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Taylor to miss this weekend's minicamp

The Dolphins will hold a "voluntary" and "private" minicamp for veterans and rookies Friday through Sunday.

That means everyone is invited to attend except the media and fans.

Jason Taylor, for one, is already on record saying he will not attend. He wrote in his ESPN The Magazine blog today that he was scheduled to be in Los Angeles that day. "Got some things to do there," he wrote.

Taylor is expected to participate in the "mandatory" minicamp June 6-8. What a zoo that should be.

I am not going to get into Taylor's line of reasoning for missing this minicamp. If you want to know, go to the blog yourself. I am also not going to tell you MY opinion other than these two things:

Taylor says in the blog entry he is a lead-by-example guy. What example does he think he is setting right now?

Secondly, every party in this saga is disingenuous. No one has had the guts fortitude to say what they really feel for fear of looking bad or hurting their public image.

Anyway, you debate amongst yourselves.

The issues:

  1. Dancing with the Stars is over, why the heck isn't he back to WORK?
  2. It's a voluntary camp, he doesn't have to show up.
  3. He's supposed to be learning a new defense and isn't, which hurts the team.
  4. He's learned new defenses several times the past three years so he'll catch on just fine with this one.

Discuss ...

[I am offering several items today because, well, I'm working harder than usual today. The items are also shorter than usual for quick reading. So please check out the item about the NFL labor situation which will turn 2010 into something of a free-for-all.]


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This wont hurt the team !

Don´t be childish ......

Enough already...trade him for a 2nd & 4th and be done with it.

Merling & Roth will fill the holes.

How can it possibly hurt the team when everyone knows he won't be on it that much longer? He wants out, and this is just another way to make his point without publicly saying 'I want out'. Parcells knows it too, why do you think he took 2 defensive ends so high? Hopefully he starts out strong so Miami can get a #1 from a contender

Armando, if you're too bored to write about it, why do you think we'd be interested enough to comment?

Hey Geraldo, you apparently were interested enough to leave a comment about not wanting to leave a comment. No wonder I don't watch your show.

JT has now turned himself into a circus show. His blog makes NO SENSE, which is why Mando won't comment on it. And Dolfans still think JT is the good guy and BP is an A-Hole. He should just retire IMO.

Leave Janice Taylor alone....leave her alone !!!...( cry, sob ). I heard from a guy, who heard from a guy, who thought he heard that TMZ had reported that Janice Taylor had been signed for a part in Birdcage II. He..uh, she, will be one of the dancers on stage.

Get Taylor out of here.He's going to suck this year anyway...his mind is on Hollywood not Football.
Go Tuna !!!!!!

Remember when armando worked for ESPN? Ha ha ha

Who do you think you are? You are under contract and it is time to start acting (pun intended) like it. Play on your own time once you've retired but this "prima donna" attitude isn't going to get it done. You're not going to win this ones with the fans who support the TEAM first.
We don't care about you as a person but as a player for the Dolphins. Stop this nonsense and get back in camp and in football shape. Stop all the whining- you're one of 53 players...get it?


Keep doing what your doing. Parcells doesn tcare about you and he is overrated


PS Armando sucks.

Is it just my devious mind or does anyone else think this whole thing is contrived? I mean think about it, who really loses here? The league is getting all this publicity during the off-season lull between the draft and training camp, Taylor is getting his Hollywood moment and Parcells is getting a player who while playing twinkle toes has not been sitting around eating Twinkies. It just seems to me Roger Goodell is just sitting back loving it.

This isn't the usual fodder we get this time of year. You know dog fighting, shootings, drug busts, bar room brawls... All Parcells has to do is act mad, all Jason has to do is dance and all Roger has to do is sit back and laugh. I'm not buying in any more. I think they are playing us...

Taylor will be traded. Soon. You saw it here first.

same old song and dance

He ain't coming back, Zach's sister won't let him.


Can you write about something elez, other then Jason freaking Taylor. U say U are tired of writing bout it, but u continue with the drama, you are just as much of a drama queen as JT IS. You need to get over yourself, every 2 minutes you play the I TOLD YOU SO CARD, (GO READ MY PRIO BLOGS. Dam get over yourself already. Everything you write IS NOT NEWS (THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS)

It seems a lot of people complain about this JT drama but we all flock to this blog to read about it and comment on it. It's like a bunch of guys who say they don't watch soap operas but secretly do watch. I happen to find this interesting. Thanks for keeping me up to date Armando.

Jason has a Hollywood career waiting for him !

Let Parcells blow it out his a** !

Jason owes Parcells NOTHING !

Here's my take: Bill Parcells can make this all go away by treating Jason Taylor like a GROWN MAN! To blow him off the way he did was DISRESPECTFUL period. This is the off season and Jason Taylor is you best player and he's been that for years. If his attendance was mandatory and then he missed then you have a point but until he misses a mandatory team function, stop disrespecting the man.

Who gives a rats arse really?? JT cares more about his future career than his present and Parcells cares more about his current job than anything else. I really don't think your average joe waiting for some football really gives a crap about dancing with the stars or OTA's we are just hoping that this team won't be a repeat of last year. I really think that the media, for lack of any dolphin news, keeps the bloggers happy by feeding into this soap opra. The bottom line is JT appears that he already has 1 foot out the door and doesn't want to look back. By the way I feel like it's comical that JT wants to start an acting career. Doesn't he realize that if he plays this out poorly fans all over are fickel and will just move onto the next Rock or the next hot thing.

Armando, whats the deal with logging into the herald just to view articles. they used to do this, and I stopped coming until I heard that I was able view them again without logging in, and now they are making me log in again. this is crap.

I dont get why everyone is either for BP and hates Taylor or for JT and hatin' on Parcells when they are both doing what they are doing to make our Fins a better football team. Im sick of the whole side choosing battle going on. Mando, i read the site every day and appreciate the info you provide, but this JT/BP media war is going a bit too far. The season will begin, and they will both be working together to win some football games. Lets hear something about the new members of the Fins and what they're bringing to the table.


This is nonsense. Doesn't anyone know the meaning of the word VOLUNTARY? JT is not breaking any rules here. Throughout his career, he has PROVEN that he always comes to camp in shape and ready to go from the day that camp opens. Therby, EARNING the right to miss these workouts. Furthermore, the argument about learning a new defense does not hold water. After 10 or 11 yrs in the league and 3 or 4 Def Coordinators, there are not too many schemes that he has not seen. In addition, he is a smart guy and a helluva athlete, so it will not take long for him to adjust to whatever scheme we decide to run. Especially when you take into account that our coach has not committed to a defensive scheme as yet. As far as setting an example, there is not one player on our roster, even the recent FA signees, who haven't seen what JT can do on the field. For those who don't know, they'll find out once MANDATORY workouts begin. WE, the fans, and the entire DOLPHIN organiztion need to pay JT some respect. I'll have to lay this continually disrespect firm in H. Wayne's lap. First, he pushed Shula aside in favor of Jimmy. Then, he allowed Wanstache to unceremoniusly usher Dan out the door and know it seems as though he will allow Parcells to do the same to JT. It is no small wonder that this once proud franchise has become the laughing stock of the NFL. There is an old proverb that states "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." As the head of the organization, it is up to H. Wayne to set the tone and the corporate culture. His laissez-faire attitude has allowed the inmates to run the asylum. It is time for him to step up and make a statement that management is firmly behind treating its players and create an environment that has every NFL player and every free agent chomping at the bit at the prospect of becoming a Miami Dolphin. Take the Cowboys for instance, it was not that long ago that they were losing too. Jerry steps up, makes a committment to his players. He supports them through the good and the bad. He tellls the FA who have bad reps "I don't care what you did with that other team, this is how we do it in Dallas. If you can do things our way, we'd love to have you." As a result, all most every prominent Free agent has Dallas high on their list of prospective teams. In short, the tone is set at the top and flows done through the ranks. As great as he is and despite the amount of power his position holds, Parcells is not at the top of the Dolphins. That spot is held by H. Wayne Huzienga and if he desires to win a championship, it is time that he sets a tone that leads to a championship environment.

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