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Parcells explains JT snub during long-ago visit

I know you are tired of more Jason Taylor soap opera updates but The Miami Herald fancies itself the paper of record on the Dolphins, though sometimes there's not enough paper to handle the entire record.

Such is the case in a story I filed about Parcells for tomorrow's paper. The story discusses a dozen different topics -- they pile up when Parcells talks only once every six months -- but I couldn't get into his explanation of the snub of Jason Taylor. Not enough room in the paper for all of it.

But there is enough room here so indulge me.

You may remember I wrote a while back that Taylor was angry at Parcells because during a break in the Dancing with the Stars competition, he visited Dolphins training camp, hung with his teammates for a couple of minutes, then went upstairs to see Parcells.

Taylor entered a room where Parcells and coaches and scouts where breaking down tape. Taylor stepped in and Parcells basically acted as if he wasn't there. That made Taylor so angry he wanted to challenge Parcells to a fistfight, or worse, a dance contest.

Not really. But it did understandably irk Taylor.

The story made national news for whatever reason. Taylor confirmed what I wrote during his press conference Sunday, and today, Parcells also confirmed my report even as he explained his role:

"I'm not trying to make an excuse, but there was no intentional, calculated, or disrespectful thing that I personally did," Parcells said. "I know that for a fact. I wasn't paying attention and I didn't see him and I didn't hear him. That's the truth. That's what happened from my perspective."

I can buy that. I think Jason Taylor will ultimately buy that, although Parcells said he and Taylor have not talked about it.

Do you buy that?


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Nice good work Armando
That should put away this JT drama
everything is going to be fine JT will be a Dolphin this year and maybe nex...ahhh let me not get ahead of myself.....lol

anyway great reporting really just seems like a misunderstanding

Missing hearing aides?

Who lies more,lawyers or Parcells?

Too much speculation has been the problem from the very beginning. I hope this just kills the story for good. If JT doesn't show up for training camp, he'll be fined and he won't play football until he does. I'm not sure we can get the value for JT in a trade that's good enough. Not with his "I'm playing one more year, I'm playing ball in 08" comments.

So JT screwed himself with that one. The Dolphins would be foolish to take a 4th round pick for a guy who is still playing at the highest level. The Dolphins are trying to get better regardless of the perception.

There are a lot of new players who aren't planning on being a bad team this year and I'm sure a lot of guys who were here last year want get that bad taste out of their mouths. The new coaches weren't a part of that, they're not expecting to be a bad team either. This will be a different team in a lot of ways. Let's see it play out.


u know better than that mando. u left out the key point. parcells said he forgot his hearing aid that day. so u believe he is in a room with about 25 people and cant hear sh%t i expect more from a drama queen like u mando!!!


"The Miami Herald fancies itself the paper of record on the Dolphins"

That changes the whole story!!!

Mando=stirring the pot and keeping the story going

I half buy it. I mean I believe there was no calculated snub on Parcells part. But he probably noticed Jason and didn't pay him much attention. When the story broke we weren't informed there were 30 other coaches and scouts in the room. Reporters made it sound as if Parcells was in the room alone and Jason came in to say hi and Bill ignored him. That wasn't the case and besides Parcells isn't the coach OR GM so why would Taylor even care to talk to him? This whole thing just makes JT sound like a primadonna. Did he expect a standing ovation or something. Did he want confetti to fall from the ceiling and Parcells to give him a welcome home hug? Who cares if Bill didn't talk to him, he was hard at work and Jason was and still is not. So during the season if Bill walks out on the field and Jason comes off (after a change of posession) is he going to walk up to Bill and shake his hand? If he doesn't acknowledge Bills presence will the Tuna throw a hissy fit? I think not.

What in the hell is going on with this site? I can't post a comment without going through 3 different steps and four different screens. First you have to sign in. Then you have to (obviously)write out your post. Then you click post and it brings you to another screen where you have to retype your name and e-mail address. Then it brings you to a word verification screen. And then after what feels an eternity, like you just broke into the national security database, your post is accepted. What gives Armando? Is there a computer geek at the Herald that can make it easier on us?

NY Scott: The reason you are going through such a hassle is because some of your fellow visitors to this blog have decided to post under different names despite being the same person.

Obviously, the agenda is to make it look like there is some sort of consensus out there on some opinion when it is, in fact, the voice of only one person.

In this thread alone, for example, "huh? Say again?" and "marwoo" are the same person. Because everyone goes through such painful steps to post, I can tell who is posting and the folks at the Herald can get even more information than that, if you get my drift.

I am letting everyone know that posting as different people to suit your purposes is banned. If it continues, I'll just delete all of the posts by the posers.

Have a coke and a smile.

Right on NYScott, with the Parcells not being the only one in the room bit. The media really mislead a lot of people with this saga.

challeng? There is no reason to attack a reporter that is trying to provide you with information. I like most of the florida blogs
but hardly ever comment because everyone tries
to ATTACK the other person because they have a different opinion.

hey that was not me the truth is a bitc@

truth semen whatever your name is pose as somebody else

whats up why arent you talking now thinking of a new name how about "full of crap" that would be a perfect name for you not not "brett" not "truth serum" not "Brian McNafee" not "Pre-dicktator" not "Miltonic" but "full of crap" or maybe "fudgepacker" or better yet "mommas boy"

whats up why arent you talking now thinking of a new name how about "full of shi%" that would be a perfect name for you not not "brett" not "truth serum" not "Brian McNafee" not "Pre-dicktator" not "Miltonic" but "full of shi%" or maybe "fudge-packer" or better yet "mommas boy"

Armando please block this idiot

please continue to block 'em. who has time to read crap when i can see what my boyz have to say. where is FLPD....when ya need 'em... or tree..

love the new POSITIVE guys as well... ok...hi 2 u nyscott...good blog...u 2 bungle..

finfan as usual...keep going dude

I'm here harricane. I'm just reading and taking it in. Mando blogged like a mofoe today. And from what he posted in comments, some other dude has been posting as three different guys so that no-life-having dork has been busy also.

As for the Parcells stuff ... I think it time to move on. Mando had a great blog on what OTHER things parcells said, tho.

I think Parcell's can be a jerk. But I don't think he's a liar. If that's what he says, I believe him.

good to hear ya FLPD. take your new colt and look for this asswipe ....now finsfan papa...its the same guy

not poster..he is a poser

Parcells likes to play head games but really overplayed this one and looks like a moron. Just focus on the X's and O's, Bill.

enough with this junk already! JT you dancing clown quit acting like 12 year old girl and GET TO WORK ALREADY!!! Tuna has been hard at it since he got here last year making power moves and getting rid of all the cam camoron and nick satan trash!!!

Like Armando said. He knows who the different neames are and this is the only one I use and he knows from the e-mail address I use and if he wanted to tell you that he could. I havent said anything on this blog in days just laughing at all of you as you assume every other person is me. I relized I caused a hassle on monday but u guys gotta let it go. I will continue not to post on this blog although I will read it. So please stop assuming every negative comment is me. Finfan orlando, dude man, u need to chill out with the name calling. At anytime, Armando could tell you that these other guys arent me so relax. I obviously caused a problem the other day so I havent said anything the last few days and still wont. Ill only post on the other blog that I wont name so this doesnt get deleted. so like I said relax, Its not me who is using fifty different names I only use this one and if Armando wanted to, he could confirm it. I posted my first comment that day as BRETT and the immediately used this one right after that got deleted and Ive been using it ever since. I tried to also use HONESTY but that never got so posted so Truth is all Ive been using and Armando can confirm that if he wanted to.

And if I wanted to, he could confirm what I wanted him to confirm to yall, confirming the obvious confirmation that I wanted to confirm . Armando confirming what he wanted to confirm it wasn't me that confirmed the conformity. Armando could confirm if he wanted too , whaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaa, ill take my teddy bear away to the other blog, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..STF UP , YOULL PROBABLY RE POST NOW.
Good job Mando, Go Phins !

beleive it papo...al socio se le callo un pedacito de algodon de la cabeza y le tupio el oido...i've seen it happen before...te lo juro!!

Few things. First off, you did kind of blur what you said, mando. You said that JT stuck his head in, and Parcells turned, STARED at him for several seconds, then made a point of turning away. You didn't report that the room was full of coaches then. Today, you omitted the part about Bill not wearing his hearing aids. So are you trying to back pedal as much as Bill, and Jason are, for your part in blowing this WAY out of proportion?

As for the incident, I can see Parcells not wearing his aids in a film session, as Coaches' film doesn't have announcers to listen to, and he may have wanted fewer distractions from what he was watching. Second point, even if he saw JT, what was expected of him? he isn't the GM, or one of the coaches. He was there to evaluate talent, not interact with players. He hasn't said anything about it until now because he doesn't like the media (which is the prime reason he isn't the coach, or GM, in my opinion), and put himself in a job where he wouldn't have to constantly talk to them. Since he was hired, the conjecture has constantly been about him being the only guy. Sparano, and Ireland are being dismissed as being his puppets. Maybe he is just setting up the framework for success, and advising those below him, not doing everything, with his hands up their poopers. Lets start focusing on Sparano from now on, not on Parcells. Ireland is pretty much done, as far as direct influence goes. Now it is all about Sparano. Ireland will be advising, as will Parcells, but if Sparano says someone is gone, they are gone. if he says he wants them, he will have to be convinced before someone will be gone.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a Mando hater, I am just bringing up the situation as it was laid out to us, and saying was it worth it? I know we want BREAKING NEWS!!! all the time, but maybe next time, downplay the issue a little, instead of inflating it?

Loved the QB test sound bite. I didn't know Parcells was that eloquent.

Finfan, unless there were posts deleted before I read through this, it seems you are going against what you were saying in just the last blog entry. You said your only problem with the other guy was that he addressed Mando more than he did the fins. This blog, you are tearing into him, and ignoring the subject at hand. Believe me, I hate the constant chirping more than most, but if you want better, maybe lead by example, and ignore him? Not criticizing, just noting that you are not being very consistent to your own comments today.

Is there nothing possitive happing in the Dolphin's camp? Can't we get just one story that discusses how good somebody looks in some of the OTAs?

Makes sense, but I'm not buying it. It's a good thing that I couldn't really care less though. I just want JT here doing his thing on and off the field, or I want him traded for equal value. I don't care who he gets along with.

Why is Bill Parcells the villian ? This man came here to do a job, a big job. He does not owe Jason Taylor anything. If Jason were here, or even if he came after the "Dance", all this would not even be an issue.
I have never seeen such irresponsible media hype. All this stuff is being reported as though it is first hand information and all we have is perception and speculation.
Leave Parcells alone and let him do his job.


Nice post I agree with everything you wrote and as far as going against my previous comments I was going to leave it all alone but then he commented under my name and it pissed me off but Armando erased his comment. Theres no problem disagreeing with someone or having a different opinion but when some idiot gets on here just to call someone names and pretending to be other respectful bloggers it pisses me off so sorry big man I don't want to come on here calling anyone names I just want to talk football but I just enjoy this blog alot and can't stand the haters I will try to ignore from now on.
hopefully we can all just get back to talking football.

Question I was reading today that R. Colvin is still a free agent. Do you know if the Phins are interested? wasn't he drafted by Parcell's?

Go Phins

Do you think Parcells will get a customized Aqua and Orange hearing aids?

I agree we should all just move on, but since the blog is here, might as well comment...Personally, I would feel slighted too if I was the top guy on the team and no one noticed me in the room, but at the same time, I haven't heard any evidence that JT even said hello upon entering the room (did he?) so I can't blame any of the staff for not noticing him. Bottom line, after the story broke, BP and Sparano could've had the decency to pick up the phone and call Jason. it seems odd to me that anyone would start a new job in any business and not make an effort to meet/talk with the big names/roles in the office. I mean JT made the effort to come pay a visit on a day off, the least the management could've done is make a little effort on their part. The End.

Boiling this down to one turd, the Phins have three quarterbacks, none of them any good. Isn't that about it? Now what? Seems like everybody is waiting around to see if one of them somehow turns into a good NFL quarterback, as if by some magic, and the Tuna says it ain't happening. Oh-oh.

I can buy that as long as The Tayl does not try to wag The Tuna.
Raul in T.O.


Maybe I'll chime in to contribute to a so called "consensus".

It IS very interesting that you decided to leave out the hearing aid part...is it not?

My honest opinion, you should try to practice a little humility...it will give me reason to give you the benefit of the doubt in cases like this.

It SHOULD bother you that people question your objectivity, yet you're only address to comments like Marwoo's is to "out" him as a multiposter?

For the record, on very few occasions I have posted under a different screename...but dolphin regular bloggers know me and my positions well.

jahndoh...as anonymous as the internet itself...

Cheers all.

I don't know what is worse?
1. Snubbing the NFL Def Player of the Year
2 Being dumb enough not to wear a hearing aid in a meeting with 30 people. Even if it is just film, I would think coaches would make comments and point things out in the film room. What does he do, wear the hearing aid when he sleeps?

Yes, I can buy what Parcells is saying. Because Parcells will say what he needs to to end this soap opera. Beyond that... I'm not sure its going to matter much in the long run. Parcells can't get any value out of a trade, so might as well accept reality, yes?

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