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The difference between this program and others

I wrote a column about Bill Parcells and his devotion and belief in his offseason program in today's Herald.

It is a subject I've written about a handful of times already this offseason between the blog and the newspaper's pages. The reason for my coverage is that the program is IMPORTANT. As I wrote, Parcells believes one way to make the Dolphins better in the Fall is to have them get in shape in the Spring.

He is a strong proponent in free weights, as the column says. In fact, he has had a bunch of the machine weights removed from the Miami weight room and the dropping of free weights to the floor now echoes throughout the Dolphins training facility. Someone told me it's like working in a train station.

When I wrote about the topic before, a skeptic (read smart ass) suggested I was building up the conditioning program after tearing down the way Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson and then Dave Wannstedt worked their teams early before they collapsed in December.

The skeptic (read smart ass) said I was against hard work then but seem to be for it now.


The difference now is Parcells is working his team on conditioning and -- strictly conditioning. They're working hard at it. They're getting in shape. Football work will come later.

The previous coaches didn't work their teams as hard this time of year, but then turned it on during training camp to get in shape. They would go in pads twice a day in July and August. They would hit in camp almost every practice. And they would often continue hitting well into the season, even in November and December.

So what you had was a team that wasn't in as good a shape, getting in shape by hitting in training camp and into the season. What you'll have now is a team that is going to be in good shape hitting in training camp, but not as often and not as long. I doubt the Dolphins will be hitting during practice going into November and December.

I believe training camp and so much regular-season practice contact sucked the life out of some of those Shula-Johnson-Wannstedt teams. Sure, they started fast because they were razor sharp at the season's start. But the players' bodies could endure only so much contact and hitting before wilting. And so you had those forgettable December swoons.


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Armando, keep the good work.
Arturo (from Mexico)

i agree mando,but Shula must of known something to be the winningest coach in nfl history.

I think he is referring more to the post-Shula era. Either way, hopefully we won;t have as many injuries or 4th quarter shortcomings this year.

Shula was a hack. Just ask Armando. Ask him about Marino as well. He helped run the legends out of the game. He'll deny it, but the proof was right there in his columns of the day. When the Dolphins struggle this year, he'll start sniping at Parcells. It's Armando's M.O.

I agree with the previous poster. Shula worked his players hard during training camp because back in the day the players did not report during off season and needed a rough camp to get into shape. If Shula did anything wrong as he progressed through his career it may have been that he did not change his approach to the off season as the league changed to more of a full time job.

I like the Parcells approach in the modern NFL, but I would not lump Shula in with Johnson and Wannstedt, neither could hold Shula's jock. I also think that physiologically the players have changed, in comparison they are huge and have much greater muscle mass. It's like a long distance runner versus a shot putter. Conditioning has to change as the size and musculature of the players change.

Later in his career Shula had trouble adjusting because, well, there is still only one team that has gone undefeated and perhaps he didn't see the need to change something that was proved successful. I can see some fault there but I would think twice about lumping him anywhere near Wannstedt. To even mention the two in the same sentence seems ludicrous at best to me.

Armando didn't run Shula out of town. Armando wasn't even a columnist when Shula was coaching. I believe it was Dave Hyde and Bob Rubin and Retard, when he was actually writing for the newspaper, that had most to do with running Shula out of town. I remind you, even Dan Marino wanted Shula out and embraced Jimmy Johnson. And the Buffalo Bills did a lot of that work also. Let's not change history.

I commend Salguero for this blog. Excellent stuff. I also appreciated your vote.

Armando, this new blog looks great. Very clean. Congratulations on the move. Hey, your brother is out of town. Come over.

How come you posted profanity Armando?


Can we plzzz talk about another subject. Do you have orgasm's with Parcells off-season workouts?? Jesus!!!!

I cringe when I see Shula mentioned in the same sentence as Jimmy or Wanny. If anything I see strong similarities between Shula and Parcells in the strength of the personality and the commitment to winning I'll bet they see eye to eye on a lot of things. Geez, after the past 12 years who here doesn't miss Shula?

I leave town to get surgery on my refresh-button hitting finger and this is the thanks I get?

Liked the column. Had a laugh over the smart ass comment. great for a monday.

Dude Parcells is in his seventies, the only way he can have an orgasm is when he is having the Special K flushed out of his colon every week. Just asked Dan " I never met a Twink I didn't like " LeBastard, that's his night job.


Armando Salguero has covered South Florida sports for 25 years, starting as a 19-year-old in 1982. HE'S COVERED THE DOLPHINS SINCE 1990 and hosts a Dolphins hour show every weeknight 7-8 on 790 TheTicket ( He has worked nationally for ESPN and also writes sports columns for The Miami Herald.

Salgeuro's Bio on this website.

Snippet from article BY ARMANDO from 1996.

Miami Herald - December 30, 1996 - 9D Sports

Don Shula contacted the New York Giants about a head coaching job last week . . . for Dolphins offensive coordinator Gary Stevens . Shula, who stepped aside as Dolphins coach a year ago, called Giants General Manager George Young to recommend Stevens as a candidate to fill the Giants' coaching vacancy. ``I haven't talked to either New York club about myself,'' Shula said. ``I am not actively seeking to get back into coaching in the near...

And he wrote others calling for Shula's retirement and JJ's hiring. Now, lots of reporters jumped on the JJ bandwagon, but few with the fervor that Armando did. And he was firmly with Wannsteadt in wanting Marino out. The facts are fairly clear when one looks at his old columns.

Mando is awesome

I agree with those who cringe at the mention of Shula in the same sentence, paragraph or story for that matter as the fraud Johnson and the village idiot Wannie (Jamar Fletcher???). Seems like Parcells has a blueprint and the team is following it. It isn't all that complicated really, and he has done it several times.

What I find funny about the column is that Parcells wants his teams to be fit and conditioned, but he is a fat slob. Do as I say, not as I eat.

So what if Parcells is fat and he demands the guys be in shape? He is being paid to BUILD a team, not PLAY for the them. Even Shoes had a gut on him for the last 15 years of his career. Didn't make him any less of a class act in my mind.


I actually liked this blog by mando... except for the whole Don Shula comment. most of it made sense. The whole conditioning now, hitting later approach really works. If someone ever played football in high school or college they know the beating the body takes over that 5-6 months of hitting. Good job pointing that out mando. however shula coached in a different time and was the only coach to ever have a team go undefeated. that and the fact that he's like the winningest coach ever, makes him the best ever in my opinion. Wannstedt was an idiot, a Johnson cared more about how he looked than how the team did.

nice blog format Armando, keep doing good job

Please tell me what that post that relates an old Salguero story about Shula calling the NYGs on behalf of Gary Stevens has to do with Salguero ripping Shula?

Answer: None.

Ridiculous post.

You guys always find something wrong with anything Mando writes. It's obvious he was referring to Shulas later years as this is when he was covering the team. AND HE'S RIGHT! We always came out real strong in September and fell apart in December. Any good fin fan knows this. I for one love the new approach. I have always used free weights over machines and believe in their benefits which include better balanced muscle growth. It's harder to cheat with free weights. It's also a benefit for the players to come into training camp in great shape so they can concentrate more on x's and o's. The new Dolphins are definitely going to be a big, strong group. No more being pushed around on the line of scrimmage! Go Dolphins!

"Ripping Shula"? LOL. He stated a fact so how did he "rip" Shula? Armando has always been very complimentary of the Don.

Armando, your blog is great, but the layout of the older one was cleaner and more polite (in my opinion).

Can you at least change the font? the old one was great

keep up writing!


The column about Gary Stevens was just to prove the point that Salgeuro wrote for the Herald about the Dolphins during the time Shula was here. I din't dig into the archives to find any of his posts calling for Shula's head, just the first one that popped up during a search for the appropriate time frame. If your too obtuse to understand that, my apologies.


I never said Shula's later teams didn't fade down the stretch. Obviously they did. But that doesn't change the fact that Armando will generally take his shots at Shula and Marino when he can. To stir up controversy and mask his shortcomings as a reporter. He's a gossip columnist. Not an objective reporter. And that is evident in his writing. Wear the blinders all you want, it's nothing to me, but some fans won't drink his kool-aid.

Not sure why it matters what Mando wrote more than a decade ago, about anybody. I don't think the same way I did a decade ago, and I doubt you do either. I have seen more of the world, and how it works, and my views have changed accordingly.

I Love Shula, and Marino as much as anyone, but I have to say that it was truly time for both to go when they did. Both contributed to the team's struggles at the end of their respective careers, and no amount of good will, or team loyalty can change that fact.

I am not saying any of this to defend Mando's position, or what he may say now, I am just saying that just because you may not agree with what he has to say, there will always be kernels of truth in it.

Learn to look at the history of the team with a more objective eye. The old yarn goes that history is written by the victors. We haven't been victorious for far too long to have such an egocentric view of our place in the league. I want to see us start winning again. If Parcells said we would all have to have anchovy, and sauerkraut sandwiches for breakfast to get there, I would say to give it a shot, and pass the mayo. We need to learn how to win again, and stop yipping, and yapping like a bunch of Mexican barking rats.

what a bunch of whiney jackasses.

If this team exceeds expectations, and Taylor delivers, then no one will care. If they fail miserably and/or Taylor plays poorly, then its a big problem. Success solves all of these problems.

One note about the McKinney signing... I looked back and found the following quote from Armando's story about Tony Sparano, the "Straight talker":

Sparano was asked whether the team has thought of adding a veteran left guard to stick between rookie left tackle Jake Long and second-year center Samson Satele.

''No,'' he said concisely before explaining what the team was actually thinking.

Thank you.

Well, maybe no thank you. I guess Sparano has a better poker face than Armando gave him credit for.... :-)

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