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ESPN tackles Taylor saga in one fell swoop

A look at ESPN.com's football site this evening is not very kind to Jason Taylor.

The lead story is a column by Jeffri Chadiha on KC tight end Tony Gonzalez, who at 32 years old, is in the twilight of his career while stuck on a rebuilding team. Sound familiar?

It apparently struck a comparative chord with Chadiha who draws the obvious parallel between Gonzalez and Taylor. But then the author draws this distinction with Gonzalez after talking to him at the team's last minicamp:

"He wasn't griping or moping, and he definitely wasn't demanding a trade to a team with championship potential. He'd decided to do what professionals do -- which is worry about the things he actually can control -- and that philosophy has made life much easier for him to handle these days."

Meanwhile, the video linked to the column is a segment on NFL Live in which Trey Wingo, Eric Allen and Mike Golic discuss Taylor and Gonzalez. Their first topic of conversation is which of the two is in a "worse situation."

Armando Note No. 1: How can anyone making millions of dollars per year to play a game be in  a "worse situation?" Just asking.

Anyway, Allen said Taylor is worse off because, "pretty soon [Bill Parcells] is going to lay down the hammer," on him. Golic said "neither is in a good position," but Gonzalez on the field has no control over playing with bad or young teammates, particularly QBs. So Golic concludes the DE has it better off on the field.

Wingo then brings up how the two have handled their situations and both Allen and Golic, a former Dolphin, agree Taylor hasn't handled his situation well. Golic talks of not liking Taylor's press conference a couple of Sundays ago.

"Handle business behind doors," Golic says. "...You don't hear anything from Tony Gonzalez or what he's going through and that's fine although it's not good for my radio show. From a team aspect, I don't like it when it gets out in public."

Allen agrees. "Tony Gonzalez is doing it the classy way ...," he says.

Armando Note No. 2: That is precisely the way Taylor wanted it handled originally but things kind of got off course, I guess, and now he's scheduled to have yet another press availability Friday.

Anyway, the third and final offering from the monolith that is ESPN is a column by Sal Paolantonio, written following his visit to minicamp last weekend. SalPal, a fine writer before joining the TV business, gives an overview of the camp and much of it focuses on Taylor.

"Before minicamp, [Taylor] met with [coach Tony] Sparano and Parcells separately," SalPal writes. "In both conversations, Taylor reiterated his desire to play one more season -- somewhere else."

And then it gets worse for Taylor.

"Now that Taylor has pronounced that he is a one-year rent-a-player, his value has diminished. In essence, he's made himself into Tiki Barber, proclaiming he's done before he's done. And who's going to part with a first- or second-round draft pick for that headache?"

It is all quite a full plate of coverage. There's nothing dramatically new about it, but it definitely grabs one's attention. The coverage, however, doesn't include all the latest news.

And what is that? Well, the Dolphins are in the final days of their OTA program. It ends this week before players and coaches get some vacay time. Taylor, a Dolphins source says, has not attended this week's workouts so far.

Armando Note No. 3: Thursday morning's OTA workout will be open to the media although not to the public. I will blog as soon as something noteworthy happens.