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Parcells explains JT snub during long-ago visit

I know you are tired of more Jason Taylor soap opera updates but The Miami Herald fancies itself the paper of record on the Dolphins, though sometimes there's not enough paper to handle the entire record.

Such is the case in a story I filed about Parcells for tomorrow's paper. The story discusses a dozen different topics -- they pile up when Parcells talks only once every six months -- but I couldn't get into his explanation of the snub of Jason Taylor. Not enough room in the paper for all of it.

But there is enough room here so indulge me.

You may remember I wrote a while back that Taylor was angry at Parcells because during a break in the Dancing with the Stars competition, he visited Dolphins training camp, hung with his teammates for a couple of minutes, then went upstairs to see Parcells.

Taylor entered a room where Parcells and coaches and scouts where breaking down tape. Taylor stepped in and Parcells basically acted as if he wasn't there. That made Taylor so angry he wanted to challenge Parcells to a fistfight, or worse, a dance contest.

Not really. But it did understandably irk Taylor.

The story made national news for whatever reason. Taylor confirmed what I wrote during his press conference Sunday, and today, Parcells also confirmed my report even as he explained his role:

"I'm not trying to make an excuse, but there was no intentional, calculated, or disrespectful thing that I personally did," Parcells said. "I know that for a fact. I wasn't paying attention and I didn't see him and I didn't hear him. That's the truth. That's what happened from my perspective."

I can buy that. I think Jason Taylor will ultimately buy that, although Parcells said he and Taylor have not talked about it.

Do you buy that?