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Live blog of "Clock" game on NFL network

Even if it's me and Harricane, I figured this is a chance to exchange ideas and spend some time with my peeps.

So the live blog starts at 8 p.m.

Tune in to NFL Network and let's watch the Dolphins vs. Jets from Nov. 27, 1994.

Yeah, that was the clock game. See you in the comments section.


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I liked the old uniforms and Dolphin insignia better, maybe when the trashman completeley leaves he can take the new look with him. Its great seeing Bowens and Cox (not to mention Dan)...

Noah, you know it was so weird. Back then, we couldn't find a running back to save our lives. Stradford, Lo Hampton, Spikes, Higgie, Parmalee, Sammie, Humphrey. Some were ok, but we just couldn't find *the* guy.

These days, it pains me to see guys like Steven Jackson and Joseph Addai go late first or early second, where we might have been able to get them. Maddening.

I know...sigh

Didn't you say we were gonna have a throwback week this year Mando?

Noah, by the time JJ came around, Dan had realized he needed to run the ball more. But in 1994? Not yet.

no freaking blocking

Another Marino interception. His second. But I predict Marino will get much better in this game.

I remember my dad doing a long jump from the recliner for about 7 feet when Dan throws that fake spike screaming "that's what we needed" Then we jumped in a circle hugging!! Gotta love watching the fins with the pops even when we lose every game but one.

JB Brown struggling :(

My dad would actually move back and forth, leaning as if he could affect how much the ball would be advanced or not. Great times.

Wow, that was a sick play action...Esiason is putting on a clinic

I can't believe Shula didn't give Pete Carroll the CHOKE sign after Dan threw the last TD!!!

blown coverage...no S outside...cb had inside resp.

Johnny Mitchell, if you remember, later tried to join the Dolphins under JJ. But he had personal issues and either left camp or never actually reported. Last time I saw him, he was trying to join the media.

Gene Atkins = atrocious

wife now has my jersey on....

OJ McDuffie would have been a HOF if he had 4.4 speed. He had 4.6 speed.

I miss having a QB who could make ALL the throws an NFL QB needs to make!!

irving playing with a broken nose

Where the frick is Keith jackson?

pin point

Mark Ingram, who is still in prison, just caught a pass.

It's kind of sad...what kind of memories are the kids of Fins fans going to have of our recent teams...dads yelling at the tv wondering what the hell Cameron was thinking with that call? Hopefully, as long as the game brought father and son together, maybe they'll look back at them fondly.

this is what happens when ya have an above average QB and no O line

Boy Mike in Houston, that post just depressed the heck out of me ... Unfortunately, all true.

wrong arm bernie

Finding new and improved ways to shoot ourselves in the foot

Oh, nooooo Bernie Parmalee fumbles.

One thing about Miami's later day Parmele: He carried the ball something like 700 times in college without a fumble. No wonder Bill Parcells picked him.

yea, a way bright spot...and hilliard?

look at this 99? hint

beer guys?

I don't know about Hilliard. Haltime which should last one minute. I'm running to grab a beverage. Be right back. Thanks for being here, guys. Thought I'd be here by myself.

Armando, I agree with you on Lorenzo Booker - dealing him was a huge mistake

we did ok on the trade, in my opinion and i liked lorenzo...

just strategy.....

Oh, Troy, Troy, Troy. Gotta grab that pick and go the other way with that.

cox late

hopefully Shawn Murphy can become a solid starter at guard, justifying the trade, harricane

I think Booker will be a good player in Philly. I just don't like the idea of trading a third round pick in 2007 - a guy who showed promise, for a fourth round pick in 2008.

I agree getting rid of Lorenzo Booker was a head scratcher...

we need a guy like murphy protecting johnny boy....

was sorry to see OJ McD's carreer end early, he was fearless

I loved Irving Fryar. Great receiver. Great blocker. Great guy.

it allowed us to trade up for a guy saxons size

I can't believe this game was 14 years ago.

loved OJ and Fryer...former patroit

Wow a drive....i really miss Dan!

hell i remember the SB's i was 11

The fire Dan had...you don't see that much anymore...great TD.

had great skill players and not much of a line....tink 9-10 wins

Did you guys see Keith Sims pick up the delayed blitz on that TD pass? I haven't seen line play like that by the Dolphins in quite some time. Good coaching. Great execution.

I wish I could get past seasons on DVD.

Think about it, the Dolphins were down 13-0 or 17-0 in this game. And yet you never thought the game was over until, well, until it was over.

Last couple of years, this team goes down 17-0, people are leaving the stadium because no one believes they have an offense that can come back.

we have the building block now

armando, somewhere after don, things changed

So true! Same with being down 7 with 2:00 mins to go...You always felt Dan was gonna win the game.

cause they did!!

When Dan was in the game, I never thought it was over unless we were in the lead.

i feel a new attitude

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