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Marcus Vick pans out the way I thought he would

As Yoda might say: Sometimes wrong I am.

Deez from this blog just called me out for being wrong on the Jake Long post I had a few months ago. I wrote that because the Dolphins had like, a shadow, show up for Long's pro day, they apparently weren't too interested in the Michigan tackle. Woops.

But as Yoda would also say: Often right I am.

And so as I read this news story out of Norfolk, VA., I just had to shake my head. The story details a little incident involving former Dolphins practice squad receiver/returner/never was Marcus Vick. Seems Ron Mexico's younger brother got in trouble with the police. Again.

Vick, 24, and Miami woman Delicia Lenora Cordon, 24, spent time in jail last night after both were booked on DUI and public intoxication charges, respectively. Vick was released on bail about the time the East Coast was waking up this morning while Cordon was released on her own recognizance, the news account said.

Cordon has a myspace page that alleges she is an actress, model and "video vixen," whatever that is. [True story, first time I went on myspace was just now to access this link.]

Anyway, when Nick Saban took a chance on Vick back in 2006, I panned the idea. Absolutely hated it. Thought it was a recipe for disaster. Said it wouldn't work out. Fact is, this is exactly what I said:

"You've all heard about the report that the Dolphins are bringing Vick's less talented and much more trouble-prone little bro to this weekend's minicamp. Big mistake.

"I challenge any of you to name one former trouble-maker or druggie who simply turned things around and became a star for the Miami Dolphins. Outside of Irving Fryar, who turned into a productive player around the time he got born again, I cannot recall even one player who chased away the demons effectively enough to be productive on Sunday.

"On the other hand, I can recall off the top of my head a bunch of guys who were trouble when the Dolphins gambled on them, and continued to be trouble afterward.

"Chuck Muncie in the 1980s? He was traded to Miami and when he took his urinalysis, white powder came out.

"Tony Collins back in 1990 didn't work out. Clayton Holmes, he of three failed drug tests with the Cowboys, failed another drug test before he got out of training camp his only year in Miami.

"Demetrius Underwood came with emotional baggage and when that luggage landed in Miami, it detonated as Underwood tried to commit suicide during a bye weekend.

"Cecil Collins came to Miami with a prison record and rewarded Jimmy Johnson's confidence in him by sneaking into some lady's apartment -- while her husband was home. So, of course, he rectified the situation by jumping out the window -- never mind he had missed a game or practice or something because of a sprained ankle.

"LaCurtis Jones came to Miami in the 1996 draft with a reputation for violence, which seem OK if he channeled it strictly to the field. But when he got cut, he showed up at training camp with a gun. True story.

"Lawrence Phillips was a thug at Nebraska, was a thug in St. Louis and when the Dolphins signed him, guess what? He was a thug in Miami.

"Gene Atkins once punched out a teammate in New Orleans then came to Miami and argued with Louis Oliver and grabbed Tom Olivadotti on the sidelines.

"I can go on and on: Larry Webster (drugs) got suspended; Shane Burton (alcohol) got arrested for DUI; Tim McKyer (bad reputation) lasted only one year; Bobby Humphry (drugs) got shot; Tyrone Wheatley (I don't even remember his major malfunction when he came to Miami) got cut.

"Are you getting the drift that there is a reason these guys get traded or don't get drafted? Are you getting the drift that when the Dolphins add these guys to the roster, they are inheriting someone else's headache?

"Vick, according to three sources, was completely off the draft board of at least 21 NFL teams from my count. They obviously knew something about the kid that overshadowed his good arm and 4.47 speed.

"He got suspended in 2004 and was finally kicked off the Virginia Tech team after last season -- even after his older brother had taken him in and tried to set him on the right direction.

"So now he comes to the Dolphins for a tryout and the team will say it hasn't invested anything in the guy and it doesn't hurt to give the guy a chance because, what the heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

"But that's very shortsighted. Every snap he takes in this minicamp, is one less snap a more worthwhile player doesn't get. Every moment he spends with a coach, is one less moment that coach is investing on a player that isn't as likely to get into trouble down the road.

"The sad thing is sometimes guys like Mexico Jr. look like they've gotten their act together, make you start trusting that everything is fine and then ... poof, the air goes out of the good-guy balloon.

"They revert to their old ways and it always happens at the wrong time. Bobby Humphrey was great for the Dolphins for a while that 1992 season and then when Miami got to the AFC title game against Buffalo, he mysteriously shows up 30 minutes before the game and lays a huge egg that day.

"At the end of the day it simply is not worth it, people. These players come wrapped in much talent and potential but tear open the attractive exterior and you get a package full of unreliability."

Well, turns out Vick wasn't a very good football player to go along with the fact he is an arrest magnet. But the point I made about him and other troubled played back then remains true today.

They're simply not worth the trouble.

Thoughts ...


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woohoo, i got a mention!

He was raw as a WR, but kid had damn good hands! I think he had some potential there, but alas, he shoulda stayed in school and was dooomed once you know what happened.

Oh man no edit button! Anyways:

"I challenge any of you to name one former trouble-maker or druggie who simply turned things around and became a star for the Miami Dolphins."

Hey wasn't Dan Marino a fan of the nose candy in Pitts? Hmmm? Yeah i know, just a rumor.

And clayton and duper were apparently as well, but no proof of it before their stardom.

I'm jealous Deez. I've never gotten an Armando mention. Meanwhile, very entertaining post.

Armando, Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Little Vick was cut by the fins last year. He doesnt have jack-poo to do with the Fins now so why bring it here?? I don't know about the rest of the readers but I come here to read about the current Fins and what people think about them. This is the "Dolphins in Depth" blog, or did I hit a wrong link??

Marino on drugs? Blasphemy!!!!! Just because he played in the 80s, in Miami, and roomed with known partier Joe Rose?

Some people are just stupid and it looks like it runs in that family

That year we brought him in I was cool with it I thought it was not much of a gamble big risk high reward I believe that everyone deserves a second sometimes third chance but he showed that he was not worth the risk and just continues to prove it. Its a shame that someone with so much potential just lets it slip away. Hopefully the dolphins will stay away from these type of players here on out.

Go Phins

Dont be a drip brian. Expand your horizons. I kind of enjoyed reading the post.

You forgot to mention Ricky Williams. That guy didnt amount to....

Wait a minute...

one thing...Norfolk is in Virginia, not NC

Thanks, ked. Fixed.

Wait a minute, daveinohio. What was so great about ricky? He had one great season and one good season. He also quit for one season and was suspended for one season and a half seasons and injured for half a season. Is that worth the two first round picks to you? It is not to me. No way. Bust.

Tim Russert dead. RIP.

What about Ricky you didn't mention him Mando he might pan out

Plus they all did white just like I'm sure many many players do now because its out of your system in 3 days and taking asprin/acteminophen aswell as many other over the counter drugs causes false positives

Joe Rose is an @ss and a Dolphin Hater I can't believe someone who once played for us can't even say anything positive during his show

Can't really compare this to the other troubles up their but didn't Rex Hadnot get in fight with someone during mini-camp or something last year... can't really remember the specifics, but that couldd be counted as thug like/bad character and he did good

Its not fair to stick Ricky in the same group with this guy

Ricky did leave us hanging but because he had a condition called S.A.D.(Social Anxiety Disorder)and believed that Marijuana was helping him more than the medications they were prescribing to him. He had a choice to play football and lie or tell the truth and leave since he could not play football and use Marijuana. It is not unheard of for people to use Marijuana to help them with the same disorder. Since then he has been finding other ways to coupe with his disorder (EG: Yoga, Holistic Medicine) and is trying to put that all behind him. Yes he has fallen off the wagon several times but his doctor said that is normal for that to happen when someone suffering from that disorder is about to walk back into what causes them to feel that way. In Ricky's case it was the media. If you remember when he use to play with N.O. he use to do interviews with his helment on. But Ricky is a hard worker and has a great character and I'm pretty sure his team mates will back that up. Plus he has about 8 million reasons too......:-)

"I challenge any of you to name one former trouble-maker or druggie who simply turned things around and became a star for the Miami Dolphins...I cannot recall even one player who chased away the demons effectively enough to be productive on Sunday."

uhh, Ricky Williams? he's had demons all along and has been a star for us!

have high hopes for Cecil Collins!

9/11 was an inside job

checkout wtc7.net & watch the collapse videos

learn the truth

Ricky wasn't a druggie prior to coming here, and he hasn't yet after his druggie episode produced on teh field, except he did have a decent 2005, but then got suspended again, and then failed another test.

But I do have high hopes for him. A decent Ricky is still pretty damn good.

OMG -you blogged to let us know you were right A YEAR AGO when you said a lightly-regarded player & known troublemaker would remain a troublemaker! Wow! SalgueroDamus! When you finish patting yourself on the back for a VERY minor & very obvious prediction, what's next? We await your guidance.

"I challenge any of you to name one former trouble-maker or druggie who simply turned things around and became a star for the Miami Dolphins...I cannot recall even one player who chased away the demons effectively enough to be productive on Sunday."

Irving Fryar

Yeah everyone's been praising Ricky Williams this offseason, yet everyone was bashing on him a couple years ago.

Listen, all these pro-athletes at one point or another have had some pot on campus or had a little blow offered to them at some party. I don't hold them in any higher offense than anyone else who succumbs. There was a point when half the Superbowl winning Dallas cowboys were skipping drug tests or getting caught doing it.

Good thing they got lucky with Dan Marino, you should hear the stories out of Pittsburgh about that guy.

I know I know, its blasphemy, but there is a reason the Steelers passed on him.

Worked out well for us though.

Illinois Fin Fan

Did you read the whole quote?

"I challenge any of you to name one former trouble-maker or druggie who simply turned things around and became a star for the Miami Dolphins. Outside of Irving Fryar, who turned into a productive player around the time he got born again, I cannot recall even one player who chased away the demons effectively enough to be productive on Sunday.

Just sayin'

The Best example of turning it around will be Ricky he will have a great season this year remember back in 05-06 Ricky only started 3 games and missed four due to suspension and still almost ran for 100 yds

here where his stats for that year from nfl.com
12 3 168 743 4.4 35 6 17 93 5.5 19 0 1 1

I believe in a full season with a full training camp he can at least do the same as he did in 05 or maybe even better

Run Ricky Run

Go Phins

You may be right Armando but we cheer for the underdog. We want that guy to exorcise his demons because he represents the rest of us.
People like Brady, Stauback, and many others are like little princesses. I like seeing them get the shite kicked out of them. Beautiful homes, beautiful wives, millions of dollars, always looking great. More like movie stars than football players.
So when someone comes around with warts all over them we hope that they can make it too.

Nope. Just the paraphrased quote. My bad.

Armando, I once heard you say on the radio that Jimmy Johnson would sign Satan if he thought he could help the team. Did you agree with that philosophy?

you know for someone who just got in some serious doo doo about his jason taylor write up you are pretty humble armando. so you're right about a guy not making it with a troubled past and after went undrafted, way to go out on a limb. but when it came to the big calls, such as jake long and jason taylor you were dead wrong and out of line. if your right about something relevant by all means go ahead and write about how right you are, but this is about as important as who the titans just released.

Hey I would be the first to say everything that Armando said about JT wasn't entirely accurate only because somethings were left out
but Micheal F. I would not say he was dead wrong about JT especially that he is doing a two step with the media better than he did on DWTS

In the end Armando reported that he wanted to be traded and he was right.

In the end he reported that he would not be at OTAs and he was right.

So Micheal F. what are you talking about?

I believe That JT talked to the trifecta before the season and he probably did not say trade me if you want I think he said trade me or I will retire and that is why BP came out with the hard stance of he will play here or retire its the only thing that makes sense and they tried to trade him but everyone wants him for nothing because everyone in the NFL knows that JT does not want to play and they no his heart is no longer into football JT has been one of my favorite players I have his Jersey in aqua,white,and orange. what he is doing is extremely disapointing and it hurts me to see how selfish he is. You can say that Armando made this stuff up but he is not the only one who reported wasnt that dumb as@ reporter from yahoo that started this and he wrote in his article that JT told him then JT backed off and said he never did. Sorry but JT is in the wrong and as far Jake long is concerned I don't know but if the dolphins sent more guys to see one guy than another the educated guess would have been with the one they sent the most staff to check out

I can't stand it when people just come here to hate

Hey tree I'm trying to keep myself in check
I'm trying man

Any way I'm glad we drafted long it wasn't sexy but it was a need and I can't wait to get his Jersey....Because I have like 7 I have to throw away may be burn....AHHHHHH....:-)

Go Phins


Did that news conference that JT was suppose to call today did it ever happen?

I can't believe what I just read. Have the Dolphins had THAT many busts (or criminals in this case) on their roster? Thank the lord we have someone in the front office who has the sense to NOT sign these thugs. Oh, by the way, I take back what I said a few weeks ago about wanting to sign Chris Henry (my bad)....

LT was a crazed dawg cokehead muthaf**** but he was da best ...evaaaaaah . Booyah!

PS tip to mah homies ...poupe in ya pants and jack off wit it - its da bomb yall

Hey Michael, the person that needs to stop being wrong here is you bro.

Finfan in Orlando: It happened and he didn't say anything that changes his NFL situation. Actually he didn't say anything about his NFL situation.

Willy: I wouldn't want Satan on my team. Not a good locker room guy. Plus, JC has it over him in every category.

Thanks Armando for the heads up and your hard work that most of us appreciate have a great Vacation I will be on one myself....

Any news on the RG situation any player in particular that we are looking at?

mr.orlando, i don't post on blogs or message boards often, but to write this much about being right about a pretty predictable marcus vick situation along with all these guys with problems is a little redundant in my opinion. i like armando and i get the herald delivered to my house every morning, but this article was too much for me. As for the JT situation, to call a man a liar are strong words, you better have something to back it up and armando couldn't. With that i've done my posting for the year.

mr.orlando, i don't post on blogs or message boards often, but to write this much about being right about a pretty predictable marcus vick situation along with all these guys with problems is a little redundant in my opinion. i like armando and i get the herald delivered to my house every morning, but this article was too much for me. As for the JT situation, to call a man a liar are strong words, you better have something to back it up and armando couldn't. With that i've done my posting for the year.

I think it's a little harsh and maybe even a tad hypocritical for people to call Ricky a "druggie". He smoked some weed, he didn't shoot heroin. I say hypocritical because the same people who call him a druggie probably drink alcohol which is also a drug. But I guess you're only a druggie if you do the illegal drugs because those are the ones that the government has deemed harmful to our health. Apparantly alcohol has never hurt anyone. Anywho, the funny thing is that he was smoking pot the year he set the Dolphins rushing record, went to the probowl and got MVP honors. What a horrible drug marijuana is. :)

What's up with this blog? Troubled past? Armando you act like the guys a major felon. I guess all your relatives never used drugs, and if so no second chance for them? Nothing wrong with second chances. Remember your words when you end up on the police blotter.

Mr. F everybody is entitled to there own opinion. You can choose sides or you talk about an issue that may be true or not especially on a opinion based blog. Different people can also read the same thing and have different interpertations of the same story. Personally when I read the storys I believed when he called JT a liar it was his opinion and I also share that opinion. Because I look at what I see and what I read and I read alot about the dolphins (BTW there are not to many places that update as much as This blog does and not to many reporters get info faster than Armando).

number one:
I got a kick out of JT being on DWTS and voted for him to win (Thats right JT I voted for you) and understand that he had a prior agreement to do the show with the prior management and he had a contract with DWTS to be adhere. so why is he not adhereing to his contract with the dolphins when he said he would not miss any Mandatory workouts and please dont say his brothers graduation because he should have missed 1 day at the most and i'm sure that would have been an excused absenes. Not to mention that I maybe wrong but I don't thing he has never missed OTA's before so that all adds up to possible not boughting to practice with a team he has no plans to play on is the only plausable answer. He really has not made any atempt to fix any kind of fracture there may be. Other than a press conference where he admited to not demand a trade but request one. So whether you demand a trade or request one what is the difference if you are not working out with the team. that sounds like he wants out and if can't get out he will retire for peeps sake he has moved his family to LA already.

Number 2:
If what he was saying was 100% true. that he requested a trade he would still practice in the case a trade would not be able to be worked out so he can at least do something positive for the orgabnization that has done so much for him by helping out the young players that would die to play and learn from a player of the caliber of JT. not to mention all this one more year thing killed any chance of getting any value for him. But so far whether Armando or JT was lieing or fabricating story. JT has done nothing to help his cause. All he did was have a press conference and danced quite elegantly around the issue.

And this is Just an opinion that I have because until JT is in camp running, hitting, & Learning the new defense I can not side with him or believe him for that matter. So if you want to live in he world as a blind person who does not see the obvious (I do not mean that as an insult by no means) that is your god given right and I will tell you one more thing in the end I hope you are right and this is overblown because like i have stated before he is one of my favorite dolphins besides Dan Marino, Ricky Williams, Tony Nathan, AJ Duhe, and Kelly Poppinga (JK about that one (-:) and I would hate to see his career with the dolphins end this way.

JT believe it or not I love you man and I would not want more than see you retire a dolphin with a glorious parade the way you deserve it. There is no Gaurantee that there is a championship in your future here or anywhere else ask Belicheat, Brady and Moss who last year probably thought they had it in the bag, But you stay positive come to camp and play hard for 1 year or 2 you would retire like a god in Miami and if you rack up a couple more ten or more sack seasons you can end up in the hall of fame which I believe is a much higher accomplishment because lets face it they only induct 5 people a year but 53 players and its staff when a championship every year and of those staff and players you may here of maybe 24 of them max and in five years afte they won maybe 3 or 5, but if you make the hall of fame you will be in NFL films forever.

Go Phins

Go Phins

Look, anyone who reads an article named, -"Marcus Vick pans out the way I thought he would"- and truly expects something different is well... I'll leave it at that.

"Chuck Muncie in the 1980s? He was traded to Miami and when he took his urinalysis, white powder came out. - Awesome Mando, loved this.

Good article. It shows just how often this team has taken chances on other team's garbage. Let me add the washouts- Jr Seau, Trent Green, possibly J. Porter(that guy makes bank!) and Ricky if he doesn't bring a buttload to this season. We might even try it with Lecharles Bentley. If it looks too good to be true then it is.

Also, thanks Mando, one of the articles from the Sun-Sentinel is about JT and it really sucked. I want something different and you provided.

Also, let me add that Ricky would have been a much better contributor if they hadn't really railroaded him. We have guys that take steroids and are in the running for Defensive Player of the Year(so glad JT won though). He had a minor punishment even though this affects on the field ability.

Then we have Ricky who takes one of the mildest drugs out there and he is crushed. His career is a shadow of what it could have been over some weed. I just think its a little rediculous.

Ricky Williams a bust? Even if he never plays another down, he will not be considered a bust. Please check a player's career stats, as well as all-time team records before making such statements. But then again, I remember reading that Chris Chambers was "not that good" because he only made the Pro Bowl once. How many other players drafted by the Dolphins even made the Pro Bowl at all. At the time of his trade, I could think of only 2 other players.

With regard to the topic, I think most readers would agree with it. However, because most would agree with you, Armando, it is not the same as your "Jake Long" opinion. The Draft was not as clear-cut as this topic is.

You are like the Grim Reaper of journalist. You love to report the bad,Mr.Gloom and Doom. I come here to read things about the Dolphins. Things maybe ESPN did not report. Not to hear the same old crap that has been reported over and over. You have got to be the only reporter that wants credit for everything you have said in the past and come true. Give me the lottery numbers and then we will talk Nostrodomis.

You know Mando; I read your post every day hoping to be surprised with some actual exciting dolphin news. About 340 days a year I am very disappointed! Oh well, I am a life long dolphins fan, so I get used to disappointment. I realize that this is a slow time for "football" news; however I believe we are on the brink of a great era in Dolphin history!

There is so much to talk about on this blog, besides the past. I wish you would post how many times you where wrong about something, instead of pointing out how many times you are right. Nobody wants to hear a journalist do anything except report. Then again, I would consider most of what you do, more like teeny bopper gossip as opposed to real journalism. I find myself reading the SS more and more due to the lack of actual dolphin news reported by the MH.

I thought we addressed this a few weeks ago: If you need topics to report on Mando, I will give you some ideas! 1) you could address the guard Bently and actually pick up a phone to an agent or your dolphin insiders. 2) you could give something on the special teams prospects we have this year since the phins where the worst in the NFL last year. 3) you could actually update us on the Michael Lehan's ankle. 4) you could address the rumor that crowder is not on the short list to start this season (which would be another high draft pick potentially gone from the roster). 5) Any report on the jets, bills, and or pats (since they are in our division) would be nice to discuss and learn from an "insider". 6) Salary cap update. 7) the progress of Phil Mereling or Henne signings?

It is amazing how the NFL channel on siruis sat continues to just be on the cutting edge of news and interest (all year long). Maybe because they actually really care about football. It is sometimes natural to dial it in on your job when things are slow, but dawg gonit Mando, you cover news for one of the most proud football organizations of all time......have some pride! Have some pride as a journalist, have some pride as a privileged person who gets paid for what most of us would do for room and board. Have some pride in covering the dolphins or step aside and go to your dream job at TMZ!

Love ya man, but you gotta step it up or risk being marginal!

I'm pretty sure you don't spell "Nostrodomis" like that

Man reading you haters comments wastes time to get to the good ones... why don't you post the name of the better dolphins blog which seems to have guy's so spoiled

ESPN say's maybe 30 sec about the dolphins and I gurantee its about JT so don't compare the streemlined news you get there to here

To everyone who didn't like the article I'm pretty sure it was supposed to bring up the debate
do you draft a talanted player with truoble past
risk vs. reward
Ricky Williams

NOT to prove he was right about some Vick comment. It was to bring examples of risk players and let us talk about the ones who had rewards and the ones who weren't worth

a lot of today's athletes are thugs. i don't have much respect for athletes anymore and if this trend continues and coaches and GM's continue to give these people contracts because all they are interested in is winning and fans like most of you continue to accept this behavior i will probably quit watching sports al together. i qiut watching basketball because as far as i'm concerned it's a league of thugs and baseball is having it's problems to. people like joey porter who feel they have to talk smack and put on a game face whenever their out in public and then don't play worth crap are getting on my nerves. so are any of you surprised about vick?? sorry guy's i'm not.

you hit right on Phinatic....but you know when people hate they only talk about the negative but armando is always 0 50 on everything I can't stand the hating either Hey Armando nice update on the new post

Hey, Finfan, I saw nothing wrong with your posts.lol. I just hate the out, and out attacks on Bloggers' mentality, honor, character, whatever. Rail against their opinions all you like. Plus, I don't have any right to tell you not to say anything, I just reminded you of your own words, and asked everyone in general to be more adult.

Actually I have a guilty confession for you. I have been Nailing Arawak on the main site (Nothing personal, mind you, just more in the lien of "Two of my best friends are a Bills fan, and a Patriots fan. We rib each other about our choice of teams year round, and have a blast. We don't have a Jets fan in the group. We can't find one worth having." That was the worst thing I said to him, other than, maybe the comment about the Jets Tea bagging Tom Brady twice again this year.lol) . I can't help it. He is so delusional, and doesn't belong here. Confessional over.

I live near Pittsburgh and why do think 27 other teams passed on Marino ????? He had cocaine habit at least thats why the Steelers passed on him !!! How many Superbowls do think they would have won if they drafted Marino ???
Don't cast no stones - if you live in a glass house. Just because a guy screws up, doesn't mean he can't straighten up !! Benson, Henry and Vick ( Marcus ) maybe can all be productive players with the right owner, coaches and team mates and the willingness to be a good player.

Armando, you know you're my boy, but did you really just brag about "calling" legal troubles and a wasted career by a member of the Vick family? That's like predicting the world's busiest hooker coming down with an STD. Settle down, Nostradamus. ;)


Mondo- you have a lot of people on this blog who defend you even when you write trash like this article on Marcus Vick.

I thought Johnny Jets Hater made a couple of excellent points. Sirius Radio gives a ton more valuable information than any of these blogs.

SS is better than the Herald by far, but yet because I am a Dolphin fan I come to the Herald every other day hoping that I might find some NEW Dolphins information.

It is so amazing how some of these guys defend you on the crappiest blogs!!!

geeeeeeeez... gratuitous self-promotion... comparing oneself to the great Yoda... they do say pride comes before the fall.

well, first off, YOU CANT blame gene atkins
for slapping around tom olivadotti can you?

ok, the guy had a couple rough spots, but ANY ONE OF US on any given beer soaked sunday or
monday night would have done the same thing to
tom if we had the chance. he should have gotten
a contract extension for that!! :)

wanna stop all this gangsta crap? wanna get rid of 98% of the wierdo's and psycopaths?

IT STARTS IN COLLEGE!! the schools have to stop giving out scholorships to kids who have
KNOWN gangster ties. they dont just show up to
college or the nfl viloent and hangin' with da gang! thy have ben doing it since they were
in jr. hi, or many, even in elementary school!

and if the colleges wont buck up and ignore these turds, then the nfl should. hey, there is such a thing as walk on. if a kid can PROVE he is out of the lifestyle, or has gotten help
with his anger thing, basically PROVED HIMSELF in the real world, the 20,000 dollar a year world, THEN take a look.

sorry, but letting these thugs ride in college
because they can out run any cop in the city
and then pay them millions is NOT the answer.

its fuel for further crimes and acts of vilolence.

hangin' with da gang? no college free ride and
DEFINATELY no pro football millions.

LIKE YOU SAY MONDO, every time one of these guys touches the ball, it takes touches and reps away from a deserving kid.

Your back must be sore....Since your patting yourself on it. Slow news day I guess? Since your so great at predicting things, who's going to be our starting QB this year?

Slow news day indeed. Welcome back from writing one good article Armando, you're home again.

Armando, you forgot to mention Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson. Another famous washout.

You hit the nail on the head.

So what is the point of this blog? Just to say I told you so? Just to say you were right? Can't you focus on something positive? You know I used to work for a major newspaper back in the 80s and I'm glad to say I got out of it. Newspapers are no longer about integrity and respected journalism. They aren't much better than the supermarket tabloids. It's sensationalism in an attempt to sell papers. It's no wonder you were called out by Edward Schumacher-Matos, http://www.miamiherald.com/1259/story/561076.html for your irresponsible "journalism" regarding Jason Taylor who just happens to be one of the finest and most respected players in the history of the NFL. And we have the good fortune of having him play for our team. And "journalists" like you don't understand why athletes won't give you an interview. And newspapers who employ "journalists" like you can't understand why they aren't selling as many papers as they used to. I understand it's really easy to get caught up in the ratings game and the pressure to sell papers but you should really take a step back and evaluate what you are doing and see if it's something that has substance and is something you can be proud of.

The one exception is Ricky, i hope. Looks like he is gonna turn things around this year. But he was never a "thug" anyway, just a troubled guy. But still, many fans are against him being on this 08 Fins team. Are you Armando?

It takes an exceptional young man to get himself booted off the Virginia Tech football team which has forgiven more sins than Jesus. You look at the amazing DUI history that Marcus put together along with his "woman troubles", not to mention the stomping on the leg of a down Louisville player on national TV, and you get a picture of a guy who does what he wants no matter the outcome. Every evil or illegal idea that floats through his head becomes an action, unlike most of us who try and filter out the junk. Even in high school the guy was getting involved in underage drinking, and driving without a license.
I'd say the parenting skills of mom and dad Vicks is on a par with the Spears (Britany) family.

Wheatley had a good season in Oakland after he was cut by Miami, and i believe he was on the other end of 30 and only had a few years left in the tank anyway. So he finished up there before getting fat and old.

Armando makes a very good point in referring to
previous Dolphin picks. There is a timely quote that those detractors should remember.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
It was true when it was said a long time ago and it holds true today.

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