than JT.

On the dancing note, it will provide an incredible workout for JT, but it will never be a substitute for a football program. I've danced professionally on and off for about 15 years, and aside from balance, flexibility and overall endurance, my workout regimens would do nothing to prepare a football player for the type of exertions he will be faced with in a game. A lot of JT's position is speed, but the rest is brute strength and like swimmers, dancers do not benefit from the high muscle mass that results from the training necessary for football strength. It is a detriment in fact.

He is required to do both 1 and 3 i supposed. He's an ideal athlete.

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