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Live blog of "Clock" game on NFL network

Even if it's me and Harricane, I figured this is a chance to exchange ideas and spend some time with my peeps.

So the live blog starts at 8 p.m.

Tune in to NFL Network and let's watch the Dolphins vs. Jets from Nov. 27, 1994.

Yeah, that was the clock game. See you in the comments section.


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OK, I think I'm here all by myself, but I'll say it. This is fun.

Free beer?!?

aaron glenn a rookie!? my god time flies.

Dolphins on offense. James Saxon, who dropped the first down pass and just caught another pass out of the backfield is now Miami's RB coach.

Saxon started this game because Keith Byars was injured.

Jim Arnold, who is now punting was on of Mike Westhoff's least favorite punters of all time. He used to tell me what a nightmare Arnold was about confidence.

gotta bring your own beer...

By the way guys, thanks for joining me on here. Let's have some fun tonight. Tell me what you think.

And the beer is on me!

and a stick...need the ST play this year...

armando is the mini-camp this weekend open to fans and media?

Did you guys notice the Dolphins didn't run the ball the first series? Gosh, that was fun.

love it....need to do this more often

Marino had a great left side of the o-line protecting his back (sims and webb), we addressed that glaring important need with jake long and smiley, i cant wait to see if mccown or beck gets enough time to get ginn the ball

Wow! Time flies. 1994?!? Didn't Mark Ingram make the game winning catch?
I still remember Ingram's Super Bowl saving first down that gave the Giants the win over the Bills. 1991 was it?

who was the best available FA on pregame?

Eric, the minicamp is open to the media. I need to check on whether it is open to fans. I don't know.

chuck...maybe we do now....have left side

Aubrey Beavers. Most amazng athletic ability, but zero brains.

troy vincent was one of the most underrated corners and how about bryan cox-what a treat to interview him huh mando!?

love that marco.....as well

The two corners for Miami are Troy Vincent, who I think is the best CB Miami has had in Shula era and JB Brown who was a nice guy but had no killer instinct.

ya see that hold?

Playing in the middle was Dwight Hollier, one of the most under-rated players I ever covered. All he did was make tackles.

See what I tell you about JB Brown. He didn't seem to want to tackle Rob Moore.

agree....fully. wow what size bowens...miss him

99 beat a double team....

hit him in the balls?????

Gene Atkins and Michael Stewart hated me because I would write they would blow coverages and not react on time. The following year, Shula brought Lou Oliver back and he and Atkins hated each other.

see that is what fergie is gonna bring us....forget it... CB has been lacking for many teams

Wow, Boomer just threw into a group of four Dolphins.

Well Mando, you were so right about Atkins and Stewart. They were frustrating to watch play at times!

Dwight Hollier makes a big tackle! Underappreciated guy he was.

Are you guys having a good time? I am.

he and bowens were awesome

Irving Spikes, who would go on to get into a gunfight with federal authorities, on the kick return. Yikes.

yea, we need to do this in preseason as well...i get too stressed in reg season

On thing I give Shula credit for is giving Marino weapons. When the Marks Brothers declined and left, Shula went out and got Fryar

Vincent making me look bad after what I wrote earlier.

Too bad Shula stuck with Ollivadati (however you spell it) for so many years!!

I like these unis; they are classic

Noah, you have no idea how many times I would go in Tom Olivadotti's office and he would say things like, "The Bills can blow us up." It would drive me nuts because it showed he didn't have a lot of confidence in his defense. And that could also be the reason he was a bend-don't-break kinda guy.

Isn't this Bowens rookie year? What did you think of that pick back then Mando? He had only played like 9 college games before being drafted!!!

Oliver was drafted in 1989 and was gone by 1994? Wow that was not a great shelf life. As I recall the Bengals signed him.

I loved Bowens as soon as I found out that during a junior college game, a brawl broke out and he grabbed the first down marker from the chain gang and started swinging it at the the other team. Like all by himself.

That's sad about Olivadotti because you can see a lot of talent on the defense, but no killer scheme. The one time he DID come up with a good scheme was the first game in Bufallo in 1992 he ran the weird one down lineman and a ton of linebackers blitzing every down and we killed the Bills that day. The game with Oliver going 102 yards!!!! It only worked once because they wrecked us in the AFC championship that year.

Oliver went in free agency. Then he hated Cincy, got cut, and came back for 95 season.

one thing comes to mind...with this mASSIVE overhaul...i hope we stop the revolving door....and keep or guys

Dwight Hollier!!!!

Oliver was a very good playmaker, but just did not have lateral quickness. His long speed was good but he was just to bulky at 225 lbs without flexible hips.

I thought he might have been better at strong safety where his size might have made more sense.

Great play by Tim Bowens. He rocked.

i loved parmelee....guess its not his son we got....not 2 e's

Geez Austin, you sound like a scout. A good one.

Why do you think we couldn't run the ball back then? Was is the RB's? The lineman only getting to practice pass blocking? Or were we just to stubborn to stick with it?

We used to play heads up ball...did you see how fast Dellenbach (I think that's who it was) recovered what he thought was a fumble? Three Jets around and we recover...and Bowens leveling the guy at the 1...just doesn't seem to happen anymore.

Thanks Armando. What can you tell us about Klingbeil? He was always a mixed bag for me. Good quickness with that squat body and he was an overachiever. But at the same time, it always felt like he represented our inability to find real talent there. Brian Sochia was another guy along the same guys.

2 much pass only 1 deminsion offense

I think the Dolphins could have run the ball if they had stuck with it, but they simply didn't want to stick with it. They didn't want to take the ball out of Marino's hands because 1, they wanted to score, 2, Marino would have gotten pissed.

HAHA, nice Armando. Was that one of the major sticking points with Dan and J.J. that he was forcing a running game that wasn't working that great.

had the arms up....

Good insight Mike. Welcome to 1994, bro.

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