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Get your Saturday mid-practice update here

Dolphins are working as I write this. Here's a couple of things so far:

The pass offense is, shall we say, struggling this morning. I will now provide you with a play-by-play of the passing plays during the team period -- the period in which offense goes against defense.

Incomplete pass by John Beck.

Interception of Chad Henne by Will Allen.

Sack of Josh McCown.

Incomplete pass by Beck.

Fumbled snap by Beck.

Incomplete pass by Beck.

Incomplete pass by Henne.

Henne is getting some first-team repetitions today.

On the field goal front there is a blossoming competition between vet Jay Feely and rookie Dan Carpenter. They each attempted three field goals during the special teams portion of practice.

Feely was 2 of 3, missing the try from about 40 yards. Carpenter was 3 of 3, hitting from close-range, from about 40 and the try from about 47 yards out.

I'll update as something happens and then I'll give you a post-practice update so check back often.


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Don't be surprised if Dan Carpenter winds up being our kicker this year. This kid has got one hell of a leg, especially on kickoffs.

Good afternoon Armando, Sounds like the defense won the morning scrimmage. I hope Beck learns to trust his abilities, thinking to much will get him killed again this year. Good to hear Henne is getting first team work as well. Thanks for the reports.


Mando, what's up, man! Thanks for the updates from practice. All the Nicaraguan Dolfans are keeping close tabs on your blog, and can't wait till the season is here.

The QB situation (and the sequence you just wrote) worries the heck out of me...but I think we have some raw talent at the QB position, hopefully the coaching staff will be able to make it shine. The poor core of receivers wont help these guys really develop with the speed that we need. Shouldn't Miami invest in some veteran players, not necesarrily game breakers, but receivers who help the QBs mature?

Also remember that the QB coach has been working with Beck on his release. They changed the point of release so that he wont get as many passes knocked down. And now Beck is throwing this way for the first time in his life so there are going to be some tough days as he learns to adjust.

is it only me, or does anyone else think that Jason Taylor looks like Xerxes in 300?

Beck fumble?! Unbelievable!!!

The change in Beck's throwing motion isn't something that he's never done in his life before..... it's actually an attempt to get him throwing the way he threw his entire life before a shoulder injury that forced him to lower his release. Now that the shoulder is fine they are trying to get him to break the bad habit of a low release, and get back to his natural throwing motion.

That's funny! He looks just like him! ROTFLMAO!!

Unclench those cheeks, guys, it's the second day of OTA's. We will be fine at both QB, and WR. Not saying there can't be improvement, just that the passing game takes the longest to install. Remember that McQB, and Henne are new to the team, and Beck had limited time in last year. On top of that, Most of the receivers weren't here last year. Hagan, Ginn, and Camarillo(for one, or two plays). All the rest are new. Give them time to connect.

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