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Feely under microscope because of his mouth

I told you yesterday I was working on a Jay Feely column for the newspaper.

Well, the interesting column is up on the website.

So why is a column on Miami's kicker interesting?

Couple of reasons. First, Jay Feely is much more than just a kicker. He sees himself as something of a team leader, as a locker room spokesman and perspective guy, and as a valuable player.

One cannot argue the valuable player thing. Check out the 2007 NFL stats for field goal kicking and they reveal Feely was among the league's best. But that is not the reason he's under the microscope with the Dolphins.

Seems that his kickoff average is a concern and his average for the number of interviews and times he speaks out is a bigger concern for the team. The Dolphins want the guy to "keek ball, get check," and that's it. (Peronally, it was a shock for me to learn Fidel freakin' Castro resides at the Dolphins training facility.)

I asked Feely outright on Sunday if he had been told by the new administration to basically zip it with the media. I knew the answer already but wanted to hear it from him. Feely was straight with me. He said, "Yes..."

Amazing. But not unique.

I've covered a lot of players and teams that were at odds over how the players dealt with the media and how the team wanted them to deal with the media. Trace Armstrong, who I consider a friend, was forever under the gun when Jimmy Johnson became coach because ... well, because Armstrong had a mind.

Don Shula tolerated Mark Clayton because the receiver was outstanding. But the minute Clayton lost a step, Shula ushered him out and brought in Irving Fryar because Clayton's mouth was a pain for the coach.

I compare Feely's situation to that of Armstrong. The problem Feely encounters is a kicker is a lot easier to replace than a pass-rushing savant, which Armstrong was for a few years.

Anyway, the whole scenario raises a couple of questions.

1. Can Feely stop being himself to save his job?

I imagine a guy that bright feels like he's got a lot to add. But a guy that bright also has to realize it is better to be employed than not. So I assume he will try to dial back on his public opinions and spokesmanship. It won't be easy for him.

Example: Team brass noticed that Feely was the only player who asked a question of Ari Fleischer Sunday after the former White House Press Secretary finished a 45-minute presentation on how to deal with the media.

It's not a bad thing that Feely asked a question, in my opinion. But apparently there were eyebrows raised among Miami brass that Feely felt compelled to step up despite previously being told to step back.

The question apparently didn't help Feely, either. He asked how to he might go about defending the organization on issues he might not agree with.

"What I told Jay was, and I get that question a lot," Fleischer said, "is I worked for three congressmen, one senator and one president. They ran on their issues. I'm a staffer. I cannot possibly agree with 100 percent of what they espouse ..."

Fleischer apparently put it in terms Feely, who is interested in politics, could relate with. He compared the player's situation with a political party member that doesn't buy into every plank of his party's platform.

"... You don't have to believe every single thing your party stands for," Fleischer said. "But you have to believe in your party and your people ..."

The second issue raised by this situation is what the Dolphins do in picking a kicker. Do they go with the best player, with no regard for how/when/why that player talks to the media? Or do they allow those factors to have bearing on the decision?

Feely expects to make Miami's decision a difficult one. He told me he expected to be the NFL's best kicker this year.

So what do you think will happen?


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Take the best player for the team. He can always be a scapegoat for management. I think that Mike Vanderwho and played for Indianopolis shot his mouth off, missed one field goal and is now kicking in the CFL. So live by the sword, die by the sword. And Armando, you certainly get beat up for your opinions. Some of the people on this blog would fire you today.

He asked a good question in a meeting. At least he knows he can be a pain in the butt and asked how he should deal with it.

It all boils down to this:

Boomer on Kickoffs vs a few % points in accuracy.

I submit we would have been BETTER OFF last year with Olindo Mare's kickoffs vs. Feely's accuracy.

Our old and under-conditioned "D" was completely exposed playing every drive from the 40 instead of the 20 yard line. Yes, Mare cost us a few goals in previous years, but without Feely, we wouldn't have lost many, or any, more than we did.

Unless Carpenter is woefully much worse than Feely on field goal percentage, you're looking at your new Dolphins kicker simply because of how much he can help the Defense.


He shouldn't have gotten any dirty looks for asking the question that the speaker is in fact there to answer. If it were off topic (those of us who've ever been in a work meeting know what I mean) that would be one thing. But a on topic and legitimate question, regardless of the player's past issues, should still be accepted and answered. How do they expect him to improve his behavior without letting him find out how to do just that.

Also, I say you should always go with the best player, for example, a certain Zach Thomas. Had we kept him we wouldn't be having any JT issues as a side effect and he would've been able to retire as a Dolphin. Excuse me while I go have a little cry now....

Bad boy Feely. LOLOL!!! sorry but it's kinda hard taking this serious. He's a kicker with a mouth, yet I've never once heard him say a single thing that made the world stop everything just to replay what they heard come out of his mouth.
With that in mind, I say the team should let him say anything, anytime, anyplace. No one takes kickers serious anyway.

I really enjoyed the column, Armando. I think with the emphasis that the Dolphins have put on Special Teams, I believe Dan Carpenter will be the kicker for the Miami Dolphins. This kid can really boom it, and he'll give the Dolphins that weapon on Special Teams that the Dolphins lost when Olindo Mare was traded. Don't get me wrong, Mare needed to go, and his field goal kicking was atrocious in his final season in Miami. However, the 2007 Dolphins really could've used his strong kickoff leg.

This team is looking for a guy who can get 20+ touchbacks in a season like Mare used to do. The closest Feely has ever come is 16 TB's in 2002, but that was when he was with the Falcons and played in a DOME. Other than that, Feely has struggled to get out of single digits.

As a field goal kicker, I believe Carpenter can get it done as well. Look at the jump he made from his first two seasons at Montana, and then look at his last two. Carpenter made at or just over 80% of his FG's in his junior and senior season's. He hit 62.1% and 66.7% of his FG's in his freshman and sophmore seasons. If Carpenter can continue to show off that booming leg, as well as make his FG's in TC and Preseason. The job will go to Dan Carpenter, and Feely and his big mouth will be sent packing.

Tommya - good point

SAVE_US.Y2J - close your stat book and go get some fresh air.

Did Feely get the same "dirty look" as you know who? Did we not learn our lesson after the rest of the rest of the story was told? It has been too long since our beloved team won the championship. We have been wandering about the desert lost for too long. Finally, this organisation seem to be headed in the right direction. Parcells has a track record of building winning organisations. He is trying to bring this to the Phins by putting all the details in place. While there will never be 100% consensus in any organisation there need to be 100% unity. What good will it do if not everyone is paddling in the same direction! Trace Armstrong has a mind, but so does everyone else. Sometimes we are better off knowing when not to use it. There is a time and a place for everything. Stay focus on job one, which is to do your best for the team and try not to bring attention to yourself by yapping to the media.

Who the hell listens to the kicker anyway?

Personally, I rooting for Carpenter to win the kicking job,because I like the idea of a power leg on kickoffs. (I think you should approach the game with a degree of confidence bordering on arrogance, and an arrogant coach would assume he'll be kicking off following TD's more than kicking field goals.)

However, I think it's a shame Jay will probably get a "character" reputation as a result. He's clearly a good kicker, and nothing about his personality should bother a coach. If anything, this is one of the few "red flags" I've seen about the Trifecta, including their sloppy handling of the JT situation.

hollywood should make a prequel to the movie 300 with Jason Taylor playing a young Xerxes and Jay Feely playing his political advisor who gets him in a war that he cant win. it will be a 2009 summer blockbuster

I can't believe that I just read an article about a kicker. :)

Tuna ALWAYS has issues with the kicker.

Tuna ALWAYS has issues with the kicker.

Armando, did you see you were talked and written about on AOL FanHouse? You are big time now


Hey Mando, now that Strahan retired could there be a Taylor trade in the future?

armando, This is jay feely. I wanted to offer you a little clarification on the Ari fleischer presentation. I was asked before the meeting by our media relations director Harvey Greene to ask a question when Mr. Fleischer finished his presentations and asked for questions. I have always wondered what it was like to be President Bush's press secretary amidst the constant criticism and certain misteps. As far as the organization not liking my question I can only say I had a coach come up to me afterward and tell me 'great question'.
I think you presented a much more controversial view of the situation than I did when you interviewed me. Never did I say they told me to 'shut up' as you wrote in your article. You asked me if they asked me to not do as much media work and I said 'yes, and I was willing to do that." I also told you my approach has been to work as hard as I could, to be the best kicker I could be, and that I believed the best kicker would win the job. I have confidence that I can be the best kicker in the NFL next year, but I also know that there are young guys every year trying to take your job...I was one of those young guys when I won my first job in Atlanta. A coach and a management have the right to determine the best course for their team and it is your obligation as an employee to proceed accordingly.
On a side note, as far as my Ricky Williams comments last year I never should have said anything. I was being honest but I had never been a teammate and I should have left those comments to the players who played with him before. When he was activated onto the team I went up to him, told him what I said and why, and said your my teammate now and I will treat you with the same respect and love I do all my teammates.

jay you better shut up or you'll be waived tomorrow!!!

That Jay Feely guy's comment really seems like something Jay Feely would say. HEHE! ruh roh Mando, seems Feely set you straight. LOLOL!

Assuming the Jay Feely comments are from the real Jay Feely, which I wouldn't doubt because it's a long-winded explanation, I have three comments.

1. Mando has told us before that players, staff and coaches read the blog but I didn't believe it. Wow.
2. I don't see a difference between your clarification and Mando's article.
3. Why can't you simply stay out of the media like the Dolphins are asking? You posting a long comment on here is doing exactly the thing the team is asking you not to do. Mando says you're a bright guy, but I don't see it.

Goodness gracious, I also have a sneaking suspicion that is really jay feely.

Jay, word of advice, brother: STFU!!!!

They told you to cool it on media stuff and you're not only doing interviews, you're posting on blogs. And your posting on the most popular Dolphins blog (according to Armando) at that.

Remember it is better to be quiet and be suspected a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.

Assuming that's the real Jay Feely, I'd say he's right to correct Mando. Who cares what the team says. It's called the 1st Amendment, and what was posted wasn't bad, in fact it makes the higher ups look good. Mando made them seem like the butt holes they are. Feely makes them sound like, well, uh, not as bad as Mando does.

great now we have a pissed off kicker. as if things weren't ridiculous already...

Assuming that was the real Jay Feely. My man, I know you like to talk, and I know you like to put yourself out there. However, this isn't the regime to be doing it with. Your on camera career can wait, focus on your kickoffs.

tommya how can you say "who cares what the team says" the fat tuna is about to run feely out of miami for some guy no one has ever heard of and posting on blogs certainly won't help.

By the way, I agree with Finheaven. Feely is saying he was told to cool it with the media which puts him out there. Armando said he was basically told to "zip it". There is no difference.

the bottom line is, Jay, shhhhhhhhush.

You're right, I shouldn't egg Feely on. I can say what I say because the Fins don't pay me the check I need to feed my kid. But a situation like this kinda sucks. The team tells you to shut up or get out?!?

That's not right.


Hopefully this is really you and not some cyber-jerk using your name.
First, I am impressed with the fact that you actually spoke with Ari Fliescher. I think that was a good question also. A question that everyone with a job needs to ask themselves. I believe if what you say is true, then you were just "sensationalized" by the media. I like Armando's column and blogs but I realize his job is to sell newspapers; whether he agrees with the issues or not.
Second, I am rooting for you this year. Your experience is needed. I do hope you put the balls in the end-zone. I also hope you are given more chances to do so than you were given last year.

Do you meatheads really think that was Jay Feely ???
Geez, and Brett Favre is coming uot of retirement to play here.

feely does this kinda thing all the time. he's called into sports talk radio down here in miami when something has been said about him in the past.

No difference between Mando's account, and Feely's account? Did you read the Article, and the post? That is like saying there was no difference between what Mando reported about the JT visit, and Parcells' account of the visit. Yet again Mando is characterizing an inflated version of the situation, drumming up controversy. I just hope we don't spend the next few months on this subject, like we did with JT. I know sensationalized stories are more the norm in the media these days, but sensationalizing a story about a KICKER????
All I can say about the issue is, may the best kicker win. Good luck, Jay. If you don't catch on here, I hope you have a chance somewhere else.

I believe that unless Feely just blows away Carpenter in field goal accuracy, Carpenter will be our kicker. Parcells can always justify sacrificing a little on field goal accuracy to improve the field position battle with Carpenter's deeper kickoffs. The obvious plus side to this is, Parcells can rid the team of someone who he feels will question authority and infect the younger, more impressionable players with that behavior.

I don't know why Feely is being criticized for clarifying an obvious sensational article. The guy answered a few questions about the situation respectfully to our beat writer, and then Mando spun it into this whole thing where he's going to be cut for criticizing the organization. Armando this is the guy's job here. I know you're still glowing about the Taylor vs. Parcells national press, and your "alleged" role in that story, but you've crossed a line here.

Mando, great job telling us 1. That feely is in a fight for his job. 2. That he needs to control his love of the media. 3. That he need to improve his kickoffs.

This is the reason I come on this blog.

Mando, found this article by Sal Palantonio on ESPN: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=paolantonio_sal&id=3433294

Basically he describes how JT is full of cr-p.
"Before minicamp, he met with Sparano and Parcells separately. In both conversations, Taylor reiterated his desire to play one more season -- somewhere else."

And this: "According to those with knowledge of his conversations with Parcells and Sparano, Taylor doesn't want to be Parcells' "guy." In fact, he has repeatedly asked for permission for his agent, Gary Wichard, to engineer a trade out of town."

So much for "I would be happy to play here." JT is a liar and two-faced. Pure and simple.

Oh Mandy, when you quote the president's former press secretary...any one of them...I am concerned.

I suppose they didn't invite Scott McClellan in to talk to the team because he has a soul?

Parcells is a ridiculous egomaniac. He has a specific idea about how every position should be, and if the player doesn't conform to that idea, he gets rid of them. Jay Feely's mouth would not be an issue for Tony Dungy, or Bill Belicheat (witness Adam V's post-SB celebrity). Obviously, you need a tried and true system, but the best teams find ways to work good players in no matter what--particularly if the issue is only one of personality. Rigidity and toughness are not the same thing.

Personally, I want the kicker who is going to step up and hit the money kick late in the game. That should be the only consideration. If you've got that guy, you can always get a punter to kick off or keep a second guy for kickoffs. Sure, it's a roster spot, but it's not like the Phins have tremendous depth. NFL games are so close these days that having a money kicker is important. No one should care if he talks to the media, as long as he doesn't say anything stupid like Vanderjagt did.

You never take points off the board, period. 3 points counts more than the ball on the 20 vs the 25.

finheavenblows, could we stay on the topic of the blog, please. There are about a hundred 'JT sucks' articles you could've left that comment under.

Personally I agree that Jay Feely's comment made the team look a lot better than Armando's spin. Plus as a fan, I don't think anyone should discourage team members from contributing to the discussions here.

Once again I vote for the most accurate kicker because when it comes down to overtime 4th down on the 30, who is going to win the game for you.

Phillyfinfan Jay Feely is no Adam V for one and I believe that this nothing to do with Bill's Ego as much as it has to do with field Position. Plus I dont think he is saying everyone can talk but the kicker! I think he wants everyone to shut up because he does not want anyone talking. Alot of coaches believe the same thing so there is nothing new here.

Todd its more like 20 vs 35 not 20 vs 25 and that is a big difference in Feely's defense he was told to kick that way last year and in the end if he is the better kicker he will get the job I don't know about you all but I want (eventually) the best possible player at every position. If its Feely Great If its Carpenter Great probably better because hes younger and cheaper.

Honestly I'm fed up with players that have plans after football. If players are already thinking about what there going to do after football how much of there head can possibly be focused on football now?

Can't be a good thing I'm going on vacation next week and I'm so excited about my vacation its hard to focus on work it's hard to even be here.

Football players retire in there mid 30's most of them,how many of us can say that. All I'm saying is that they have plenty of time to focus on other things that are not football after football. So in the end play football and Shut up let your game speak for you

jay feely - Well done. Thanks for posting and clarifiyng the slant presented by the author of these blogs.

Everyone is slanting this as Feely being so much more accurate than Carpenter. Everyone is saying it is more field goals made, vs touchbacks. Hows about we see how Carpenter kicks before we decide Feely is so much more accurate. So far, by mando's report earlier, the tally is Carpenter 3 for 3, Feely 2 for 3. Early, I know, but let the kid kick.

I am truly beginning to feel that Jehovah himself couldn't become the Head coach/GM/ VPFO without some of you people hating him, and calling for his ouster, before the first minicamp. Unclench, people. I know, I know, this is all Huizinga's fault for bringing in someone who knows about football. DAMN HIM!!!!!!! LET'S MARCH ON JOE ROBBIE STADIUM, AND STONE HUIZINGA FOR HIS TEMERITY FOR THINKING HE MAY ACTUALLY OWN THE TEAM, AND TRYING TO BUILD A WINNER!!!!!!!!
Lighten up, people. It's a distraction from your daily lives, not the arbiter of your self worth.

Tree2691, I don't think anyone's arguing that Feely is more accurate than Carpenter. The only arguments are 1. power vs accuracy, and 2. Best football player vs. best team member.

Ultimately it's not up to any of us who the kicker will be, we are just leaving opinions (all of them different, some of them insane). Personally I think the best tackler should get the job since the returner will slip past the rest of the special teams.


Stop trying to put Feely out there dude. You are just reallyyy bitter at him, bacause he called you out on the air waves on 790 the ticket. Grow up, he put you out there for good reason and you deseved it.

Now stop hating on the guy and grow up and get past it already!!!


I think A)you underestimate Jay Feeley's intelligence when you insinuate he'll be unable to tone down his media interaction (as requested by management),

B)you have written yet another sensational story that stirs fan criticism of miami management, this has been going on for years and the reason that I in general stopped reading your material.

C)Jay's comments hear are genuine (ty Eric for sending me over here...I'll give you props on the other (unspeakable place) as well) and he pointed out clearly how you mischaracterized his interview with you.

D)You can either try to tone down the sensationalism, or try to stir fan animosity to the point that management gets replaced yet again. I'd suggest the former sense I don't think ownership is listening to the loud soapboxers any more.

E) Jay Feeley is a class act (thanks for your response here Jay!) and WILL be the best kicker in the NFL...I sure as heck hope that you can kick a bunch more Touchbacks this year Jay!!!

Yeah Mando, stop hating on Feely. stop calling him a bright guy and a valuable player and one of the league's best kickers.


I read every one of your posts on this blog and agreed with all of them...I the above post is not in response to me.

I never once said Mando hated on feeley, I said he mischaracterized their exchange and was called on it by feeley himself.

I don't see what you all are so upset about. what is it that armando wrote that is so different than the truth?

(Armando from this blog)

"I asked Feely outright on Sunday if he had been told by the new administration to basically zip it with the media. I knew the answer already but wanted to hear it from him. Feely was straight with me. He said, "Yes...""

(Armando from his story on feely)

"Feely also considers himself

a team leader, a go-to guy when younger players need advice and reporters need perspective.

But none of that fits into the ''be seen and not heard'' philosophy the Dolphins brain trust now covets. So has Feely been told, basically, to stay out of the media spotlight?

''Yes,'' Feely said succinctly.

How does he feel about that?

''I am,'' Feely said, biting his tongue, ``going to do the things

I need to do to make the people

I work for happy, even if I don't always agree with it.''"

(Jay Feely if it really was him from this blog)

"I think you presented a much more controversial view of the situation than I did when you interviewed me. Never did I say they told me to 'shut up' as you wrote in your article. You asked me if they asked me to not do as much media work and I said 'yes, and I was willing to do that."

First Armando never said that he was told to shut up. He asked him a question about if management wanted him to zip it and he answered yes in all three inserts above they all say the same thing in different ways. So i don't see why everyone is so mad. I see it as dead on accurate for one we can all agree that his kickoffs where horrible but yet Armando defends feely on that by pushing the blame on Cam because are special teams were so bad last year they felt like he needed to make adjustments to the kickoffs. again i feel that Parcells and company want all the players to stay quiet and not be so outspoken. so that there would be less controversy. for one if he did what he was told and not spoke to the media Armando would not have had a story to write. so Feely did not like the way Armando worded the article maybe he should have kept his mouth shut.

Personally I hope the best player wins whether its feely or carpenter we need as much help as we can get

Go Phins

I don't care what the guy says, I can't imagine Feely losing his job with the way he performed last season.

Armando, is Brandon Fields being considered for kickoffs, and if so is he any good at it? I'm not a big fan of keeping a roster spot for a kickoff specialist.

This situation is getting TOUCHY--FEELY !!!

Jay F--thanks for your post.
Readers--The Jay F post proves what the 'Mando monitors have been trying to tell y'all for the past two months, esp. but not exclusively viz a viz JT - - Mando takes an incident & purposefully overstates the drama & confrontation NOT to express an opinion, but to stir things up a la his mentor LeBatard. Even more insidiously, Mando does this not merely or only to contrive controversy, but because he is a high-fiving out-of-the-closet Dolphin hater (ask jason Cole, those of you who are new to Mando's world), who would like nothing more than to see dissension on the team & Tuna being subject to such uninterrupted criticism that he packs it in, thereby allowing Mando to once again attack Dolphin Chaos. Let the reader beware!

That was funny

I agree with Chris we definately don't need to waste a roster spot for a extra kicker I believe though who ever wins the Kicking battle will do both jobs. Let the best player win

Something that didn't occur to me until now...Why the hell are kickers and punters seperate anyway? They both only have one job...KICK THE BALL! 30 years and I've never had this epiphany! There should just be ONE KICKER/PUNTER! Seems a little silly...

Hey Chuck
I don't believe that Armando blew anything about feely out of proportion I believe if you read everything, both are talking about the same thing. for all i know that wasn't even Feely If it was! he is digging his own grave by starting or feeding into the controversy. Why you say? simple if it was him he could not even hold himself in check not to comment on this blog for one and for second the only misconception from all the comments made (2 Storys from Armando and one from feely) everything was the same except for comment about the reception of the question by management and all i have to say is a coach could have told feely that it was a good question and feely could have been told to ask a question but how would armando know this. The only thing Armando Knew for sure was that Feely told him that he needed to slow down the media stuff and if Armando was there knowing what he did he would be right to assume what he did especially after being told what he was told from Feely and Feely being the only one asking a Question I would have "assumed" that too just as he mentioned. In Fact this blog is all based on opinion not fact.

now maybe the JT situation was a bit overblown especially the 30 sec meeting where parcells ignoreing JT and not mentioning that there were other coaches in the room in the middle of a meeting that definately was overblown but JT lieing about "wanting to play" VS "having to play" for the dolphins and requesting a trade I believe Armando was dead on and he is not the only reporter that feels that way. I love JT but he definately wants out of here if he wanted to play for us he would have made it to the mandatory camp except for the day of his brothers graduation which I would have thought would have been an excused absence.

Go Phins

Thats funny Marc I would Imagine the difference is one is better kicking the ball of the ground and the other would be a better drop kicker

but you definately raise something to think about

I hear ya finfan...If you recall I'm in Orlando as well...But, the more I think about it, the more absurd it is...That's like having one QB for the shotgun, and one for direct snaps...One lineman for run blocking and one for passblocking. I imagine if you can punt, you can kick. It might not be as easy the other way, but, I would ASSUME that you could do both!

for those of you wondering...Armando changed the wording of his story after Jay Feely posted on here last night. It orginally read, I asked Jay Feely if he was told to shut up and he said "yes" succinctly. He than changed it to read what Jay Feely wrote in his post. I think this shows that Armando knew he had overreached with the wording in his article and sensationalized the story so he edited it to more accuratley reflect their conversation. I assure last night on the herald website his article read," shut up" and now it doesn't.

I wish you ppl would get as upset and engaged when the media distorts things on issues that actually matter

The guy is articulate - how refreshing is that? I'm sure a mutually agreeable arrangement will evolve from this - he's not used to have smart people in the Dolphins front office - and this front office isn't used to having academically smarter guys on the field.

AND the drama goes on...


I find it interesting that Jay Feely would actually post on the blog. After all, the article stated and Feely agreed that he needed to keep a lower profile. What it tells me from a personality stand point is that Jay is a serious talker and will have issues with this edict.

Parcells, as we know, does not like celebrity football players. He likes guys who come in, do their job and as FLPD stated, STFU. But the real meat of the story is the atrocious starting field position we dealt with last season. Feely blamed it on being asked to squib or kick away from the return guy, but he would not have been asked to do that if his kicks were dropping 5 yards into the endzone...

If we take a look at the players who were brought in it easy to see the huge importance Parcells puts on special teams coverage units. One of the main ingredients to that is a kicker who can put the ball in the endzone. With that in mind, I believe Parcells thinks field position is more important than field goal percentage and he doesn't like celebrity football players. This does not bode well for you Jay.

So to reiterate, STFU and kick the ball in the endzone or you may be looking for another job. BTW, I don't think Feely will have a hard time finding another team and I think he may be trade bait in the big picture.

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