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Things to look for out of today's OTA reveal

The Dolphins today will unveil their entire team -- minus Jason Taylor, of course -- to the media for the first time this offseason, and some issues bear noting.

Some guys that only a year ago seemed assured of long futures with the Dolphins are, shall we say, fighting for their lives. Before actually seeing today's organized team activity or whatever they call this stuff, I am pretty comfortable telling you this much:

1. Jason Allen, who finished last season as a starter, hasn't been running with starters during the early days of OTA practices. He will get first-team snaps, but he is definitely in a battle to keep the job he held last year. He is locked in a battle to keep his spot against the likes of Renaldo Hill and Chris Crocker and even Keith Davis.

At the other safetey, Yeremiah Bell apparently has been moving quite nicely while recovering from his Achilles' tendon tear in the 2007 season-opener. While perhaps not 100 percent yet, he's very, very close. And coaches like him enough that he is projected a starter.

Hill, recovering from an ACL tear, is also working his way back and should be ready for work by training camp. And Crocker and Davis are Ireland/Parcells/Sparano additions so they have a built-in advantage over Allen. The point is Jason Allen, who was starting to look like something other than a bust at the end of last year, is fighting to keep from being that again.

2. Matt Roth, a second-round pick of Nick Saban in 2005, is going to have to impress during the coming minicamps and into training camp and the preseason to keep his roster spot. That after he started nine games last year.

Roth sucked was something of a disappointment as a starter last year and doesn't seem really suited for the 3-4 because he's neither super big, nor super strong, nor super quick. He's really more a 4-3 end -- except the Dolphins aren't running a 4-3 most of the time. So the pressure is on.

3. I am assuming here, but I think you'll hear today that Josh McCown is taking a majority of the first-team snaps with John Beck taking the second-team snaps and rookie Chad Henne starting out with the third team snaps. It is the logical order, if Salguero is coaching the team.

If this is not the order, it should be news because it means Beck or Henne, two youngsters have caught the staff's attention while McCown, the veteran, hasn't translated his experience to an early advantage. Whatever the case today, eventually McCown and Beck will share first-team snaps and playing time in the preseason as coaches stoke the QB competition.

4. It should be interesting to see what the tight end rotation is. And one question to Bill Parcells: Why isn't Kyle Brady on this team?

5. If you read stories of Ronnie Brown continuing to look really good and even taking snaps in the coming camps, don't pay much attention. The fact is his real test will not come until the regular season. It is not too difficult to hide a knee injury in the preseason. Remember Daunte Culpepper? But the rigors of actually getting hit in full contact work throughout an 18-carry game is a whole different story than training camp or even moderate preseason work.

And that won't happen until the games count for real. So hold your breath because the early returns may not be indicative of reality.

Anyway, I'll be blogging live during Wednesday's practice. Oh, no I won't. The Dolphins don't want anyone doing that because it might upset their competitive advantage. Never mind that the Giants allow their media to blog live from practice and it didn't seem to affect their competitive advantage too much.

I will, however, provide a post-practice update. God willing.


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It helps being on the west coast, so I say this proudly "I am First on the blog". Thanks Mando for the Ronnie Brown update. I really appreciate it! Ha Ha. What would the cap hit be if Jason Allen got bounced this year versus next? He makes way to much money for a nickel package and special teams guy. He has to be starter for the money we pay him. I can't find a reason that OTA's wouldn't be allowed to blog for media's sake? Maybe they don't want everyone to know just how bad our QB situation really is or that we only have 8 guys to defense and all 8 are on the line of scrimmage? Mando, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for the leaving your home office and or office to cover the dolphins tomorrow! Sarcasm!

These position battles are all fine and interesting, but the only thing that matters for the Fins season is an O line that jells f-a-s-t. Lets pray Long is the next Jumbo Elliot, Smiley can stay healthy, Satele doesn't regress, someone steps up and fills the RG spot, and Vernon Carey has his break out pro-bowl year. Run Ricky/Ronnie run!

what is up with saying what you think and crossing it out lately? What do you think you are a hybrid of Omar and profootballtalk.com? Why are you calling attention to yourself with your noting that you have actually posted more then one blog in a day?
1. Jason Allen will be fine, trivecta is testing him
2. Roth is overrated and gone in a month
3. Beck will start by game 3
4. cause he is old
5. I agree about Ronnie, you can recover from a blown knee in 9 months to walk, but not play. Look at him having a long year this year.

Armando, I had read that Sparano said Jason Allen would see some time at corner as well as safety. Maybe if the depth is strong at safety with Bell and Hill healthy and the addition of Crocker, Jason Allen will end up at corner.

Also the reports about Ronnie Brown's rehab going well are encouraging. Even though you're right about contact, the fact that he can participate at this time is a great sign. Many players before him have rebounded and played within a year of suffering the same injury. I think he's got a chance to join that group.

This idea that it takes two years to recover from an ACL is 10 years outdated. There are many examples of players coming back earlier than that and succeeding. Don't use Culpepper as an example, he blew the MCL, LCL, ACL and PCL.

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