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Taylor to miss this weekend's minicamp

The Dolphins will hold a "voluntary" and "private" minicamp for veterans and rookies Friday through Sunday.

That means everyone is invited to attend except the media and fans.

Jason Taylor, for one, is already on record saying he will not attend. He wrote in his ESPN The Magazine blog today that he was scheduled to be in Los Angeles that day. "Got some things to do there," he wrote.

Taylor is expected to participate in the "mandatory" minicamp June 6-8. What a zoo that should be.

I am not going to get into Taylor's line of reasoning for missing this minicamp. If you want to know, go to the blog yourself. I am also not going to tell you MY opinion other than these two things:

Taylor says in the blog entry he is a lead-by-example guy. What example does he think he is setting right now?

Secondly, every party in this saga is disingenuous. No one has had the guts fortitude to say what they really feel for fear of looking bad or hurting their public image.

Anyway, you debate amongst yourselves.

The issues:

  1. Dancing with the Stars is over, why the heck isn't he back to WORK?
  2. It's a voluntary camp, he doesn't have to show up.
  3. He's supposed to be learning a new defense and isn't, which hurts the team.
  4. He's learned new defenses several times the past three years so he'll catch on just fine with this one.

Discuss ...

[I am offering several items today because, well, I'm working harder than usual today. The items are also shorter than usual for quick reading. So please check out the item about the NFL labor situation which will turn 2010 into something of a free-for-all.]