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Live blog of "Clock" game on NFL network

Even if it's me and Harricane, I figured this is a chance to exchange ideas and spend some time with my peeps.

So the live blog starts at 8 p.m.

Tune in to NFL Network and let's watch the Dolphins vs. Jets from Nov. 27, 1994.

Yeah, that was the clock game. See you in the comments section.


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hit by marco the man

Wow, Mando...as a long time Fins fan, as most of us are, what we would give to experience some of things your wonderful job has allowed you to experience...talk about company benefits

I forgot Miami was after Primetime...

dan is a good guy....his hospital work is admirable....dan, boomer and jim k all had kids with autism....so....

I have to admit the guy was my idol as a kid...and honesty I still think he was best QB i have ever seen play. He could take over a game. I admit it is a biased opine.

Ronnie, they wined and dined him. They gave Deion a No. 2 practice jersey (his favorite number at FSU)and they offered him s good a contract as either Dallas or SF, but he picked the 49ers. Can't say he made a mistake.

Mike, I am blessed.

Wow, Esiason just got mauled...got the pass off though

Nope, not a mistake for him at all... wasn't it a few years late that they did the same with Reggie White? He also saw the promised land with GB!

It's not like Shula didn't try, right??

I am an IT guy at a paper here in NC. I have often thought a great gig for me would be to be the IT guy for the Fins...lol

I miss Timbo!

that is a d line with back-up....

Amazing what a little pressure can do to a quarterback on fire

the Dolphins were never really in the Reggie sweepstakes because he had a list of teams he wanted to go to and Miami wasn't on that team.

But the Dolphins were quick to move on Keith Jackson who was one of the first free agents and he's playing in this game.

Fins tried hard in 95. I wonder what would have been if they could have kept it together for 96?

damn did bowens blow that up

turnovers...like last year?

Wasn't '95 the year we signed all those former 1st round picks?

so, we need S coverage....Y Bell getting healthy? who is our second S mando?

Mando...before I forget...thank you for your time, thank you for your insight, and thank your family too for us...this post and your job is their sacrifice as well...thank you. Feeling the love tonight!

YB is looking great. We'll see, but I love him because he makes things happen. As for the rest, it is seriously up in the air because JAson Allen is good/bad, Renaldo Hill still not healthy, Andre Goodman has a questionable shoulder that is chronic, and Will Allen is under investigation.

let's do it....move it around

Thanks Mike. Actually, my wife is siting right here with me. We're hanging. She says Marino makes "dorky faces when the pass is incomplete."

tkx mando...damn on andre...i like him

I meant sitting.

wife took the jersey to bed...hope she does not wrinkle it

What was Hicks thinking trying to field that punt? That, and when defensive backs try to return interceptions six yards deep in the end zone...big time pet peeve of mine...you better have a lane fifteen yards wide to do that.

all in a dayz work brother...from a UM mother

Wow, a blitz from Olivadotti on third down. And it works!!!

OK guys, this is the drive, unless I am mistaken. I want to watch this closely. So think of it as watching without any noise from me.

that is todays hagan

'K, I'm gonna watch too... signing off, thanks for your time!

Keith Jackson dropped a lot of balls back in the day..., made a lot of great plays, but...


what a moment

That took the wind out of the J E T S for years to come...

enjoyed mando....hurricane bro....keep it up

Awesome...even sweeter that it happened against the jets

do you guys think josh mccown can do something like that?

OK men, I truly do appreciate you spending this time with me. Best and blessings to you all.

thats a shame about ingram http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Ingram

john maybe.....don't count him out...not in his second year though....its not dan's second year....or was that he SB year?.....hmmmmm

OK, I'm here for the live blog ... hello? Anywhere out there? Just kidding.

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