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JT for Greg Ellis a deal that makes sense?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Dolphins have a connection as evidenced by the trades the teams made during free agency and the draft, the fact each has signed the other's discards, and the fact part of the Dallas coaching and personnel staff is now working in Miami.

So doesn't it make sense for the Cowboys and Dolphins to swap Greg Ellis for Jason Taylor?


Although Taylor lies states he would be happy playing for the Dolphins in 2008, the fact remains he wants to play for a winner. The Cowboys fit that bill. Taylor, I am told, would happily adjust his contract to make a move to Dallas for the one more year he says he's going to play. This is not a money issue for him, it is about the chance to go out with a ring and he doesn't think he has that chance in Miami no matter what he lies says to protect his image.


He will be 33 years old before the season and is reportedly unhappy in Dallas because the Cowboys are trying to find more playing and practice time for 2007 first-round pick Anthony Spencer. Ellis is so disturbed by this he didn't show up to some OTA work the last couple of weeks.

Taylor is clearly the more accomplished pass-rusher but last year struggled against the run. Ellis is the better run-stopper but not as efficient rushing the passer. He did have 12.5 sackes last year, but he's helped by the fact the Cowboys have other pass-rush threats (read DeMarcus Ware) helping him out.

So how much of a stretch is it to think the teams could swap aging but productive defensive players? Not much when you think that Dallas may not be scared away by Taylor's desire (or lack thereof) to play only one more year. Again, I remind you they have Spencer on deck.

This trade, by the way, is not something I've been told will happen. Just want to clear that up. But the Cowboys interest in Taylor is quite poorly veiled. Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, has reported the Cowboys have had "internal discussions" about adding Taylor.

Finally, this trade makes more sense than some of the ones you guys have previously proposed on this blog or on my weekend radio show. The most notable of those is trading Taylor to the Bengals for Chad Johnson, which will NEVER happen.

Let me address this one once and for all. Johnson is not on the trade block. That is proven by the fact the Bengals turned down two first round picks from Washington in exchange for Johnson. If they turned down two first round picks for Johnson, they are not going to turn around and give him up for a player that will play only one more season.


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If you were a betting man, what do you think the chances are that this would actually occur, given the familiarity that all parties have?

I'm so sick of this story - it's an ugly divorce and as usually nobody wins and everbody looses.


maybe we just let jt eat a lil humble pie, not show for non-mandatory practices, BUT he needs to be in regular camp. i would not want to be the one lying to uncle Tony, who operates as our "at the end of the day guy" (read, i dont take crap and i am fair and objective). i don't think tony will take any crap from anyone, certainly not a "high profile issue" as jt has let this turn into.

i would not want to get into a pushing match with Tony BEFORE or after camp. i know who would win, Tony has the full backing of The Tuna, and that is that! Be a man jason and get your butt to work or face some stiff fines.

I would rather have Taylor play one year then Ellis for 1 or two. You would lose out too much on talent in that swap. You need to get something for JT that you can build on in the future like a draft pick.

Dude, no offense. But that trade would suck if it happened.

Jason Taylor has no trade value. He's a $7.5 million cap hit, admittedly will only play in 2008 and retire.

for the Dolphins it's a no win situation. You can't get any value for dealing him, other than dumping the payroll. Better to keep Taylor and let him retire a Dolphin at the end of the season. Some of the new guys could pick up a few things from Taylor before he heads to a career that will never happen.

Can you say "B" actor... Dean Cain (Lois & Clark), Brian Bozworth (stone cold), and plenty of others did something big and then vanished into Sci-Fi Channel crap movies.

This guy has a chance to play three more years, establish himself as one of the best and get into the hall of fame. It's possible after 2008 that Taylor may be a bit short getting into the hall. And what was left of a great career and a chance to shine will be long gone. He can get into acting at 37 as easily as at 34. But you can never get those three football seasons back.

Taylor doesn't have the voice or charisma to make it big in Hollywood.

This will be Jason Taylors las season in the limelight. I sure hope he enjoys it. It won't happen in Hollywood.

I thought Ellis wasn't happy in Dallas because he didn't think he fit the 3-4 defense as an OLB. Parcells is the one who converted him from DE to OLB by the way. So wouldn't he be unhappy in Miami for the same reason?

Also why would we trade a better 34 year old DE/OLB for a 33 year old DE/OLB? I thought we are trying to build a young team?

Nice plagerism. I read this story last week in the Dallas Morning News. You should have credited "your idea" to the sports blogger at the DMN.

Armando - You certainly throw the word 'lie' around a lot. Even though you cross it out, it is unbecoming of you. You called Saban a liar so many times before he actually told one, that I'm crediting you with partial responsibility for convincing him to leave. You called Cam a liar for your imagined slights of Culpepper. Now you're calling a man in a delicate situation - who shows more class than you could muster in a couple of lifetimes - a liar. Jason Taylor has my gratitude and respect; you don't. Grow up.

Hey Ken, the word is plagiarism and you not only don't know how to spell it, you apparently don't know the definition either. I don't believe you can label putting 1 plus 1 together and having it equal 2 plagiarism.

If that is the case, that hashmarks idiot on ESPN did the same thing today and last week when Armando posted at 10 a.m. about miami's difficulty at WR and Ethan Skolnick posted at 3 p.m. about miami's difficulties at WR, you would have to say Skolnick plagiarized. That is not plagiarism. It's putting facts into play that are in play.

By the way, don't plead ignorance on this because I notice you troll Ethan's blog all the time so you know what I'm talking about.

So get a clue.

From those of us that have jobs and families and get laid every once in a while because we don't spend our entire lives going from one web site to another looking for Dolphins news, thanks for posting this Mando.

This is the place I come for Dolphins news and opinion. This is the one of the few places I come for that.

Meanwhile, I doubt it will happen, but I appreciate the post.

Dont hide the truth....You are the worst jounalist in America. You stole this entire idea from Matt Mosley on ESPN.com (hashmarks) and the Dallas Morning news. You fabricate events as if you know anything and when you come up wrong, you throw the word liar around, like past dolphins quaterbacks threw footballs around: to the wrong people. No one lied, you just suck at your job. It was you who told all of us that Taylor was demanding a trade yesterday. Whe he didnt, he must be a liar. No Armando you are and you suck. I cant believe you have a job. Do I think Taylor should be in camp, yeah, but I also think that he has a right to do what he wants and that you need to get off his back. Your a liar ( to all of us) you suck at your job and you need to step down. Come up with YOUR OWN truthful stories and report on something that has to do with the actual Miami Dolphins football team, like how they're doing in camp and stuff like that. Its clear that you wont thoughbecause your like a 13 year old school girl, you love gossip, you love to stir up trouble. what yu dont like is being honest and taking accountability for sucking at being a journalist.

good one FLPD.....i laugh....

I wouldn't do it straight up. Ellis is only a year younger than JT and has a bigger injury history. If they threw in Roy Williams or a third or fourth then maybe. I still like the idea of converting Roy Williams to LOLB and move Porter back to the right. Roy is a hard hitter and plays like a linebacker as it is. If he could bulk up a little he could fly through offensive lines. Think about the Oklahoma-Texas game and the infamous Chris Simms hit where he jumped over the line to sack Simms. Parcells himself has said that he is a biscuit short of a linebacker. I think it's an interesting idea.

Armando, your "lies/says" device in the article above is classless. I realize you must be bored during the offseason but there has got to be a better way to entertain yourself then taking shots at the classiest star player currently on the roster.

I'm glad Parcells and company have the guts to rebuild but I also agree that there is 0% chance Taylor gets a ring with Miami next year. While it is easy to fault a guy for crying about "not being able to feed his family" (LOL) but I can't blame a guy who is in the twilight of his career for want to play for a winner.

A -

The "lies/says" is pathetic. Lebatard/Cote/Darlington would never stoop to such a juvenille level.

Seriously, how do you have a job? Do players resent you in the locker room?

On a lighter side .. Maybe Jason should hang around that 'one more season of football' There's a chance he can work on his acting career .... like help the team act like they're enjoying starting a new season, with REAL coaches, for the first time since Shula ...
JT can keep the locker room light with his new hobby of dancing! Gosh, lighten up. Life is way too short to hate a writer like you do, 'The Truth'!!!!

I do not want to trade JT for an older player who is almost out of the league. I would rather have JT with us for one more year that some over the hill player from another team for one or two years more. If we trade Taylor, let it be for a draft pick conditional on his performance and him not retiring at the end of this season along with a young player, such as LB Carpenter from Dallas. I would go with a 4th round pick plus Carpenter and we have a deal.

Roy Williams would never been a 3-4 OLB, he's too short at only 6 foot. Maybe in a 4-3 he could play LB.

Wow these haters must really don't have a life they talk about Mando doing this and doing that and that he is obsessed with JT and that he hates the dolphins he is the worlds worst journalist.....but yet they come here and hate on mando like there is no tomorrow when they can go to any site on the "WORLD WIDE WEB" but yet they come here to read this one particular journalist's blog so really who is the idiot........Mando i think you do a great job i don't post to much because sometimes i do not have time because like FLPD says some of us have things to do but the blog is great and some of the bloggers (NYSCOTT, TREE, FINHEAVEN, MR. BUNGLE, HARRICANE AND FLPD) have great responses and add alot of interesting points to your blog and its great to have a place to come and read about the dolphins from true fans....Mando keep up the good work I may not agree with every "OPINION" you have but I appreciated and it always gives me something to think about so THANK YOU and just ignore the haters because all they want is to bring you down to there level

Go Phins

I agree with Mr. Bungle! Doesn't make sense.

Why not try signing JT to a contract extension. He can play 3 more years and the Dolphins are going to start winning this year.
Last year was an apparition.3 years from now when we win the Superbowl JT can retire head held high. Money talks,acting rolls will come easier for a winner than a whiner.

Everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but I think alot of you are just being plain selfish! Has anyone stopped to think that JT is trying to be as classy as he can in this situation? I guess everyone wanted the same drama we had last year with Cam and Duante!?!?! I guess you all would've liked to see him act like a complete JERK during his press conference and just flat out bad mouth the entire Dolphins organization?!?!? Lets be for real people ,JT is a human being just like everyone else and if the guy wants to play else where SO BE IT!!! The media and the fans are just concerned with themselves and personal feelings!!! But this is this mans career/life and me personally I wouldn't care what any of you have to say about mine, I give him credit for even holding a press conference to calm down all this drama that the media has created and the fans have fueled!!!

Mando how about we talk about some Dolphins that are in camp? How is Jake Long looking, anything but this same BULL with a different spin!?!?!?!

"LeBetard would never stoop to such a juvenille level". Now that has got to be the funniest thing I have EVER read. Also, thanks for the kind words finfan in Orlando. I just wanted to let you know that the haters are more than likely one or two people signing in under different names. I remember Armando verbally punching a couple of these guys (in the fleshy part where their nads once resided) and now their little feelings are hurt. They think they're making some kind of difference by tearing him down when all they really have accomplished is to make themselves look like basement nerds with WAY too much time on their hands. Armando has gone back and forth with a few of us because of differences in opinion. The secure ones move on and agree to disagree and the insecure messes take it personally, it's very amusing.

Is using the word lies, even though you struck it out, considered to be responsible reporting or are you looking for a situation that will incite a riot.

You are not too smart.

The Truth, What are you trying to accomplish here? If you like the Sun Sentinel so much stay on their site. Do you not understand that you come off looking like a complete imbecile when you say someone sucks at his job but you continue to support his blog by contributing as a poster? The best thing you could do if you don't like this blog is to boycott it. Just leave and you will make your point. JUST STOP READING,,,,,,it's that easy. You will avoid all of the negative feelings you get about Armandos writing and you will make us all very happy. It's win/ win!

NYScott, relax. I havent read this blog in years because of Armando. I was hoping to get some info on dolphins camp and just read the sentinel and the post and wanted to see if maybe the herald had something to offer. Obviously it didnt. I was just trying to provide you guys with a much better alternative. Now this is a public blog and it is open for oppinion and I just stated mine. This is a football blog with no football information, just highschool drama. No need to be name calling. Im well with in my right to say what I said. Again, I posted something much different at first but aramando deleted it fueling more hard feelings. I surprised he left the last one. Now, back off. Thank You. and to all those people who say because we respond negativly we dont have a life, that makes zero sense. it takes the same amount of time to post a positive response as it does a negative response. so I guess either we all have no lives or thats just a stupid thing to see. You say we cant take critisism but as soon as we attack armandos writing, you take it personal. Didnt mean to offend his groupies.

Gentlemen, don't worry about this truth guy/gal because, well, because I certainly don't.

Truth, you think this is a public blog and it is. But it is my public blog and I will delete your dumb rants anytime I want. Um, like now. I'm leaving up only one of your six posts you've tried to get on here today, including the ones you posted under different names -- truth indeed.

good one mando....

and thankx fin fan in orlando. i love this blog because i get info. mando is giving what is either heard or just maybe something to consider/ponder. the name of the blog is "In My Opinion" and I trust most of us enjoy this lil distraction devoted to one of our passions.

i still love the FLPD post....got some good guys on here...a decent distraction indeed....

but let's please keep it civil, not 2 much 2 ask....

hate is not Dolphin speak

how about Greg Ellis and a 3 or 4 round pick for JT???

Why jump out of the frying pan with (Taylor)and into the fire with (Ellis)??? Same age. I think were better off with Taylor, if all we can get is Ellis !!!

Dude, stop with the "lies" crossout.

JT's entitled to get the hell out of there. Read Dave Hyde's column over in the "other" paper in town. He hits the nail on the head.

How should the Dolphins treat all the guys who've been as good as JT on the field, off the field, in the community, in the locker room. The guy's a good guy. Let him have a gracious exit. Let him win something...even it's 11 games and an early playoff outage in Dallas.

I mean what's he supposed to do? Burn himself up for nothing again? He deserve to have a bone thrown his way for everything he's given us.

Zack Thomas gets waived.
Dan Marino gets dumped. His last game is one of the most devastating losses in team history?

This is what a class organization does? This is how it treats people?

Crap. They've given more time and respect to Ricky Williams!!!!!!!!!!! A quitter for heaven's sakes!!!!!!!!

Put it in perspective, man.
It's business. It's class.

Hey the truth,you suck pal!Your truth is bs and meant only to offend one of the best sports writers i know.Let me know the next time your in orlando and i will give you a good old fashioned Cuban butt whipping!!!

If JT would be traded, I'd like to see him reunited with Bro-in-law Zach Thomas in Dallas. I thought they should've gone as a package deal in the first place, so if Taylor should leave, I'd like to see him on America's Team.

PEOPLE PLEASE STOP THE PANDAMONIUM! JT isnt going anywhere and he isnt just playing one more season. He is in peak physical shape, he is a dominant defender and he loves the game. Let him be. How many times did Brett Favre retire? Strahan pulled the same thing. You are making waaaaay waaaaay too much of this. If he does retire next year, lets enjoy his last season in Miami because Bill Parcells isnt going to trade him now unless he gets a 1st round pick, and thats the way it should be.

This stuff blows my mind. JT wants to be traded and Parcells doesn't want him. That's pretty obvious. We know we're going to be a young team that has a chance to be better than one or two other teams in the whole league.

Why not get what we can while there is at least a little value? I have some ideas:


The crossing out of an intended word followed by the more acceptable word was originated on profootballtalk.com....and it's clever and funny there. Here, it just plays like someone who repeats someone else's jokes.

Hey the truth,truth is this Cuban and many others recognizes hard work and dedication unlike your stenchy south of the border azz,cmon boy,come get your Cuban can of wuppazz! If your wife left you because she got sick and tired of living with you in the basement of your mom and dads house,your name must be,THE TRUTH HURTS! And your probably a big fatguy.

The Truth: come to Orlando boy,ill be waiting,anytime ,anywhere.

The Truth: Bring it on instead of running your cackling mouth you coward,i bet your just some fatguy whos wife left him cause she got sick and tired of living in your mopm and dads basement with you,the truth hurts obese man.

The Truth: Lies,all lies,your so pathetic i can see you hitting the refresh button over and over again awaiting my next attack on your useless slab of fat,come out of the closet sally,,truth hurts obese man.

and he has a small peepee.........lol

truth or teacher probably the same dude go finish your story for the sun sentinel before you get scooped again and get fired

dont people graduate from high school when there 17 you must be slow and probably an all star water boy

lol,good one finfan!

Outstanding post, FLPD! I am with you 110%! I come here for the Star magazine version of Dolphins news and get a laugh at how people maintain employment when they're completely incompetent. It's unfortunate that some people can be put through axes and knives of criticism and not learn a damn thing. Well.....that's what would define an idiot.

Btw, AS, you're not even in the same league as Skolnick.

LAWL why would we add a player that when we are ready to win would be 35-36. Get a draft pick or let him retire. Play the young'uns see what we have. Armando are seriously this shortsighted?

Wow predick, I'm glad you have mastered sarcasm. Can you now master the art of wiping your lip. I get the feeling it is an ability you seriously require you jizz bank.

You are correct, however, that Skolnick and Mando are not in the same league. Mando writes like he has balls.

Good job sagulero. people have called me fat, a jizz bank and other curse words and you let it fly. I have not called anyone a curse or anything else for that matter except for my last post. Did i insult you, yes but so have many many others ( a clue?)and u flag me. says alot about you man. heres some advise. Dont suck at ure job and you wont critisized.Clearly you cant tske it

Wow, Brett/the truth/predictator/or whatever your name is, you sound defeated. I don't want you to cry.

The fact is you come on my blog, log in as several different people for the sole purpose of insulting people. Dude, if you don't like it here, why do you spend so much time here?

Just wondering. Anyway, I will let this last post of yours remain so you can go to bed. But seriously, consider not coming back. And also, you are really outing yourself when FLPD ripped into predictator and you claim the words were aimed at you.

Meanwhile, you missed a great live blog on my other post tonight. Of course, you've refreshed this page so many times today, the ad rates will be soaring tomorrow.

Why the Hell would Miami trade for Ellis? He's gonna be 33. They already have Merling and Langford. I think it would make more sence to just plug one of those guys in and let them grow into it. I think Taylor for Terry Glenn and a 3rd might work. Miami needs another wr to go with Ginn, and unlike on the defense where they drafted 2 guys to take over for Taylor, there's nothing as far as a wr goes.

Your crossing out of words like "lies" is childish. I used to find your articles a pretty good read, but you have really blown it on this whole JT thing. I'd give you a pass, but the "lies" thing is really just a veiled attack, and for you to do it to someone like JT is unacceptable to me. He is not perfect, but he has been the best player the Dolphins have had on and off the field for the last decade. Now he is simply a liar? You need to try and get back to being objective on this. Instead, you've lost touch with this issue.

Yeah, I know I can go read something else. So I will.


I have to say this was one of the least satisfying blogs I have seen in a while. Mando thew up an Idea for discussion (one I can't see the value of, to be honest), and then the rest of the blog seemed to be everyone verbally berating each other.

Mando, when you remove the negative comments from one person, you should also remove the negs in response, otherwise you come off as vindictive, and classless. While I may not agree with Truth, or you, or anyone else on here, I try to disagree with all due respect for their right to their opinion. I would, however nerf all off topic responses of a negative nature. Topic drift is fine, as long as it concentrates on the Dolphins, but when it becomes a sword measuring contest, with little to do with the Fins, or other NFL news, I tend to get bored. If I liked the kind of responses I saw here today, I would be a part of a burn blog, not a Dolphins Blog.

The best thing to think in situations like this would be "would I say this, if they, and their kid was sitting in the same room with me?" If the answer is no, DON'T POST IT.

I have to agree that the crossed out liar bit was a bit out of line, and have to agree that JT could be much more petulant than he has been. I also have to say that the rehashed Trade flavor of the week thing does nothing for me. I still believe that if JT really was interested in the best for the Dolphins, he would be in camp, helping teach the young guys for the time he is here. I see both sides, and think that there is room for all opinions. I would just like it better if we all showed a little maturity in our dealings with each other. I don't care who started slamming who, If you participate, you lower yourself to the level of the instigator.

Mando, I also agree you shouldn't have struck through the word lies. You should have put it in bold, made it look like this JT=LIES, and shouted it from a rooftop.

Taylor is a fraud.

First he said he had no problems with Bill Parcells and that it was media hype, now he admits Parcells ignored him. Then he said he was returning to Miami after Dancing with the Stars to work, then he said he had other things to do and would be there for minicamp instead. Now he's not coming to minicamp because he has to attend his brother's graduation (very important, right?) but leaves open the possibility of training camp. Only a retard would believe he's actually showing for training camp.

So I see a fraud when I see one. I hope you see it too Mando. The guy is perfect for Hollywood. He is a big phoney.

Oh, and by the way, he can't defend the run anymore. He gets plowed on every run play at him. And yeah, that was Daunte Culpepper getting around the corner against him for a TD.


So are you just writing everyday about the Taylor situation cuz there is no news going on so ya trying to make news by creating a soap opera... Like its really annoying how ya come into conclusions,, if taylor stays for miami it would make you look real bad like it would ruin your reputation.

Mando -

Did you go to JT's charity event last night? How did Coach Sparano interact with him? Was Ireland and Parcells there too? Where there a lot of current players there supporting him?

Hey Mando
what are the possibilities if any that a trade with new orleans can work. I was reading that Will Smith might hold out. Is a JT for Smith swap realistic. As it would be great for the fins since smith is only 26 and for New Orleans they would get someone to seriously help there defense and as for JT he gets to be on a playoff caliber team.

Thoughts anyone.......

Finfan in Orlando

Greg ellis has bad legs. Any idiot would not try to pull this trade off.

Ever heard of listing your sources? This article was in the Dallas Morning News sometime last week. Unbelievable

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