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Parcells and Taylor meet and find no resolution

Bill Parcells and Jason Taylor met on Thursday but the first extended contact between the two men has born no fruit as the defensive end was absent from a mandatory minicamp today.

Parcells requested the meeting with Taylor to explain that he holds no ill feelings toward the player and to try to convince him to rejoin the team. Parcells, one source said, told Taylor that calls from other teams interested in trading for him have dried up.

It is unclear how Taylor reacted, but sources close to him say he rejects the idea there is no trade market for him. Taylor, through his agent, has asked permission to shop himself but the Dolphins have refused.

Parcells also encouraged Taylor to show up for the remainder of offseason workouts and training camp because the team expects him to be a Dolphin this year. Taylor, a Dolphins source said, told Parcells he would rather play for a contending team than for the Dolphins.

Parcells, the same Dolphins source said, told Taylor he will play for the Dolphins or have to retire.

The meeting near the Dolphins training facility was described as otherwise amicable but but neither party emerged feeling any better about the situation.

It now seems that while Parcells bears no grudge against Taylor for missing much of the offseason while appearing on Dancing with the Stars, Taylor does have issues with the team -- chief among them, the manner in which middle linebacker and brother-in-law Zach Thomas was unceremoniously released.

Taylor was one of two players not to attend mandatory minicamp practices today. Randy Starks also missed the first practice this morning, but coach Tony Sparano said that was excused.

Asked if Taylor's absence was excused, Sparano said, "No."

Parcells, through Miami's media relations department, gave a "No comment."


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I want more info on Randy Starks. I am sure he is sick er lying. Isnt it true Parcells drove by him on I95 and didn't acknowledge him? Is he demanding a trade? Mando give us the scoop!

u r a funny fin fan my man in orlando.....have a geat weekend man !!

Much ado about nothing. What fagotry.

Actually thats a different fan in orlando but we all got the same thing in common

thanks for love though

and you have a good weekend too

So Armando do you think theres a outside chance that JT might make it to any of the practices during this june mini camp or did you get the vibe that he is definately going to be a no show it sounds like the Tuna is cool with it either way but he perfers him to be there

one more thing how are the players respond to sparano does he seem to have there respect or is it to early to tell?

the only reason I ask is because Cam the sham lost the locker room right away after the culpepper thing so just wondering how the vets are responding.

As tuna said, he went through L.Taylor holding out, then showing up, so it will be the same with J.Taylor. He will show up when he sees that he will not get traded.

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Wow. Looks like the truth always come out at the end.
I wan't so interested in this story, but it does seem to validate Parcells.

Looks like when JT was spinning last week, that he NEVER ASKED TO BE TRADED & WAS HAPPY TO STAY IF THEY WANTED HIM was not the real picture.

Parcell's story has remained consistent since day one.

At least we now have a head guy for the Fin's that demands respecet for the team he represents.

I am so totally over JT. I am also glad that the Tuna didn't give in to his crap, the Tuna is obviously doing what is BEST FOR THE TEAM, which is his priority. The Tuna also reached out to JT, when JT WAS MISSING A MANDATORY PRACTICE. WOW! JT is really beginning to show us his 'big baby' side.

GO FINS! FINALLY, a leader that is actually going to lead!

If Taylor doesn't show for any training camps, fine him the max for each day missed. When the season starts and he shows up, sit his big head on the bench. If he doesn't like it he can retire. It's better than cutting him so he can join a team of his choice, which is what he wants. Parcells holds all the cards. If he plays them right, Taylor cannot win this game he's playing.

Armando, find a new source because obviously he sucks. Do you really think Parcells would tell anyone anything about the meeting other then Sparano or Ireland? Didn't JT say he wasn't going to be at this mini-camp anyway? What's the big deal? I also find it hard to believe that JT would offer to shop himself considering the damage it would do to his image and even harder to believe Miami would deny him that considering it would prove everything they have been saying all along about the situation is true. Have you taking the time to consider maybe your source is giving out faulty info on purpose to throw you guys off? Or Parcells and co. are just lying to your source?

Armando your so full of crap and this article is the proof. The Miami Dolphin webpage on SI.com has a story dated June 5th linked to the Seattle. The story has quotes from a 30 minute interview with Bill Parcells where he says THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF ALL THE BULLSH*T YOU JUST WROTE. Armando you started all of this Jason Taylor frenzie, and all along people have been denying your allegations. Maybe you should try reporting news rather than making your stuff up. Especially when its obviously false.

If anyone would like to take a look at the article themselves:

Mando, want to thank you for all the latest information. You have been out in front of this story from the very beginning and while some people refuse to see the truth, I appreciate your reporting it. Excellent, dude!

Meanwhile, Jason Taylor is showing himself the liar you suggested he was. He said he loved the Dolphins and would play for the Dolphins but when Bill Parcells comes to him and asks him to return, he refuse. He is so full of it. I'm done with him. The Dolphins went 1-15 with him so they can't do any worse without him.

Just really a sad story for the Dolphins.

gotta put my two cents in before the weekend.

go fins
go tuna

go mando......your updates made the day far more interesting. thanks bro you rock.

gotta have faith,it's hard,but gotta have it

Contrary to what a previous poster said, the only people who "can't see the truth" are those who keep overhyping the alleged rift. Evidently, they seem to know better about what's going on between Parcells and JT than Parcells and JT themselves, since both have denied its existence (at least to the degree that some have made it out to be). Unfortunately, no matter how many times JT and Parcells refute it, there still are those sportswriters and bloggers (and some who are both) who still refuse to admit that based their reporting of the situation on conjecture and innuendo.

"Parcells, the same Dolphins source said, told Taylor he will play for the Dolphins or have to retire."
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't him saying this exact thing reported several months ago?

"It now seems that while Parcells bears no grudge against Taylor for missing much of the offseason while appearing on Dancing with the Stars...."
When did it ever seem (and I'm talking from what Parcells has actually said, rather than the reading of tea leaves which seems to be the usual source of information for this story) like he did?

Some people are either naive or ignorant. The poster above being the president of that club.

Yeah, there's no rift. Well, then why did they have to have a meeting?

Yeah, there is no rift. Then why isn't Jason TAylor at a mandatory minicamp?

Yeah, there is no rift. Then why did Tony Sparano say TAylor wasn't reporting to training camp?

Answer these questions please.

Read what I wrote again, particularly the part where I said "(at least to the degree that some have made it out to be)." If that sounds like a DENIAL that some sort of rift exists, then I suggest you might want to check your own ignorance, especially in the area of reading comprehension, before ascribing it to others. On the contrary, what I have CONSISTENTLY stated is that it's nowhere nearly as serious as made out to be by some sportwriters and bloggers as far as anyone who isn't personally involved (such as JT, Tuna, Sparano, etc.) can state with complete certainty. And unlike the tea leaf readers, I can refer to PUBLIC STATEMENTS made by those three to support my claims. So here's a few questions right back at you:
Why has Sparano termed the reports of a rift "overblown" (which is not the same as "non-existant")?
Why is Parcells handling the JT situation in a completely different manner than as with TO, going so far as to say that he wants JT on the 'Phins and that JT is one of the very best players?
Why did he further state that "a large measure of this 'rift' is fabrication" (again, not denying that a rift existed, but that it was nowhere near as serious as made out to be by some people)?

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