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Even after Taylor speaks, this is not over, folks

So Jason Taylor is today going to say what we all know. He would like to be traded to a contending team.

I write about this incredible revelation in an awesome column that appears in Sunday's Miami Herald. Yeah, I'm kidding about it being awesome. Frankly, it only tells you that Taylor will today finally utter words we already knew he was thinking.

Yippie!!!! Big deal, right?

The part that intrigues me, however, is that even this good-bye of sorts will come with a caveat. Taylor will leave the door ajar for reporting to the team's training camp if that move can somehow grease the skids for helping the Dolphins work out a trade.

Talk about an awkward situation.

But I have to tell you, even though my friend Adam Schefter of the NFL Network writes teams such as Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Dallas, New Orleans and yes, San Diego, may have interest in Taylor after showing varying degrees of interest in the past, I cannot see the Dolphins getting very much for him.

The fact of the matter is the Dolphins know and Taylor will probably admit he only wants to play for one more year -- that being 2008.

Now, I just anointed you the GM for any of those teams already mentioned. Do you give up a third-round pick to rent Jason Taylor for only one year?

I would not.

And the Dolphins simply aren't going to give him away. [Miami defines giving him away as trading him for anything less than a third-round pick.] I know many of you are saying, 'Get rid of him, take a seventh-round pick if that's the price, release him if you have to.'

Again, I anoint you a GM, this time of the Dolphins. Your job is to make Miami as good as quickly as you possibly can. You do this by getting good return for your moves. You DO NOT trade your most proven player cheaply and you certainly DO NOT release him. The funny thing is I expect that emotional reaction from fans, but I've actually read it in local opinion pieces from sportswriters who are supposed to know better. "Get rid of him and get it over with."

NO. Those are the same sportswriters, by the way, who later would rail on Bill Parcells if Taylor goes on to have a great year for another team. No wonder Parcells doesn't talk to the media down here.

Anyway, regardless of what Taylor says today, regardless of whether he gets up on table and dances salsa to an old time Cuban Son -- which, by the way, I'm sure I can do better than him -- it won't mean this situation is resolved.

Not by a long shot. It is simply out of his hands.


[Yeah, I said it, I can dance better than JT.]