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ESPN tackles Taylor saga in one fell swoop

A look at ESPN.com's football site this evening is not very kind to Jason Taylor.

The lead story is a column by Jeffri Chadiha on KC tight end Tony Gonzalez, who at 32 years old, is in the twilight of his career while stuck on a rebuilding team. Sound familiar?

It apparently struck a comparative chord with Chadiha who draws the obvious parallel between Gonzalez and Taylor. But then the author draws this distinction with Gonzalez after talking to him at the team's last minicamp:

"He wasn't griping or moping, and he definitely wasn't demanding a trade to a team with championship potential. He'd decided to do what professionals do -- which is worry about the things he actually can control -- and that philosophy has made life much easier for him to handle these days."

Meanwhile, the video linked to the column is a segment on NFL Live in which Trey Wingo, Eric Allen and Mike Golic discuss Taylor and Gonzalez. Their first topic of conversation is which of the two is in a "worse situation."

Armando Note No. 1: How can anyone making millions of dollars per year to play a game be in  a "worse situation?" Just asking.

Anyway, Allen said Taylor is worse off because, "pretty soon [Bill Parcells] is going to lay down the hammer," on him. Golic said "neither is in a good position," but Gonzalez on the field has no control over playing with bad or young teammates, particularly QBs. So Golic concludes the DE has it better off on the field.

Wingo then brings up how the two have handled their situations and both Allen and Golic, a former Dolphin, agree Taylor hasn't handled his situation well. Golic talks of not liking Taylor's press conference a couple of Sundays ago.

"Handle business behind doors," Golic says. "...You don't hear anything from Tony Gonzalez or what he's going through and that's fine although it's not good for my radio show. From a team aspect, I don't like it when it gets out in public."

Allen agrees. "Tony Gonzalez is doing it the classy way ...," he says.

Armando Note No. 2: That is precisely the way Taylor wanted it handled originally but things kind of got off course, I guess, and now he's scheduled to have yet another press availability Friday.

Anyway, the third and final offering from the monolith that is ESPN is a column by Sal Paolantonio, written following his visit to minicamp last weekend. SalPal, a fine writer before joining the TV business, gives an overview of the camp and much of it focuses on Taylor.

"Before minicamp, [Taylor] met with [coach Tony] Sparano and Parcells separately," SalPal writes. "In both conversations, Taylor reiterated his desire to play one more season -- somewhere else."

And then it gets worse for Taylor.

"Now that Taylor has pronounced that he is a one-year rent-a-player, his value has diminished. In essence, he's made himself into Tiki Barber, proclaiming he's done before he's done. And who's going to part with a first- or second-round draft pick for that headache?"

It is all quite a full plate of coverage. There's nothing dramatically new about it, but it definitely grabs one's attention. The coverage, however, doesn't include all the latest news.

And what is that? Well, the Dolphins are in the final days of their OTA program. It ends this week before players and coaches get some vacay time. Taylor, a Dolphins source says, has not attended this week's workouts so far.

Armando Note No. 3: Thursday morning's OTA workout will be open to the media although not to the public. I will blog as soon as something noteworthy happens.


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Thanks Mando. I read all those stories and have to agree. When you compare the 2 it just really brings the point home. Tony was the best TE for quite a while and his team never got over the hump.Hes just stayed professional throughout and made football his main priority.

JT could learn a lesson from him but his priorities are with Hollywood celebrities right now. Must be nice to make millions of dollars, take some time off work to promote the next career(hopefully not), and then come back and make demands or your going to pout.

I agree with the owners. There is no way these guys deserve this kind of pay because they just never learn proper responsibility. Some do but there are a lot of rotten apples in this game.

Can you post a poll on whether you should be fired or not?

I think the court of public opinion is now against Taylor. The ESPN stuff kind of proves it. Armando, you have been fair with JT, getting behind him a lot but also calling him out when he deserved it. What do you think he should do?

Armando, can you post a poll whether SL is an asswipe or just a common turd?

Dude, how long can you beat this horse, IT IS DEAD. If JT shows up for camp great, if he doesn't show up for camp great. How many people really remember all the players that didn't show up for NFL camp 3 years ago. My point exactly. I thought their was new information in this story that's why I read it. Normally if I see JT's name I don't even read it. Please give us a break on the JT and the Dolphins saga it is so old news, old news, old news, old news, old news, old news, old news.

Jason Taylor has played and conducted himself at a high level since he got here. At the very least, he has earned the right to be acknowledged by Bill Parcells when he enters a room. JT had made a commitment before the management of the team changed and it was unreasonable to expect that he would blow off the commitment to attend a voluntary training camp.

That being said, he should have asked for a trade in private and he should be in training camp when it opens. His hand may have been forced by Tony Sparano's announcement that he would not attend training camp.

I would venture to guess that Jason Taylor's biggest issue is the disrespect that he has been shown. It seems as if The Tuna has been intimating that "It's my way or the highway." What is sorely lacking on both sides is simple diplomacy!

Jason Taylor has been highly paid for every second of every snap of every series of every quarter of every game he has ever played for the Miami Dolphins.

Eff him for wanting a trade and not acting "professional" as the ESPN guy wrote. And Eff Salguero for ever defending Taylor.

By the way, Salguero, I did read your Michael Jordan column and I did agree with that. But on the Taylor thing, you need to see him for the selfish individual he is.

Now counting the seconds before Salguero deletes my post.

I don't see two sides to this story. He has already skipped a mandatory minicamp. While the OTAs are all but officially mandatory, he did have his dancing schedules before Parcells came in. Besides, I felt he had earned a little more leeway. Who really worried that he wouldn't be in shape? But now that he's skipped the minicamp and is planning on skipping training camp, how is there another side? He's no better than every other whining athlete who holds out. Some want more money, some want to be traded. Grow up. And lets not forget, if he had kept his mouth shut about only playing one more year, he wouldn't have driven his value down. To me, he's now like Shaq; would have been known as one of South Florida's sports greats, but now will be remembered as a jerk. Everything he's done for local sports became irrelevant to me when he became officially AWOL. Good riddance, jerk.

none of you have any brains.

No mention of Wayne's promise to let JT and Zach leave if they wanted to eh?

Tony went on a National TV show. Tony didnt. If Tony had tap dancing shoes on his situation might be a little more in the light.

If Taylor really wanted to be traded his agent should have handled this after last season (quietely). His agent who is his advisor should have told him to be quiet and not say a thing to anyone including friends and teamates about retiring or about asking to be traded. Now, Taylor looks like an ass and want another news conference to continue the saga. Do we honestly thing that the Dolphins are going to get anything at all for this prima donna? Is Taylor going to play for Miami.


Since we sometimes like to draw comparisons to the real world regarding these athletes (as funny as it is), then let's lay out this scenario: If you worked for a company that couldn't get out of it's own way, was constantly laying off people and, in general performing poorly, would you not seek employment elsewhere? Because we don't have ready access to the media to complain about our situation is just another difference between us and them. However, you would be a fool not to use every means necessary to improve your situation. Tony G can stay in KC and be a "professional" because he is in a comfortable situation and has told himself that all is well. Jason Taylor apparently has higher expectations for himself. Bravo to the man for embracing the American Spirit and not standing pat for mediocrity. That Bill Parcells forced JT to the media because of his nonsense is nonsense. Jason Taylor is making his future while Tony Gonzalez is apparently fine with letting it just happen.

Wow, still here! Anyway, KJET if Jason Taylor had higher expectations of himself he should have played better all those years he was in his prime and the Dolphins weren't getting to the playoffs. From 2002-2005 JT should have put as much effort to being better and getting in the playoffs as he's putting in to try to get the hell out of town now.

The guy is a loser. He's never won anything in HS. He's never won anything in college. He's never won anything as a pro. Individual accomplishments? You bet, he loves that. Good enough to will his team to victory? NO WAY. Never. You think that's a coincidence?

"Jason Taylor has been highly paid for every second of every snap of every series of every quarter of every game he has ever played for the Miami Dolphins."

Joe Vonda, JT has busted his but for every penny the Dolphins gave him. How can you say eff him for a goal he wants to achieve. Eff you for wanting to post your idiotic op.

Is there really any differance in what JT is doing now and what RICKY WILLIAMS DID NOT TO LONG AGO?

KJET, let's try to put this scenario you listed here. Did you sign a binding contract to work where you do? Do you make multiple millions of dollars a year to play a sport? I love JT the player. He has been a favorite of mine from his rookie year and I hope to God he is here and playing his heart out for the Dolphins this season. Sentimentally, I'd like to see him get that ring. I'm also pulling for Zach out in Dallas for the same reason. However, it my Phins and Zach's 'Boys were to meet in the season or (i know, i know) the SB, then my fondest wish would be to see Zach steamrolled by Ronnie or Ricky for the winning TD. I agree that JT "deserves" a shot at a title. But in your scenario, it's unrealistic. If the Dolphins traded JASON TAYLOR for a 4th round pick how fast would you be on this blog tearing them apart for not getting something in return for a player that can bring it every game?

If Taylor wanted out, he should have kept his mouth shut and let Parcells and Ireland be the bad guys just like Zach did. His value would still be high and maybe something could have gotten done.

KJET, maybe we should all embrace the American spirit and refuse to accept mediocrity by picking a winning team to root for when the going gets tough. That's what JT is doing and you're applauding him for it. Could you imagine if that's how fans were? But most of us are not and the thing is,,,,we dont get paid. We dont get paid and yet we stay loyal. Also no one is saying F him for a goal he wants to acheive. Every one is saying F him because in trying to acheive that goal, he is turning his back on his teammates and fans who have supported him through all of these years.

Great point drawing the paralells not only between JT and Gonzalez but Barber as well. I think Barber tarnished his legacy with what he pulled in '06. I was glad when the Giants won the Super Bowl and he wasn't a part of it.

I was a bit on the fence about this thing with Taylor but now I'm leaning toward the team's side on this. Get in camp JT, worry about Hollywood later.

I read the Gonzalez story and thought the same thing, comparing it to JT's situation. But I'm done with the JT stuff. I'll wait until training camp to worry about it.

hey jason has givin us his all during his career,hes been reconized as one of the best at his position. i dont think any one would argue that. some like mike strahen have gotten lucky and have gotten there rings. but some guys werent as lucky to get one.purple people eaters. but still they did there jobs went to the hall of fame and there legend lived on.then theres guys like reggie who went to gb because god told him so.its funny because gods name is on money and they were a contender.but he was exposed and lost a lot of fans over that.so jason if you read this i hope you understand that people will judge you by your actions,sometimes the money or ring isnt going to make you any better of aman.but your actions and mouth will. Goodluck jt hope you get what you want.'' .p.s. be careful what you wish for.''

THIS is a good article. Well done Mando!

When I look at this saga, I go all the way back to the beginning of the 2007 season.

First he wasn't in shape.
Second, I can't forget that "I suck!" news conference after the Cowboys reamed their butts.
Third, JT and his brother-in-law Zach are good players for the team, but lousy at veteran leadership. They frustrate easily and bring the rest of the team down.
Fourth, the Tuna whether he had the hearing aid on or not is not going to respect you if you don't step up and meet with him. I'm sure JT had his number and could have arranged a powwow with him.
Fifth, JT is showing me that his heart isn't really into the game, but more into building up his Hollywood career after football as a celebrity or announcer instead of busting his hump with off season training like his teammates.
Sixth, if JT desired to be traded to a contender, he needs to act like he wants to play bad enough and not have a news conference where he announces that he'll play just one more year. No other team will want him now and the Dolphin's won't get the high value in return for trading him.

Bottom line: JT is about me-me JT, not a team player.

"Handle business behind doors," Golic says. "...You don't hear anything from Tony Gonzalez or what he's going through and that's fine although it's not good for my radio show. From a team aspect, I don't like it when it gets out in public."

Allen agrees. "Tony Gonzalez is doing it the classy way ...," he says.

Armando Note No. 2: That is precisely the way Taylor wanted it handled originally but things kind of got off course, I guess, and now he's scheduled to have yet another press availability Friday.

Mando. Why exactly was Taylor not able to "do it the classy way"? Would it have anything to do with a sensationalized report outing his desires, even as he tried to downplay the whole thing? Who wrote that report?

Last question. Are you proud of yourself for being the reason "things kind of got off course"? Instead of a behind the scenes trade, done without anyone knowing that JT only planned to play one more year, or that JT was the driving force behind it, we have a situation where JT is stuck here, with everyone hating him for how he is handling the situation You put him in. Now you are doing the same with Feely. Now when the kid wins the job outright, there will always be those who believe he only got the job because Parcells wanted Feely out. Talk about pressure to perform. You did the kid a disservice, and you did Feely one. I generally like your articles on camp, and I like the blog, but your personal stories just cause trouble. Contrary to popular belief, causing trouble isn't really a reporter's job.

You know what, who cares. . .lately your articles about Taylor have all been so negative. I could careless what Gonzalez is doing in KC nor do I care what ESPN thinks of Taylor. We can all read their articles.Thanks.

Now I would love for Taylor to remain with the Dolphins for Two years though one seems more likely. The fact is that the Dolphins were trying to trade him and if they could have "gotten the right value" for him they would have. So what is the story here? Really is it, "see ESPN agrees with me Taylor is a Jerk?"

Many people express a desire to change jobs, why should anyone continue to go after a player who is trying to handling things in a "classy" way, whatever that is. There is no story here, besides the beating of a dead horse, until Taylor announces he will not play for the Dolphins, the Dolphins trade him or he reports to camp - give it a rest.

Armando, Let it die bro. Just because a couple of ESPN talking heads brought it back to light with their opinions doesn't make it blog worthy. Yes you created page hits, but its old and repetitive BS. Please bring some class into to your blog with a camp report, you know something newsworthy.


Agree with Tree, Tim, and Brian L! Well said.

First, I appreciate everyone coming on here and leaving their comments -- even the guy who asked if I'd post a poll about whether I should be fired. I just might do that on a slow day.

Secondly, I am currently working on an OTA update so check back soon for the new offering.

Finally, Tree, you usually show sophistication in your posts but not today. Do you really think Taylor held a press conference because of my stories or columns? That is kind of naive. And it is wrong.

I talked to a Taylor rep today who read this post. By the way, Taylor also reads this blog. The fact of the matter is he had a press conference because his coach got in front of the media and announced Taylor wasn't showing for training camp. And rather than be pelted with questions about Tony Sparano's comments on the red carpet of one of his charitable events, he felt compelled to hold a press conference to respond. Please think things through dude, because sometimes you jump to conclusions without knowing what the heck you're talking about.

I am with everyone else who is tired of the JT news. There are other players in camp who you can write articles on. How about shedding some info on the guys we don't know much about. You know the guys who are there busting there butts!!

I am just sick of the JT drama. Move on.

Armando: Please forward the Gonzalez article to JT! Ask him to get into camp asap, give the 'new regime' time to show him which way the team is headed, and then when October rolls around, if things are not lookin good to him, maybe Parcells will OK a trade like they did for Chambers last season. I know Chambers didnt want to leave, but he is probably glad he did last year.

I didn't say Taylor had a press conference because of your article, I said he couldn't play it with some class, behind the scenes because of your article. The Sparano Press Conference was well after the whole thing blew up in the guy's face. I am not defending his actions, or the team's, I am just saying that the whole thing would have been much lower key, had you not butted in, and made a nationwide story out of a minor incident.

Lets Go get LeCharles Bentley, he could play guard and out OLine would be awesome!

I have spoken!


Fish Boy

Tree, I appreciate your input and participation but I'm not going to get into a tit-for-tat debate with you. If your idea of my job description is to butt out, I would say you have no clue what I do for a living. I get paid to write what I know. And I don't have the power to make it a nationwide story or not -- that happens on its own and I have no say whether that happens or not.

Meanwhile, the new OTA post is up fellas. Jump there to get the latest.

"The fact of the matter is he had a press conference because his coach got in front of the media and announced Taylor wasn't showing for training camp. And rather than be pelted with questions about Tony Sparano's comments on the red carpet of one of his charitable events, he felt compelled to hold a press conference to respond."

Oh yeah, we wouldn't want his football career getting in the way of his charity work. And how dare his coach tell the fans what he wasn't willing to say. It was "premature" for the coach to mouth off. Yeah, this excuse is going to go over really well.

Let it go Mando, let it go. I know you're still seething from being wrong that one time, then posting about it, then being ombudsed by the ombudsman, but you have to just let it go.

Armando - "I get paid to write what I know."

Really? What you know? or what you think?

Don't get me wrong, your new post about the OTAs is bang on, but there are quite a few instances of you writing without consideration of factual knowledge.

Tin: Name the instances. Since you say there are quite a few I guess it will be easy.

Didn't BP say the rift you reported between him and JT was a "fabrication"?!?

Just sayin :) LOLOL!!!

Yeah, I fabricated it. And then Parcells went on to give several excuses why the "fabrication" happened. Please.

a real dolfan knows once the season starts and JT has another PRO BOWL season, then all of this will mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.....

The BEST player on the team knows he has no leverage and is saving himself from injury as most big time NFL players do now......this is the product of the VICK-like season ending injury

ask dolphin player LEHAN.....we have had more injuries the last two years before the season even started.......

so calm down....let training camp solve the 1st team battles and let's get ready to root our team into 1st place (i am always hopeful dolfans even when things seem bleak)

I like how some people just write about whatever makes their point of view validated. How soon we forget that Gonzalez a few years back was playing in the NBA Summer League, and brought the same type of distractions to the Chiefs.

ROTFLMAO!! I knew I'd get you to pounce on that one Mando!! LOLOL!!!

You got me. But I am not sensitive about this. Nope. Not one bit. Really. I am not sensitive about this. No sir. Not at all.

:-D LOL!

I'm tired of the Jason Taylor talk. I'd rather read about spygate now than another Jason Taylor story...and I loathe the Patriots. Lets have some more columns on how well(or poor) the rookies are doing in camp, how the new coordinators are transitioning with the Dolphins, Nick Satan stories, etc. Anything but the JT stuff. Thanks Armando.

Armando, I knew you would call me on my comment so I planned ahead what I was going to say - "I can't be bothered."

But I think it's crazy that you think your editorial type pieces aren't based somewhat on opinion. Don't get me wrong, it can go wrong the other way, using straight facts and numbers to qualify something. For example, when I brought up my distrust of Beck being a starting NFL QB based on his presence, a good half dozen or more fans responded by saying he's the same size as Henne (who I thought had more presence). Well, besides the fact that they're NOT the same size, and the detractors basically backfired onto themselves, they missed the point that it was my OPINION that Henne would be more of a playmaker than Beck, based on poise, athleticism, and stature behind the line. These are all subjective things, and in the midst of the offseason it's impossible to say that we KNOW anything other than a contract being signed or someone being at camp or not at camp.

You can't say that you KNOW Brown got up awkwardly because he's trained himself during injury recovery to get up that way. His knee could have locked up, he might have had a stinger, who KNOWS. All you can say is that Brown, ran the play, and got up. How he got up is open to perception.

On another note, I too am tired of the JT stuff, because you keep reporting the same thing over and over. WE KNOW HE IS NOT THERE! Some of us want him there and some of us want him gone, but I guarantee some of those who want him gone feel that way because they're sick of hearing about it and want to move on.

One other thing, I'd rather have JT sit out than pull a Chad Johnson:

Tin: Huh?

Look, I think we agree on one thing: The Taylor story is played for a segment of my readership. I know that.

And you guys are free to feel that way because you are the consumers and it is your opinion. I feel that way personally, also. But ... there is a large segment of people out there that still want more. Just read the comments here. Not all are "Move on." People still have things they want to say on the topic. And some folks would wonder why I failed to give them the latest (most minimal) detail of Taylor fodder if I don't do it. It is part of my job to do that. So I will, whether it is fun for me or not.

Fortunately, I won't be doing that for a while after Sunday because I'm going on vacay for a while.

Armando, I understand what you're saying, I guess I just don't like reading the same comments from the fans every single day and wish we could have a more well rounded discussion of the entire team and its progression. I don't feel there has been any 'latest (most minimal) detail' at all, just the same story we heard a month ago with a lot of speculation and no actual change of events.

But we can leave it there, you state your isms, I stated mine.

Will anyone be filling in for you next week?

Trying to justify your JT blogs are pathetic. Move on to something else already PLEASE!!






You trying to get in the good graces of ESPN but posting on your blog to get your job back? Vacation or job interviews for telemundo futbol'opinion blog?

bill kid, show some respect. Jimmy Johnson quit because his mom died and his heart wasn't in it anymore.

As much as we deride him, he set the foundation for a buffoon like Dave Wannstedt to come in and win 10 games and make the playoffs.

Armando, you say you write what you know. You "knew" JT was going to publically demand a trade. How did that work out?

Deez, find where I said Taylor would "demand a trade," as you misquote. I write what I know. I know you don't know what you're talking about.

Ooooh your colleague Iz just called the feud between JT and Parcells "imaginary"!

Oooh them fighting words! Yall going to meet by the cooler for a tussle?

My bad, you're right. you didn't say he would demand a trade. You said if he was honest, he would ask for a trade. He said he was open to a trade. You called him a liar. Weird.

Also, you write of what you know. You knew Miami wasn't interested in Jake Long because they didn't send a squadron to attend his pro-day, even though everyone on every miami forum knew they were working him out privately.

Lets just say you get headfaked real easy hah. Ya even ended it with "The Rams will be thrilled." Yeah they sure are, they got a good Long, chris long!

Just messin with ya ;)

Yeah, imaginary. Somebody is drinking the Kool Aid.

But you did get me on Long. I took the headfake, you broke my ankles and left me in a heap on the ground. But I can admit that mis, mis, error. I even blogged about you and that error on my newest post. Check it out.

The real issue is reporters who violate all ethical codes of journalism by creating controversy where none exists and lying through misquotes and misrepresentation. Reporters, are supposed to be the guardian of the truth through their investigation. We have far too many politicians that can look you in the eye and tell the public a bold face lie. We do not need reporters that do the same.
Jason Taylor is not only the best player of this team, but he is the face of the Dolphins, but Mando finds it useful to run over him with the bus of deception. Reporters who create the news by fabricating things that do not exist, or twisting the words of people they interview to fit their story are the worst bottom feeders in the food chain.

If you delete this post again Mando it just proves I am right on.

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